Malhama: Events leading to Mahdi and Prophet Iesa's Return: A Letter from One of my Readers

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  1. What brother Nameer says is true if someone were to analyze the hadiths,the Bible and etc but i would like to highlight certain points.While i do have some differences of opinion with Sheikh Imran Hosein,i do agree with the Sheikh when he says that if someone wants to perform an analysis to extract a certain information from the hadith,the Quran should refer to the hadith and not vice-versa,one should not also refer to the hadith alone.Imam Al-Ghazali has warned us about the dangers of concentrating our minds too much on mathematical calculations, as we would be too fascinated by the clarity of a mathematical solution.For example,can someone prove the existence of Allah(SWT) by way of mathematical calculations?.Opinions or research derived from a hadith alone or by way of mathematical calculations when pertaining to future events must be rejected.To refer to the Bible(whichever version)for information about the “End Times” is like the mute doing an analysis of the Torah,together with the blind.All Bibles are corrupted by the hand and word of man,if it’s not,why then did Allah(SWT) send down the Quran to humankind?.The Quran is based on established meaning and there is allegorical meaning inside the Quran but nobody knows the allegorical meanings for sure other than Allah(SWT).If history was written by the victors,couldn’t the victors themselves write some of the hadith’s?.Who’s to know which hadith’s is sahih?(authentic).Only the Quran has been divinely ordained by Allah(SWT) to be preserved in it’s original form.There’s one interesting point to note about what Sheikh Imran says about Constantinople,he says that Kemal Mustafa Ataturk throw dust in our eyes by changing the name of Constantinople to Istanbul,what Kemal did was a mark of disrespect to Prophet Mohd’s(SAW) prophecy.He also said RUM which he identifies as the Byzantine Empire has been transferred to Russia.Now,if it is disrespectful to change the name of Constantinople to Istanbul,then how could one assume that the power structure of the Byzantine Empire has moved to Russia eventhough there is evidence of the surviving Byzantine royalty or nobility migrating to Russia?.This is a changing of the geographical location,this is also a mark of disrespect to the Prophet’s prophecy but the Prophet says that the Muslims will make an alliance with RUM and not Russia.That Byzantine empire has to exist again in the same location or consists of the same location.This could turn out into many ways,one way is that a resurgence Greece could also revived back the old Byzantine Empire which will culminate in an alliance with the Muslims and Allah knows best.Are we about to witness a transferal of Christian Eastern Orthodox power from Russia to Greece?.Overall,Sheikh Imran was correct in many things especially in identifying the changing of the name of Constantinople and not many Muslims realised that but as for Russia being the Byzantine Empire,i’m not so sure.And as for events happening in the future,my advice is expect the unexpected and if a “Malhama” does break out in the future,nobody is safe in this country or that country,one way or another,we will all be affected.Death comes to us all when we least expect it!!

    • salaam Brother M. Suhaimie,
      Yes.. many valid points here …. but one must realize that when the Byzantine Church left (was exiled) for Moscow, the Russians gave it a new birth and the Romanovs always believed themselves destined to reinstate the Roman Empire by uniting East and West — which is exactly why the Jesuits saw to it they were completely destroyed.

      Thank you for your comments and insights. Alhamduillah. – oz

      • Salaam to all,

        To summarise:

        We know the bible is corrupted, we know. But what about the verses that predict the arrival of Holy Prophet alayhis salam? Or the verses which talk about monotheism? To be honest with you, I was not really searching through the Bible for any knowledge on this matter, I happened across a documentary made from a bitter Zionist perspective which was displaying Zionist grief over what they expected to happen to them over the upcoming war (they sounded particularly sad that Muslims and Russia would ally with one another to destroy them).

        This documentary explained the destruction of Israel through biblical prophecies, and I found it to fit in with what we expect to occur through hadith, that RUM would have dominion of the earth before the arrival of Imam Mahdi (and I mentioned it was in Sahih Muslim, which is at a high grade of authenticity). Also, mathematics is not akin to hadiths, which is a very strange idea. And the timeline has already been constructed by one of the foremost hadith scholars and luminaries in this century Abdullah b. Siddiq al Ghumari of Morocco, who wrote a book called ‘The End’, and put the hadiths in order.

        Also, Sahih is not the only category of hadith, a common misconception, there are upto 33 other potential grades, and even a weak hadith has its uses, weak does not mean forged.

