Appeal for Help: Some Good News

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  1. My dear brother.Feel very sorry,for your financial problems.As so called muslim,rich fatsos,in the Middle east Saudi jurkZionis,Imaraty Illuminatis,Qatari pro-Zionists,etc…spending billions on personal pleasure.While people like you,of a high utilities to Islam,are struggling for survival.How about Malaisian business people?are they unaware of their Islamic duties? I found your work is highly importante Islamic awareness,with no comparison.Sometimes even thinking of moving to Malaysia,to be near your work. I,of Moroccan Oigin,lived in France,1964,Ireland,1966,London,1967,hitch-hiking,around the world ,including,thru,Malaysia,indonesia,Australia,New-Zealand,Japan,etc…I’m normal working man,not an intellectual,witnessed 100’s of various conferances,have mixed with all kinds of groups,including hippies(1967/1968)last country,Canada(since 1972)Now on retirement,(still looking for retirement place,to serve Allah,with the very very little,I can have. Brother in Islam,I will contact you,in the future.Allah is with you,keep the highly appreciated work. Your Br. Mokhtar

    • Salaam Dear Moktar, thank you very kindly. May the refuge of Allah encompass you and your family, and may it please Allah that we meet here or hereafter. omar

  2. Salamoun alaykom Dr Zaid,

    For stars to shine there must be darkness… you have gone thru darkness and may Allah shine the stars for you and your family, ameen.

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