1. zaid omar…well done again…from paganism they came and to paganism they returned.. true islam will certainly prevail …when the mountain of gold disappears…

  2. Dear, Dr. Omer, Assalaam o Alykum! I’m a student of Sheikh Imran Hosein. And I regularly read you articles. They are so informative. And I learn so much from them. And so was this article named, “THE ORIGIN AND HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF SAUDI ROYAL FAMILY”. In this article you used somewhere, “dictionary used by salafis/deobandis, etc.”. Well I wanted to clarify that the deobandis or the scholars graduated from darul ulum Deoband are authentic  Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaah, of Hanafi school of thought. And they clearly refute (in books and lectures) and are against Wahabis and Wahabism. I just wanted to share my research in this regard. My Allah bless you with more health and knowledge. So that we may learn more from you. JazakAllah!


    • salaam Brother,

      Thank You. First of all, this is not my article … it was taken from another source as stated under the title. Secondly, there is a Deobandi branch that admits to an occultation of one of it’s masters, as do the Shia. That is, from a dead man. I read the literature myself in the house of a Deobandi shahid in KL, in an official book of their genealogy. I don’t recall teachings from dead people as being part of the Adamic prophetic narrative as a halal methodology for the transmission of grace and/or authentic knowledge from the divinely appointed stream of revelation — either before or after the Prophet, wslm. So best check on it. My guess is that there is more than one Deobandi sect of sufis.


  3. Despite seeing the Salafis/ Wahabbite movement lethal for Islam, I totally disagree with some links in this article, like the CIFIA. First, considering the point of view of late Ahmed Deedat, encouraging the celebration of Eid-Milad-un Nabi, this is in itself an innovation in Islam… Our holy prophet (PBUH) never condone the celebration of his birthday, NEITHER DID THE SAHABAHS; we only have 2 celebration in islam : Eid-al-fitr and Eid-ul-adha. Secondly, Qabars (tombs) should not be raised above ground levels and be adorned accodring to Islam. Furthermore, if you check the link going to Dr Zakir Naik, one will find a lot of character assassination!!! This is totally unislamic and it’s CHEAP to attack someone so brutally. Anyway, I’m not a student of Dr. Zakir, but I did sometimes heard his lectures on youtube ( my wife use to listen to him), but I never find anything he says unislamic.

    • Salaam Brother,

      I agree with you wholeheartedly and do not support the CIFA site. However, this article is very accurate and for the purposes of transparency, I included it’s source. They also speak ill of Imran Hosein. I suspect they are Ismai’ilis in disguise.


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