        Furthermore, we know that the Holy Quran takes precedence over the hadith in every condition, but do not fall into the trap of disrespecting the Holy Prophet and considering that his statements could ever contradict the Quran. The details about the End of Times, details sufficient enough for us to create a credible timeline, are not to be found in the Divine Book and for good reason. The details are found in the hadiths.

        Now, in our times, many people are confused about the end of times hadiths and make incorrect inferences, leading people to feel estranged from studying them. If one was to read ‘The Book of the End’ by Ibn Kathir, one would arrive at roughly the same timeline I did. Many people are also quite worried about the Illuminati and as a result they try to ignore their existence. If what I have studied is true, i.e. about the biblical destruction of Israel, two amazing facts become quite clear; 1. The third world war is not Armageddon according to Islamic Eschatology, and we have good time before that period, and it marks the destruction of the Zionist state of Israel.

        2. The third world war will not go according to Illuminati designs, as the world will not be in disarray and will not abandon Christianity or any other religion and join Satanism, which is what Albert Pike outlined in his infamous letter explaining three world wars.

        So, the war marks the end of two great evils.

        3. If the world is controlled by RUM at the appearance of Mahdi, and equally it is RUM which takes authority away from Israel, and that is the political system which the world will live under after the expected war, it is a sign of good hope for the Muslims. So the idea is that Muslims should not panic and understand that Roman (which is Russian, there is no other way) world dominion is a sign for the nearing of that seven year period which we are all waiting for.

        Also, Br. Suhaimie, we know death is coming for us all, but this does not constitute practical advice we can give people in our times, imagine someone asking you what to do in response to the anticipated war, and you respond by saying “flee for your lives, death is coming for you all!!” 🙂 Come on now and see sense, if there is nuclear fallout, some areas will be more secure than others. If Muslims are true in faith and have good intention, it is very likely that events shape to facilitate their survival to live in the period of Rum’s dominion, which precedes Imam Mahdi’s arrival. You are not allowed to sit still anticipating death, “if the end of times comes upon you and you have a seed in your hand, plant it” is the hadith for this idea.

        Also, I do like to listen to Shaykh Imran Hosein and have understood his lectures in depth, I agree that you must adopt a Sufi epistemology to learning and use the knowledge of the heart to get to the core of matters. However, I disagree with his interpretation of end times hadiths regarding the sequence of events, I do not feel that a potential civil war in Turkey is the stage for the appearance of Imam Mahdi, and nor do I feel that Israel, that is trying to engineer its own destruction right now, will succeed in establishing the one world order, nor will the Illuminati succeed in Satanising the world. Dr. Zaid’s comments are always appreciated.

    • There are some important points to be discussed
      Alliance with Rum is not part of Malhama this will precede malhama as in afghanistan
      total time period for Muslim umma will not exceed 1500 yrs this is a hadis of the prophet SAAW in ibne Humble.

      Malhmma period is 6 years resulting in fall of Constantinople.
      Dajjal will appear in the 7 th year.

      assuming Muslim history started 21 Ramdan 13 h puts 1500 years at 1487 h 21 ramdan Hazrat Essa will be staying in the world 40 yrs puts his arrival at 1447 2026 if we minus 7 yr period for mulhamma + appearance of dajjal the yr malhamma will start is 2019 allah knows the best.
      The alliances that are eluded to in the history are preceding events leading to malhamma which will be purely Muslim event as current christian and Jews are Yagoog and majoog and will not be trust worthy for an alliance also Qurarnic decree prohibits an alliance with them.

  2. salam,
    the malhama mean nuclear war, it will rise from the east and probably within 5 years , the devil horn will risefrom the east, the trouble will come from the east.The Dajjal will appear when this nuclear war will be declared.

