Top-Shelf Mischief Making of the Worst Kind: just as the Prophet (wslm) Predicted

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  1. If an Ayatollah threw a man inside a huge fire,who would be said as the killer?.The Ayatollah or the fire?.

  2. we all have skeletons in the is up to our conscience; and the big picture of who is to benefit.. the forces of hegemonic powers ..or the downtrodden..iran has all to loose by supporting the oppressed in palestine ..sanctions for over 30 yrs…and it continues to oppose imperialism and zionism . It is better to work for unity rather than disunity… we only have one quran and one final nabi (SAW) AND one ALLAH SWT..THATshould be the start and the end of our discussions.

    • I thought the idea was to be “Critical”.Am i being prosecuted for being “Critical”?.I’m not trying to outsmart anybody here nor am i trying to sow disunity either.This is just an honest comment.Why should we be afraid to say whatever we want to say.Why should we feel intimidated in posting something that might look like a mistake?.This is the barrier that we must overcome.More thoughts by other Muslims need to be posted on this website however ludicrous it may sound.At least Brother Nameer was brave enough to post something that he thought to be the truth and take the heat like a true man does.

    • Salaam, We are not discussing ‘skeletons’… the article is about collusion with Islam’s enemies and frank, ‘all out’ hypocrisy, alliances with the Judeo-Christian enemies of Allah’s Cause, as well as forthright Islamist stupidity … These conditions hardly call for the typical ‘Catholic’ ecumenical credo of toleration and forgiveness.

      We are to treat the enemies of Allah as our enemies. if they are not exposed in favor of toleration for ‘skeletons’ then what? Who do you think gave Iran the means to militarize and modernize? Muslims? If you do, then you are a far cry from reality … The Jews want Shia – Sunni civil strife, war, slaughter and annihilation … They have armed and misdirected both sides of the Euphrates — have led them like sheep to slaughter each other. If these ‘Muslims’ were led by righteous Imams who were righteously guided would this happen? Of course not. Stop pretending my brothers and sisters… this chaos is the result of gross ignorance, negligence, pretense, and corrupt leadership … nothing more, nothing less. All of which are un-Islamic and profoundly foolish.

      Be ashamed and Repent!

      Do not make excuses. That’s what Catholics do as their knight’s of Malta slaughter the ummah by arming the fools who have risen in the so-called ‘Arab’ Spring’. It is embarrassing!

      Wasalaam – oz

      • I agree with the good Dr here. From my own discussions with various elders that I know, Iran prior to the rise of the so-called ‘Green Revolution’ was not predominantly shia as it was now. Interesting that the rise of shia was within a few decades of the rise of Wahhabism in the ME. Seems to me that its the old illusion of choice, presenting two paths of ‘Islam’ as Wahhabism or Shiism, with both paths falling beautifully into the plans of the enemies of Allah.

        I think this is the reason why the Prophet emphasised on Islam being the middle path. And I think (again) to put this all into perspective is to look at the so-called natural third choice presented by the same enemies; the liberalized ‘modern’ western civilization compliant Islam. I seems to me that everywhere we look all of our leaders are playing the same game with different trappings. Who are we to turn to?

  3. Dr Zaid, what you just wrote here is something I have been questioning for ages:

    ‘Who do you think gave Iran the means to militarize and modernize? Muslims? If you do, then you are a far cry from reality … The Jews want Shia – Sunni civil strife, war, slaughter and annihilation’

    I have told those who think and believe Iran is a threat to israel, if she is indeed a threat, then tell me how come iran got away with building not only one but many nuclear reactors and Iraq under Saddam was not let to even build ONE, Mossad attacked it and destroyed it.

    If Iran is a threat to israel, then how come somehow iran was let to grow militarily to become second to israel in the middle east.

    If Iran/Shia is a threat to Israel, then why remove Saddam and repace him with a shia regime in Iraq with the help of Iran? same goes to Afghanistan (Iran played big role in toppling Taliban).

    How blind can one be after witnessing all these before one’s eyes?

  4. we all have skeletons in the cupboard…we cannot be judges…iran has been supporting the oppressed regimes with no benefits..palestine ,.despite the 30 yr sanctions…it has stood for justice…let us see the big picture ONE QURAN ,ONE FINAL NABI(SAW) AND ONE ALLAH SWT…why fall into the sectarian trap and paranoia..

  5. Because somebody wanted it..first sect to emerge in islam is shia, that didn’t happen just by accident but by design. We are now seeing why it emerged.

    feizal, you keep talking about iran helping palestine, let me quote Khalid Mishal when asked on 60 minutes how much does iran give them, he replied we receive help from iran, from arabs, from europe.

    You have to understand that Hamas and Hisbullah must exist and be well, Israel needs resistance like that, so now ask yourself whoever feeds these resistances for what purpose?

  6. I would just like to say that your entire blog and this entry in particular has really allowed me to see that the same subversive few have not only infiltrated the upper echelons of western politics and business, but that they have also shaped policy and society in the Muslim world as well.
    I believe that the enemies, not only to Islam, but to any people who want to be free on this planet depend on breaking free of the tangled web that they have weaved for us.
    When we are fighting our brothers and sisters, we cannot identify and remove the real enemy – They know this! It has been their main means of concealment for a very long time. They carefully play each nation like pawns on a chessboard, sometimes sacrificing one or two along the way, all towards their ultimate goal. The checkmate will be financial and resource enslavement of every human being on earth.
    But so many, too many, don’t see this or don’t want to see this.
    The world has not been allowed to develop naturally as everything is orchestrated.
    They are a virulent and evasive strain of cancer we have yet to diagnose, never mind find a treatment for.
    I fear it will be too late before we wake up and take our respective destinies back.
    Believe me when I say that there are many of us here in the U.S. that are able to see the puppet strings attached to our politicians. The puppet masters are those who profit from the constant wars, and they are all Freemasons of the highest order. Every. Single. One.
    There may be many differences between us, but we share a common enemy for sure.

  7. Why should we be ashamed in trying to separate which is the truth and which is falsehood?.The more embarassing question is to ask about the failure of the whiteman to embrace Islam as a whole.Who’s fault is that?.Who’s burden is that?.Who’s ignorance is that?.Who’s negligence is that?.Who is lacking in the grace of Allah(SWT) here?.The person who needs plenty of repenting is the white man.If i’m not mistaken,the Prophet Mohd(SAW) has also warned us of the End Times being the GREATEST FITNAH ever to face the Muslims,nothing is what it seems to be and Allah knows best,i’m leaving it to all of you to verify the truth of the matter.We are too quick to digest everything that is being fed to us.Who’s to know whether all this information on the internet is not orchestrated by the Dajjal himself?.It’s obvious that the Dajjal and his agents want us to say what he wants to hear,nothing more and nothing less.This is not an excuse but a valid reason.

      • That is why it is going to be the Fall of Baghdad to the Mongols all over again.We think we know everything but from top to bottom,it’s all Bloody Hell Blind!!.Don’t say that i didn’t warned you!!.

  8. Dear Zaid
    It is beter to investgate about the Shia and Imam Khomeini first hand not to listen to secound hand news and the best way to do it is to read Imam’s books which are out there. And to listen to sayyad Hassan Nasrallah speechs about Sunni and Shia. salam

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