Sad State of Malay Leaders and Liars: It Appears Anwar is Innocent

2 responses to “Sad State of Malay Leaders and Liars: It Appears Anwar is Innocent”

  1. This is all lies upon lies and it’s all bogus.There is no sodomy in the first place.The father and the son probably received numerous bribes from the current political incumbent to help concoct this episode.The father in my opinion is still lying,they all are and Allah knows best.They are all in it together and are of the same gang including Anwar.They are definitely guilty of manipulating public opinion for the purpose of permanently gaining political power and that’s not all.There is a dangerous political design being laid down which sounds like it’s coming from an overseas overtone.Who is paying the price for this big “Circus Act”?.This whole episode is design to make Anwar look good in the end and is an attack on the integrity of the judiciary,the Islamic religious belief system and the dignity of the Malays.Thus a new class is discovered which i called the Malay Jesuits.

  2. salam o elekum
    Next time q possibility of sequential eclipse in Ramdan is far away from the present time line,.
    There fore as the time line appears to be more closer than the eclipse then one has to look towards the other pieces of the puzzle.
    Next yr April and may.are coming the eclipses and blood moons may be this is significant and may herald the onset of the fall of Saudi Dynasty and the rise of Mahdi.
    Rum referred to in the above hadith does not necessarily means Russia as current day representative of old roman empire are western+Eastern Europe+ Western Europe and Australia and USA there fore the assumption that Russia may survive the 3rd WW and as stated in the letter may not be true..
    Thanks for reading ASWT knows the best.
    Mahndi appearance nay happen in the year 2017 to 2019 add 7 the appearance of dajjal which puts Eissa AS at 2026

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