  3. Salam Brother Nameer.The Quran has revealed to us that the Bible and other holy scriptures was altered by unscrupulous individuals.How do we verify,beyond doubt that the verse which predicts the coming of Prophet Mohd(SAW) or other predictions in the Bible are not alterations done by human hands and replace by the word of transgressors?.This alterations could have been done to allow the Christian clergy to bestow some legitimacy to the Bible as a Holy Book Of Truth and as the true word of God?.Which Holy Book are we commanded by Allah(SWT) and Prophet Mohd(SAW) to follow as guidance,the Torah,the Psalms,the Bible or the Quran?.As for your documentary,why should the Zionist be sad by a Muslim and Russian alliance?.There’s plenty of Zionist in this world,the ones that you are watching might be sad but the Zionist that you are not watching might be happy.Isn’t that what the Zionist leaders want,a war that has already been pre-planned?.All of the Zionist would be genuinely sad if the Muslims had the courage to unite as one Ummah regardless whether they are Sunni or Shiite and have the common sense to establish an alliance with Allah(SWT) and not Russia.Allah(SWT) is more powerful than Russia!!.If only we had the faith to believe that!!.If we believe documentaries as nothing but the truth then it becomes our guidance, or misguidance if you will!!.I’m sure that you are a Pro-Hadith Muslim but have you done your research on how many Hadith’s there were during the time of Saidina Umar(RA) and how many Hadith’s are available right now?.How do we account for the excess Hadith’s?.Even the past great scholars of Islam had a hard time distinguishing which Hadith’s is of which grade.There’s nothing wrong in extracting information from the Hadith’s but first we need to verify whether the Hadith is authentic or not, based on the Quran,this is where Sheikh Imran Hosein’s methodology comes in,common sense tells us that this is a correct methodology.If a Hadith cannot be verified by the Quran,we have to put it aside for fear of Allah and indirectly misleading the Muslim masses.As for interpreting the allegorical meanings and future events from the Quran and Hadith’s,this begs the question,who is qualified to interpret all this meanings?.Firstly,one has to be an exceptional “THEOLOGIAN” who has a balanced knowledge of both worlds and is well-versed in religion,science,politics,history and etc, to qualify themselves in making statements about the allegorical meanings of the Quran or interpreting future events from authentic sources.To be an exceptional Theologian,one needs to study from exceptional teachers of all subjects,only then would you be equip with the knowledge to intrepret meanings.Having said that,please take note however that the Quran emphasized more concentration on the established meanings rather than the allegorical meanings.If we the Muslims had fully grasped the established meanings of the Quran and applying it to the Ummah wholesale,we wouldn’t be divided into multiple sects in the first place.If we have the intelligence to interpret future events,then why can’t we unite all the Muslims into a single Ummah?.If the “Malhama” were to occur and there is a worldwide “Nuclear Holocaust”,do you think you can find a permanent place to take shelter and call it home while nuclear radiation is spreading all around you?.Do you honestly think you have the time to start planting seeds on the ground and do some farming in a nuclear holocaust environment?.During that time,with the lack of transportation and all,do you really expect the Southeast Asian Muslims to build wooden boats and row all the way to Jerusalem in order to help the Mahdi?.Please!!,at that time they will be lots of crying due to a lot of deaths,a huge sense of helplessness,lots of fasting due to the lack of sustenance and the human instinct for self-preservation will take over.Except for the true Muslims,people will largely be busy with the task of saving themselves.At that time even the true Muslims will be hard pressed to remain true to the Islamic cause.I am convinced with Sheikh Imran Hosein’s assesment that there might be a potential civil war in Turkey.This assesment is sound.The true Turkish Muslims cannot takeover Turkey by using the political process of voting through the ballot box.If one understands the political aspects of things and has the political experience as the Sheikh does,one would see clearly that this event could occur in the near future.And,Brother!!,i did not say “Flee For Your Lives,Death Is Coming To Us All”.What i said was “Death Comes To Us All When We Least Expect It”.There is a significant difference of meaning here between both statements.No true Muslim would dare to twist the meaning of the words of another man for fear of commiting “Fitnah” and that is a big sin!!.If Allah(SWT) had ordained death for us,where are we going to flee or run to?,China?,India?.Can we escape from Allah’s(SWT) will?.As for my advice,expect the unexpected and just do what you can because whatever concrete planning that you might have and do,nothing will prepare you for the coming of the “Malhama”,i would also suggest to you,Brother Nameer and i mean no disrespect when i say this,to contact Sheikh Imran Hosein and enrol for his classes,so that you would be better equip to interpret meanings and come back here to give us a better analysis of things!!.Wa Salam!!.

      • That subject is simply too serious and complex to be left to anyone who wants to give his opinion without serious islamic studies credentials. If we do so, we are simply spreading lies and falseties.

    • That Theologian is precisely Me ! Mother Randomness is deciding, will decide and has decided the unfolding of every event in the universe ! There is no such thing as precise prediction of the future but rough estimates can be made !

