Western "Exceptionalism" Crumbling as Aussie Senator Deported from Malaysia

3 responses to “Western "Exceptionalism" Crumbling as Aussie Senator Deported from Malaysia”

  1. This is a political sellout of the Islamic religion.The sweet poison of mental colonization plus the dilution of religious interpretations brought about by cooperative collaboration of the local religious establishment with the local ruling elites via their overseas satanic grandmasters continues unabated.In other words,”THE BIGGEST TRAITORS OF THE ISLAMIC RELIGION” who consciously,willingly and continously sabotage the Muslim community by promoting a toneless version of Islam while at the same time disseminating repugnant foreign cultures wrapped alluringly and package as “The Essential Road To Modernity”.Leaving it there through a long period of time for inquisitive idiots to discover for themselves, thus continuing the sequence of spiritual and mental maladies which has transformed the Muslims into forsaking the one God.While ignorance does play a part in aggravating the problem,it is by and large what is inside their hearts.What the heart desires.This is not the blind leading the blinder or the mute leading the blind,whether they have the knowledge of God or not, it doesn’t matter,they have put that knowledge aside,they have allowed material interest to enter their hearts,they are tired of controlling their hearts,they have consciously let go of “CONTROL”,they are worshipping too many false gods and the two most prominent of them all is “THE GOD OF WEALTH” and “THE GOD OF TECHNOLOGY”.They don’t want to be left behind by the speed of material accumulation.They want their “JANNAH”(Heaven) on earth,not in the afterlife,not another ten years,next year,next month or next week,they want their “JANNAH’ now,RIGHT HERE!!,RIGHT NOW!!.They have adopted a twisted mentality, which is “If you can’t beat them then let’s join them,whomever they might be and reap the benefits”.Their “SOULS” is blackening due to the thickness of pomposity and are selling it to “SATAN” at bargain prices.They are the defeatists.In their hearts they know what they are,they know why they want it, this “MATERIALISM”.They know what i’m talking about!!.Believe me!!.They know!!.They are the best pretenders.The curse of ALLAH(S.W.T) is upon them.What matters to them is more of everything,more than their relatives,more than their neighbours,more than their friends,more money,more women,more cars,more showing off and etc.They have a deprived mentality and when the capitalist floodgates are finally open with full access granted,do you think they will resist?.Absolute power corrupts absolutely? or Absolute temptation corrupts absolutely?.To call them hypocrites would be an understatement or “polite language”.One might need to create a new term in every language just to describe their current maladies!!.They better thread carefully because this is a twisted political game and they could be punch from all sides.They failed to realise that they are surrounded by their enemies.If they don’t wake up soon,China might be the hammer that will pound them into true submission to the one God!!.

    • My word dear brother. Your are almost as good as the Gospel of Barnabas here. Yes, I agree about China. Allah has used China before, and, after all, Malacca would not exist if it weren’t for China and the genuinely astute Muslim Admiral who tried to civilize them a while back. Oh well… Allah knows best. May He have mercy on us all. – oz

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