Cancer studies and Nigella sativa (Fennel)

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  1. Finally! Someone found the name of the cure! If this is really the cure and I can get this in time, I might save my aunt’s life!

  2. I would like to add some more, Dr. Zaid, if you permit: Avoid everything containing corn ( unless it’s certified organic) , as most of the corn available today are GMO.
    2. Beverages like Coke or Pepsi
    3. Junk Food
    4. Fluoride derivative toothpaste { I use Flouride free toothpaste called NEEM}
    5. stay away from vaccination
    And the list goes on.

    There are not a lot of scholars of Islam like Dr. Zaid or Sheikh Imran Hosein nowadays. It’s really the will of Allah that I came across lecture from Dr Zaid and Imran Hosein, otherwise I would still be blind.
    May Allah bless you Dr Zaid.

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