Chamish – Rabbi Antelman Is Back By Barry Chamish

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  1. kindly clarify ‘freemasonary supports islamic concept of destruction of Judaism”in the quran ,From my understanding Judaism and Christianity in their pristine form are monotheistic . Zionism is in direct conflict with islam.

    • Salaam, I’ve really no idea what Mr. Chamish specifically means by that; except to say that Freemasonry, in its constitution and by means of its ritual and doctrine, subverts every religion. Islam, in its own way, considers all other religions inferior, incomplete or corrupt. – oz

  2. maybe it is not such a bad idea to destroy the god of judaism as the jewish encyclopedia clearly states that he is satan. Now that is not my words or opinion but that of over 400 of the worlds most notable and respected rebbi who penned it. Make no mistake, I understand they will be coming after me and my GOD” as well and yours too as they truly worship this satan I am speaking of.The NWO will be talmudic law and the only god will be this god of judaism that is satan biut most believe is god. He is a false god. So I believe that the assumptions made by the rabbi to be incorrect. Let us now take a closer look at this god of judaism. It is a God who takes vengeance on the relatives of the sinner that is 30 years dead, already (2 Sam. 21). It is a God who kills the children for the sins of the parents (1 Sam. 14:21). It is the God of leprosy as punishment, as with Miriam (Num. 12:10), Gehazi (2 Kings 5:27) and Uzziah (2 Chr. 26:19-21). It is the God who sells his people for nothing (Ps. 44:12) and for no justifiable reason. It is the God who sends his people into captivity (Deut 28:36-37). It is the God who forces mothers to eat their little children (Lam. 4:10; Deut. 28:53). It is a God who delights in destroying his people (Deut. 28:63). It is a God who listens to the counsels of Satan (Job. 1:6-12). It is a God who sends evil spirits (1 Sam. 29:14). It is a God who hides in the darkness and not in the light (Ex. 20:21; Ps. 18:11). The God who imposes fear through torture (Lev. 26:33-36). The God who deceives and lies (Jer. 4:10; 20:7-9; John 8; Ex. 14:9). The God who teaches hatred and vengeance (Num. 25:17,18). The God who hides behind lies in order to kill (1 Kings 22:23). The God of horrible curses before the judgment (Deut. 27:26; 28:15-64; Acts 17:31). An irritable God (Ps. 7:11; Jer. 17:4; Is. 13:9; Jer. 10:10; Ezek. 5:11-13; 6:12; 25:15-17; Nah. 1:2). And God does not take into account the times of ignorance (Acts 17:30). The God who sent his angel (Ex. 23:20-21), which is Satan (Num. 22:22-32). The God who forces his prophets to walk in darkness (Lam. 3:1-2; John 12:46). The God who blinds his people in order that they do not repent (Is. 6:9-11; Is. 29:10-12; John 12:37-41). The God who is always surrounded by serpents (Is. 6:1-3; Num. 21:4-6). The God creator of evil and darkness (Is. 45:7; Amos 5:6; Jer. 44:11; Mal. 1:12; Heb. 1:13). The God who makes the wicked (Prov. 16:4). The God who spends his time fashioning evil (Jer. 18:11; 19:3; 23:20; Mal. 2:3). The God who does not want the good of his people (Amos 9:4; Jer. 21:10; 44:11). The merciless God (Jer. 11:11; 9:15; 11:11,14; 14:11,12). The God who hardens people and afterwards kills the hardened ones (Jer. 19:15; Ex. 4:21; 7:3; 10:27; 11:4,5; 14:27-31). The God whose servants were cruel and ruinous (Jer. 25:9; 27:6-8; 43:10). The God of the dead (Jer. 25:33; Is. 66:16, 22-24). The God who changes (Deut. 28:62; Mal. 2:1-3) and who repents (Jer. 42:10; 1 Sam. 15). The God who feeds dung and dregs as food (Ezek. 4:12; Ps. 75:8). The God who watches over men for evil (Jer. 44:27; Dan. 9:14). The scoffer God (Prov. 1:26). The God who does not let his people turn back to Himself (Is. 63:17). It would appear to me that their so called god is their own worst enemy.

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