  4. Salam Brother Sadr!!.Yes,that is somewhat true,but can you clarify to us what you mean as “serious islamic studies credentials”,in order to give us a better definition of what you actually mean by those words based on the Quran and Hadith’s?.Thank You!!,Wa Salam!!.

  5. salam wa alaikom brothers,
    i was just reading your comments, and i always watch all conferences of Sheikh Imran hossein , because for me is a lot o logic in his talks, but Allah knows best, a interpretate al malhamat as nuclear warfare, where 9 of every 10 will be dead, and the consequences of radiation and exposure on earth shall affect every electronic worldlife components, so we will sent back to “dark ages”, so when he emerges (mahdi) in my opinion a may be wrong, there will no be internet or electronic equipments or anything as we see the world today……

    that’s my opinion,

    But i want to ask my brothers a question, there is a hadith about the sun raising from the east…. anyone knows to expplain that?

    thanks and Salam from Brasil ^^

    • Salaam Brother, Thank you …. perhaps you are correct … I cannot say, but it sounds a reasonable scenario. As for the “Sun rising from the West” — i do not take this as a literal occurrence but rather as an allegorical one. I believe this has already happened, as it is the ancient “Sun-god: religion, as manifest in the modern Christian-Judeo Cult(s), especially that of Gnosticism’s Freemasonry, which is based on Kabbalism and the ancient solar based fertility-cults. The entire world is now under the sway of this idolatry. Wasalaam – oz

      • This can’t be right, because once the sun rises from the West, there will be no more Tawba that’s accepted. What you’re saying nw is that no one’s tawba will be accepted. The sun rising from the west is one of the last signs, after the smoke comes and takes the lives of all the muslims

      • Rising of Sun from the west will be literal InshaAllah. This is the beginning of the end of the universe. Perhaps its the big crunch, the exact opposite of the big bang. The universe is expanding, however its Allah’s rule nothing is forever except for Allah swt, and hence the expansion will perhaps reverse. This could cause a reversal of directions of the heavenly bodies, a change in their flow. One objection people raise is that for this to happen the Earth has to be stopped and then has to start spinning in the reverse direction. But that’s thinking of movement in 2D only. It is possible to reverse direction if the Earth was to make a 180 degree flip of its north and south poles. Earth will still rotate as is. Earth never stopped spinning, and we will feel nothing different except that the Sun will rise from the west.

  6. In response to your timeline,I don,t agree and here is why.
    Imam Mahdi will never fight an ennemie with a Christian alliance or any other beside Muslims .remember his fights are not for gain of territory.
    Conclusion the alliances between Muslims and roman against a comun ennemie should happen my own opinion it is being forged now Sunni are taking the side of Israel and the west against Iran.of course I am talking about leaders netanyahu openly made a call for the Sunni.and it works for the benefit of sun I zioniste and christians if Iran is beat another proof is one word this alliance will be between sun I and Rome against shia Iran.after which comes a victory then an incident will happen a fight between the two members of the alliances.a brief win of the Muslims and a withdrawal of the Romans after signing a pact. This pact will be betrayed by the Romans after 9 months .and they will attack the Sunni. The Sunni will be in a big despair and confusion, it,s a big loss this is when Mahdi inchallah will the war in Iran should happen soon before 2017 in my opinion.lets take the Max 2017 Mahdi should be in the stage Max x 2019.and the min would Iran war 2014 Mahdi 2016. As for what the bible says you got to be very carefull.
    I think personally that Gog and Magog are in fact the Zionist just like cheikh imrane says.t
    They will appear in two groups by the time the second group appears the water in the tabbaris lake wille be gone.they will Drink all the water.if you look at the tabbaris lake its drying up fast and being used by the Zionist at 99%.

    • Gog and Magog can not be Zionist, here is why.
      Gog and Magog are in the east of Iran and Arabia. Zionist states are all in the west.
      Why East? Because Zulqurnain in Quran marched towards east to meet people who needed help against Gog and Magog. Zulqurnain is now known to be the Cyrus of Persia. So he must have marched towards China/Russia to be in the east.
      Gog and Magog will be let lose on Earth after the emergence of Dajjal, Hazrat Eesa pbuh and after the death of Dajjal.
      It is in hadees that each one among the Gog and Magog tribes will bear a thousand children before the die.

