From Dictatorship to Democracy; Thoughts On the matter of Gene Sharp’s Thesis

4 responses to “From Dictatorship to Democracy; Thoughts On the matter of Gene Sharp’s Thesis”

  1. Dr. Zaid’s critics was as expected, but we’ve more oppression by hidden dimensions
    seen in all Islamic, Western world et al.
    Now what to do in ASEAN I.E. Vietnam, Cambodia & Miyanma, these are the issues
    at hand: what to do with Post-oppression nations like those in the following areas:
    Low-cost Housing w/energy & iT upgrading.

    Dr.C.Bahk- KUDPI, Prof.Emeritus

    • Hello Dr. Bahk, how delightful to hear from you. Recently Iceland gave us a good example of what to do with the ‘hidden hand’ — simply have courage enough to stop supporting a corrupt banking system, which includes all central and especially “World Banking’ systems and programs (UN). They are at the core of corruption and sociopathic politics. Usury is mankind’s greatest enemy. Regional exchange is needed, remove the dollar based system, trade directly and exchange goods and services for goods and services whenever possible. Re-empower the farmer with a noble wage, and stop treating politicians as nobles. The patriarchal system must be returned and local customs and traditions must be re-ennobled before the Western mores’ completely destroy the elan vitae of Asia. Corrupt officials must be held accountable and prosecuted, and the local strongmen must be treated with respect not deference. All terrorists must be hunted down and destroyed like the dogs they’ve become (for example SE Thailand’s Muslim extremists). Many things can be done, but corruption cannot be ignored if what you want is to be achieved dear friend.
      Kind Regards – Dr. Omar

  2. salam Dr Omar,

    it’s been awhile since your last writing. I observed a pattern that your current writings was initiated by someone else curiousity. thank you very much for your effort in answering it. I hope this will pave the way for more critical curiousity in the future that we may benefit from it.


    • Salaam Brother Zulhelmi,

      Have been very busy with proposals and planning for the new training center in KL, plus a few other projects. You’re right though. generally speaking, when I am asked a worthy question, I try to give a worthier answer.

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