Jews About Doing To America What They Did To Germany

18 responses to “Jews About Doing To America What They Did To Germany”

  1. Clicked to watch Ernst Z. Video and the massage “this video was not found” immediately popped up. Is this another example of Zionist censorship ? They just can’t stand the light of day, like the cock ******* they are. And the stars do not represent roaches.

  2. It’d be nice if people didn’t dump all “Jews” together. The ashkeNAZI are considered to be “jwes” but they’re not even Semites, which can be seen if you look up “ashkenaz” in the bible.

  3. Interesting article which has many important points. .Its the opinion of many that it’s a section of the Jewish elite working with their bought / controlled Gentile hooligans that have brought this about. Specifically this Jewish elite working within the confines of Political Zionism are helping to shape America and the west in the image that they want. Most Jews although they blindly support this elite ( through the brainwashing and controlled media) are not the real perpetrators of this scheme and are not gaining by it. I personally know quite a few Jews that are financially struggling and are 1 paycheck from losing it all. Most Jews and Gentiles have been programmed through the mass media ( which is an arm of the New World Order where Political Zionism maintains a key seat). Political Zionism is the Modus Operandi by which the old world banking families use to expand financial and political power and does not really represent in the end the real interests of the general Jewish population, but is only using them. Most Jews are oblivious to this and thus they continue to blindly support Israel and Jewish leaders only because they are Jewish.

  4. Jews are the parasitic plague on the world and always have been. Lies are their tools and sympathy for them is our disease. There are over a billion Muslims in the world and yet Israel still exists. That proves Muslims are not trying to kill Jews. Why does such a small country control USA? Because of the lies of the Jewish myth called the Bible that’s why.

  5. jews doing what they have done in every land they’ve inhabited. its why they’ve been expelled over a 1000+ times- usuary, swindling and corruption. then they whine THEY are victimized

  6. The Jewish people no..anyone / nation that tires to wipe them out will be cursed by YHWH. Doesn’t mean that subsections of the Hebrew society will not have to face a reckoning of their own. Read the Bible and what it says about the end times. Gods judgement will also be upon those say something like “we have made a treaty with death ….the overflowing scourge will pass over us” those aren’t the exact words used but I don’t want to spend the day looking it up right now. It DOES remind me of Mossad though. Asside from that its the Vatican that you need to look into, specifically the leader of the Jesuite order. What is happening has been planed for a long time. They are stirring the pot and and are happy to set one faction against the other. Creating false flags as a preliminary to Martial law and their take over of the whole financial system. The UN is also just one of their tools.

    • Dear White Eagle,

      Been there done that …. I was a Christian preacher and have read the entire Bible many many times in all of its different versions. Much of it is still intact, thank God. BUT NOT ALL, and that is the most dangerous part saying that a man is God and died for our sins. I’m afraid that doesn’t fit with the rest of the book. Anyway, no need to argue, we will never agree. As for the Jesuits – no they are not leading the Church or the cult, They are however, Chief executors … there is a group above them they do not know themselves — and beyond that, there is the darkness of Satan … I suggest you have a good look at the Koran. All my unanswered questions were answered there.
      Kind Regards and thanks for your letter

  7. White Eagle, from my studies(and I have spent years) yhwh is the adversary (anti christ) . Is that how you have interpreted the old testemant? He is however the” jewish national god” as clearly stated in lexicons. The “Jewish Encyclopedia” also makes this clear as well and I am not certain that I could question the concensus of 400 of the worlds top rebbe on this matter. When one comes to the understanding(truth) found in the old testemant, it tells a completely different story and many questions that remained unanswered are as clear as crystal. Does anyone else here understand the old testemant scriptures from this perspective? Just curios.

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