      It is known that Gog and Magog will be a huge population. 999 out of 1000 humans will belong to Gog and Magog.

      Again it can not be the west because west is all about population control, less children etc.

      Prophet Muhammad pbuh once said that he saw a hole in the wall of Gog and Magog.

      From all of this and other ahadees, my conclusion is that Most likely one of the Tribes possibly Magog are probably the Mongols.


      The decimated the Muslims once in the history. Probably this is the hole in the wall that prophet pbuh referred to. After which they went behind their cage. Never in history have they ever marched out of their territories except once. Ghengiz Khan and his followers were all found of women. When they would conquer the land they will keep the women alive and kill the men. Ghengiz alone would rape hundreds of women, and was well known to be able to sleep with several women in just one night. So its safe to say over the course of years and years of warring, Ghengiz Khan would have raped thousands of women and probably had a thousand children just by himself. Same could be said about the rest of his tribe’s men. It is believed today that Ghengiz has millions of children linked to him residing in China. You can google and see how people perform DNA testing and feel proud to be part of Ghengiz Khan’s family.

      Here is one of the links.

      And thats only one of them. Imagine his whole tribe doing the same thing. It very much matches what is said in the hadees that not one of them will die till the leave behind a thousand children.

      My conclusion is that one of the tribes of Yajooj and Majooj are the Mongols (also called “Mongo”, very close to Magog or Majooj when you consider the language shift). The DNA of Mongols are spread all over in China. China has a huge population today. China never fights aggressive wars, because its not time yet. China is the next super power in line with DNA from Mongols because Mongols use to come raid China, rape the women by the thousands. Do the math and you will know. China has the history of making walls. Remember Zulqurnain from Quran met people whose language was not understandable (Try understanding Chinese for the first time, you can not relate a single word with your own language). Furthermore, Chinese follow no religion. Their majority do not believe in God (Possibly account for 999 out of 1000 humans going to hell where as 999 are from yajooj and majooj from hadees). And they never like to leave their region and conquer other countries (except once when Mongols went to Iraq, possibly the hole in the wall the prophet pbuh referred to). China has a self ban of 20 years that it will not engage in War. So brothers think and look at world around you.

    • Gog ans Magog are Caucasian race from the Coucases mountain that includes Turks ,Pakistan . Iran , Indian, and so so called fake modern Arabs , who infiltrated the real Arabs , the Germanic , Slavic , Turkic race and Iranians. Again this are the Gog and Magog except the Africans

  7. My question relates to some Ahadith which I read about relating to turmoil. It talks about how the Muslim army will defeat the Roman army and after the war is over they will hang their swords by the olive trees. Another one talks about ten horsemen. My question makes me have some doubt in some of the Ahadith in that the world has changed nowadays. There are no swords or horsemen like it was in the days of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam). As you and I know there are nuclear weapons, accurate missile target systems which some people can launch while they are eating in some place far away from where the war is, so it seems that the persons who wrote this Hadith is talking only about his time and not about the future (how)

  8. one should be very careful of speculating the prophesies contained in the quran or hadith without vision .why not make use of tasawwuf spiritual inquiries so that allah will show you through ilham or is clearly stated in the quran that if you purify your hearts and fear allah he will show you the hidden knowledge(wattaqullah wa yuallimukumullah). these are things which sufists could grasp through ilmul maarifa. you dont need to make reference to corrupted bible that leads one to communicating with demons. in nigeria demons used to talk to pastors and appear at christian graveyards which they tell their followers to be miracles.

  9. Assalam alaykum brothers ,

    It was very interesting to go thru these posts, i have certain reservation on the issue of Russia being Rums and this i had discussed with Shiek imran hosein as well.

    My point was the hadith says , you will have an alliance with Rum , here the question is who is this “you” ? Is this referred to the Muslims Under the leadership of Imam Mahdi ? or prior to him.

    So Without identifying the time frame of this alliance we cannot come to the conclusion who are the Rum mentioned in the Hadith…

    If We are to say this is prior to the arrival of Imam Mahdi , then the “You” mentioned in the hadith can never be the Sunni World , because none among the Sunni world is having any kind of proximity to Russia int he present scenario . Then The “You” can refer to Shia World.

    So My understanding on the subject is This Alliance with Rum will happen only after the advent of Imam Al Mahdi and at that time there is a huge possibility that Russian led christian force may come in alliance with Imam Mahdi to fight against common enemy.

