Threats of a Wider War in Sabah

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  1. This is a very complex scenario.Most of the lower echelon on both sides is probably thinking that this is a genuine struggle but of course they are being manipulated by their own respective upper echelons and not forgetting to mention that both sides are in turn manipulated by the long term devious policy of the British and others in perpetuating strife.They can’t kill us directly,so they need their puppets on both sides of the border to initiate the killings for them.It looks like population control is being mix together with other factors as well to form a single perfect solution to check on potential threats.This is designed so that if a real Islamic leader were to emerge he would be unable to unite the whole of the Malay archipelago due to the plentiful historical baggage or bloodbath.Do you know how dangerous that would be for the powers that be,if approximately 200 million Muslims combined together under one leadership and unite to become a single Muslim country.This region has the potential to become a major Islamic power but lacks true Islamic leadership.Many of the real native leaders have been displaced or disposed of from positions of power by their colonial rulers.Most of the region’s leaders today are just puppets or tools that the powers that be used in order to further their own agenda.

    • Salaam Brother,

      Yes… I think what you mean to say about leadership is that they have, for the most part, become like Khabil (Cain) and joined the selfish ranks … as for the general population, they also follow … ‘all but a few’ wslm – oz

  2. Thank you, Dr. Omar for this article, it makes it clearer now that there is an inside job, a hidden hand pulling the strings behind these events. Who truly pulled the trigger first i wonder…and I beckon the time to hijrah comes close

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