Sex and The Final Implosion of the Catholic Church

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  1. Salam Dr Omar,
    Someone in a forum refered to romans and muslims alliance against ennemy as against mystery babylon. In this time in history who is mystery babylon? thank you.

    • Salaam Brother Hassan, ‘Mystery Babylon’ refers to the governmental system inherited by King Nimrud and his wife, Queen Semiramis, from the Sumerians, later passed on to Egypt, Greece and Rome. It is a system presently epitomized by the regalia of the Catholic Church and Freemasons, the latter group being secretly governed by the Black Pope (Jesuit General). This is a system whereby, Magi (left hand path of Satanismp = practitioners of the Occult Arts, as warned against by Mohammad’s letter to Khoesru and even by Ibn Khaldun’s reference to the ‘sins of the initiates’) use religion to impose their political will upon the people through mind-controlling icons, symbols and cultural memes such as patriotism, etc., (the right hand path of Satanism) that remove man’s consciousness from the common sense and doctrines of pure monotheism. Examaples are the Washington Monument, The Statue of Liberty, the Pyramis, Flags with Pentagrams, etc. etc. – wslm, dr. omar

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