Ar Jews Really Khazars? – Ummm….. YUP!

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  1. As salaam alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Don’t know if you have come across this or not but,

    There is a giant pentagram in Kazakhstan carved into the ground like the animals of the Nazca lines in Peru.

    Go to Google Maps and paste these coordinates:

    +52° 28′ 47.14″, +62° 11′ 8.38″

    Then go to satellite view to see the terrain and zoom in. This is what you get:°+28′+47.14″,+%2B62°+11′+8.38″&oe=UTF-8&ie=UTF-8&hl=en

    Broadcast this everywhere.


  2. Interesting Article sir. I wanna ask u a question do you know the Pastor named Steve Anderson? He’s an Antizionist Pastor and doesn’t support Israel his vids are famous on YouTube he has a very small church ⛪ he speaks the truth to an extent i think u should look him up

  3. Btw, while there is a tad of truth in the “13th Tribe”, more has to do with the 13 than Khazars. At the bottom of this crap onion, you’ll find the Mayan priests who appear to have allied with the SheriDAN and SharDANa; there too is a Greek component and ALL these tribes share blood; they’re also in ALL religions. I’m convinced they’ve been enslaved by those creatures you call Jinn; likely higher order Jinn, symbolized by “17” and red orbs is one manifestation.

    They are powerful, smart and DANGEROUS!

    In symbology, counterclockwise means DEATH. Did you every ask why our Muslim brothers and sisters are taught this at the Kaba or why there’s a Saturnic CUBE in the middle?

    The religion of my family too is a corruption and the ONLY Quran I’d like to read is the one with the “19” CRC check. (We can only guess at most of the changes to our text and mastery of their number lingo yields key info in the KJV of our Bible.

  4. Historians never found actual evidence of there ever having been a person, called King David. The same goes for the stories about Egypt and Babylon. They appear to be myths that are continuously being repeated so that they sound familiar. Something that feels familiar isn’t necessarily actually real (whatever “real” may be).

    It is funny how people are able to claim a piece of the planet, based on religious interpretations and a continuously instilled sense of misplaced guilt about fairly recent historical events that may never actually have happened in the way that the official story line goes.

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