Corruption of the Western Mindset by Dr.Omar

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  1. salam,
    a few symbol are everywhere but most of peoples doesn t really care because nobody knows about it so do we need really as muslim to take care about those symbolism? Is it so important?

    • Salaam, The fact that most ‘do not care’ or ‘know’ is testimony to the effectiveness of the system. The first example of this system being utilized in Islam was when Hadrat Ali’s army refused to attack Mywarya becuse they had suspended the Quran from their spears. This superstition (as the result of symbolism) caused a civil war which has never since stopped, it allowed for the Monarchical system to exploit Muslims ever since as well, and it caused the death of Ali and the loss of the legitimate Caliphate. Yes, it is important, but men prefer superstition to reason, and disobedience to obedience. If this were not so, Muslims would not suffer as they do today, and commit the hideous crimes which the Islamists are committing. Yes, it is very important, but Muslims leaders care only for power and wealth. This is evident everywhere. Power and wealth come easily to those who manipulate these symbols and the ancient pagan system. – oz

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