    Allah knows best

    • Salam Brother,
      please did sunni and shia existed at the time of the blessed prophet (pbuh) ? are not the shia Muslims, if they are not, why are they allow to perform pilgrimage at makka,,, we made have differences but we all testify that there’s nothing worthy of worship but Allah and prophet mohammad (pbuh) is His last and final messenger, anyone who deeply testifies this is a Muslim as such it will be a grave error to think that the shia are not part of the Muslim world, so for me the possibility exist for an alliance with rum before the advent of Imam Al Mahdi.
      Allahu Aleem !!!

      With respect IB CISSE

      • Salaam,

        Of course they are Muslims. The error is sectarianism, as warned the prophet. No! Shias an Sunnis did not exist at the time of the prophet. In the beginning of the sectarian era, following the murder of Ali, even Shia was unknown, although a national and sectarian geographical divide began once the Arabs crossed the Euphrates into Persia, which was not part of the land given to Ibrahim as the Promise that Mohammad finally fulfilled when he cast idolatry out of Arabia (pbt). Arabs then began to behave like murderous tyrants and imperialists, adopting dynastic rule rather than the Caliphate. After the 4th generation, the dye was cast and degeneration was inevitable despite the Glory that arose on the backs of slaves and the oppressed. Ghengis Khan’s sons rightfully humiliated them and the Islamic world never recovered after driting into useless mysticism as the Mahdhabs warred and Ishmai’ilis subverted doctrine leading to Salau’din’s casting them out of Egypt. Reconciliation is only possible for the very few until Hadrat Mahdi and Iesa are made known, and even then, many of the more stubborn sectarians, Shia and Sunni, will draw the sword even against them ….. woe is that day, and not fr off.


  10. Brother what I think is that alliance with Rome (christianity) is over , either it was against Soviet Union in Afghanistan or 1st Gulf War in 1991 against Saddam . Now the Rome (christian) led alliance (80 flags) is at war on Islam , after 9/11. What I anticipate is , a nuclear 3rd world war , destruction of all major cities , Shia -sunni civil war and communication blackout. Allah knows the best.

    • Correct … however, as long as there are Freemsonic Lodges and masons in Muslim countries and among the leadership, councils, banking and otherwise, including medical and educational Establishments and links, the forbidde ‘Occult-Judeo-Christian Alliance persists. That is where they operate, infiltrate and execute their influences and plans, causing Muslims, like malaysia, for example, to following into the lizard holes of deception. This is far greater than any political Alliance, it is metaphysical, cultural and philosophical. – oz

  11. Asalam Alaikum.
    I have been listening Sheikh Imran Hosein for a while now. With all my respect he has valid points when it comes to the last minor signs including emergence of the Imam mahdi. However, i find it difficult to contemplate his interpretations of the major signs of Malhama. In my humble thoughts, he self contradicts himself with major signs. I think he is pulling it very close to the point that he can convince an average person to plan the unplanned for his or her future. I was confused about his dajjal topic. He did not take literal meaning of dajjal and explained this topic mysteriously, but no hard feelings i couldn’t agree with him on this matter simply because major signs will never happen until after Imam Mahdi emergence. Imam Mahdi is the link between last minor sign and the first major sign. My sincere intent of this discussion is about his silence on Yemen to his study of end times. On on of his lectures, he inferred the major sign of the fire that will start from Aden, Yemen is a fitna that will go all the way to destroy Saudia. I think that was too shallow and by the way isn’t this a major sign? Fortunately, what is happening now in Yemen is definitely a fitna. How can he connect these events happening in Yemen towards his interpretations? Unless this fitna is nothing compared what is ahead in the future. Another contradiction is that now Russia is in alliance with Iran, China and Houthis’ in Yemen. According to the Sheikh, Russia is the ‘RUM’. This can literally validate that Shiite muslims are on the right track than Sunnis which can not be true. Frankly, Sheikh Imran Hosein has open my mind towards current monetary system, petro dollar, Jerusalem in the Quran and so on. He is incredibly master piece on these issues. Usually it doesn’t take him long to reflect current major political dramas to the Islamic point of view. For example, From Tripoli to Damascus revolutions, Ukraine strikes, Israel, Russia, Zionist etc. I wonder why he is silent on the Yemen situation right now? I remember he told French muslims to go back to their home countries this year when there was massacre in France. How about Yemeni people? Where is their home? I hope is not Iran. I am shocked a minority like Houthis can sustain the world this. No one does anything. What Houthi ,Abdallah Saleh, ISIS, Bashar do now is a lot better than Gaddafi and Saddam? I don’t see any difference in terms of dicatatorship and bogus jihadists. But some were killed because they deserve, and others are left just because they don’t have enough oil resources may be. I don’t know. Arabs join together to fight Houthi. Where were they before? Whats the difference between ISIS and Houthis other than one being Sunni and Shiia respectively? What is the sheikh perspective? I am really surprised he has not yet said nothing about this.

