Deathwatch: Nelson Mandela Was a Terrorist

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    • Salaam,
      It appears that Zbigniew Brzezinski’s (Trilateral Commission) plan is still in action. The goal is to prevent China and Russia from forming buffer zones and an Alliance, and getting raw materials, and subdividing Pakistan even further. Remember, he’s a top echelon Catholic Strategist and the NWO belongs to them. They only use the Zionists to reach their Catholic-Jesuit goal of Universal Fascist Tyranny — which has always been the Romanist cum Jesuit goal — the Judeo-Christian Alliance simply facilitates this goal. Hence, from the Carter Years onward, Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski’s plans (policies) have been in place and remain active in order to attain Aryan global ascendance as an Anglo-American pact that allows Rome, London and Wash DC to control the world from Jerusalem. Another reason WWZ has Zionists being wiped out by zombies in Jerusalem — it’s prophetic.

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