  12. Well, there are 3 Rum’s; the old rum who originated from the Romans and who were essentially pagans, and were located where Rome is today and part of western civilisation, Byzantium Rum, who existed before the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople and Current day Rum, which has it’s headquarters in Moscow, Russia. So Rum 1 and Rum 2 exist still, where Rum 1 is part of modern western civilization which has it’s grip(or dominion) over the whole world and Rum 3. When viewed like this how does your analysis change?

    • Rum 2 & 3 are essentially the same, just a continuum. Rum 1 is now the 4th Reich or Empire, ruled by the British Commonwealth’s Chatham House, it’s children, the CFR & Trilaterals. The essence of RUM 3 is White Russia, but not the religion, rather the Folk Soul that harks back to Noah and the dispersion after the flood. At the base of this folk soul is pure monotheism. Neertheless, their Trinitarian bias will turn them against Islam after the retaking of Constantinople. Cheers

      • Peace,

        The event of Imam Mahdis arrival is very interesting and the scholars of Islam have come out in the limelight and adressing the issue in the open due to the short time left.

        The Malhama tul qubra ( Armageddon war) will soon take place. And the late Sufi Shayk Nazim has explained from Hadith how its about to go down ( switch on subtitles on the youtube video) :

        Further more I want to draw attention to a Hadith :

        Narrated Abu Hurayrah (?):
        “Count two or three decades after the year/decade of Hijri 1400. At that time, the Mahdi emerges…”
        (Asmal Masalik Lieyyam Mahdiyy Maliki Li Kull-id Dunya Biemrillah-il Malik, Qalda bin Zayd, p. 216)

        We are living now in 1437 Hijri- This means That before we hit the 4th decade in Hijri calender 1400, the Imam has to appear. There is a video from Shayk Hisham Kabbani from 2010 .where he mentions that the year 2010 is the year of Haj Al Akbar:

        We all know that Imam Mahdi will appear in Hajj Al Akbar. He never appeared in 2010 so the next Haj Al Akbar will be after 7 years , making it 2017. So most probably he will apppear in 2017, if not then the world has to wait till 2024.

  13. Salaam
    I have been following Sheikh Imran for quite a while now and have learned a considerable amount from. Mashallah. However, I have come to learn that nuclear weapons are a hoax. If you take the time to look into the footage of nuclear explosions they are nothing but clever editing of films. Japan was carpet bombed six days before the so-called dropping of the a-bomb. So called nuclear weapons work by smashing two pieces of metal together to cause an explosion inside a rifle like barrel. Can such a thing be possible.
    Also, so called atoms do not exist. To date no real image of an atom has been seen. Atomic structure is a theory not factually proven. So, if an atom cannot be seen how can it be known how to use it.
    The Sheikh also needs to look into the shape of the earth. It is flat. They have been lying to us.

      • So where do you get your knowledge from? Do you really believe you live on a spinning ball travelling around the sun at 67000mph which itself is travelling at 500000mph through the so called milkyway which itself is travelling at 2.2 million mph around a so called great attractor yet none of that motion is observable.
        Does not the word ‘ Dajjal’ mean deceiver. Is not his mission by Allah to test mankind as to who is sincere to Allah. Don’t you think he is not going to use every means to lead you astray from Allah.
        Believing that the so called ‘Big Bang’ brought about everything is the best way to remove God from the equation. That we are an insignificant planet that came about by chance amongst billions and trillions of other planets.Yet NASA cannot show us a real picture of Earth from space. They admit that all their images of Earth are composites or artist renderings. Yet they can show us images of Pluto.
        Schooling is nothing but indoctrination.
        By the way you make Youtube videos.

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