The Granfaloonies of 'Star & Crescent' Mania; an essay by Dr. Zaid

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  1. Whatever type of Western political systems which the country that we reside in adopts,whether it’s a Democracy,Communism,Fascism,Socialism,Capitalism,Paternal Autocrat or any of it’s sub-components,it all comes down to two things,”OPPRESSION” and “REPRESSION”!!.All of this predatory Western Elite ideological and philosophical political systems is not implemented to benefit us but is out there to manipulate and ultimately destroy us!!.The same goes for political buzzwords such as “Liberalism” and “Secularism”.Just flip out the dictionary and search for the word “Secularism”,what does it mean?.It means ‘rejection of religion and religiousness’!!.All of this twisted Western political systems is tantamount to the same cannibal continously eating you alive but the only difference being the change of pace.Whether he devours you more or devours you less, you will eventually die of being eaten alive!!. Eccentric goverments which adopts any of the political systems mention above will deliver a near limitless indications of their political, social and economic vulnerabilities whereby it will be a far more convenient way for the West to undermine and control them because it is easy to know what kind of pressure to apply in order to subjugate the intended country quickly and efficently to it’s knees!!. What we need is a separate political system that does not interact with any of the Western political systems.A political system that delivers moral,scientific and economic progress continously on a guided straight road and not a political system whereby you can only shift to the left,right,center or something in between all three,in changing the same stagnant ideologies but never at all in moving forward towards “Full Throttle”progression.Basically,a nation which adopts any of the Western political systems will ultimately meant trapping it’s own development permenantly inside a box consequently hindering it’s progression and stripped of the chance to realise it’s own potentiality.Any country which implements a Western political system is directly supporting the rapine of it’s own human resources, wealth and raw materials to be handed over to the West as a form of protection money in order to be given the right for limited national subsistence.In my opinion the West has never followed the political systems that it propagated to the rest of the world.What they are following is the way of the mafia whereby they accumulate all the world’s resources through silent extortion to subsidized and rapidly expand their own national development.We the people of the this world are living inside a global experiment wherein we are the lab rats and the West is it’s scientists!!.
    A word of advice for all the Muslims in Malaysia especially the Malays!!,when the next general election(PRU2013?) arrives,think wisely!!,is it worth voting for all those political parties that will only bring you more of the same thing.There are many different political parties to choose from with colorful banners and hypnotic party “SYMBOLS” but they all have one thing in common and that is of the same mentality.What’s the point of voting when what is offered are pointless choices!!.As long as we are still adopting the same Western political systems,whatever kind of a clean and honest goverment that is voted in will only be superficial.The Malay-Muslim electorate will return back at the starting line in disappointment again and again in a continously vicious cycle of voting processes and political subservience while still holding on unto empty promises!!. The same thing is happening in every nation worldwide!!.Just take a look across the causeway an into Singapore and discover for yourself the hidden moral condition of your other brethren.!!.How frustratingly hopeless our situation is compared to yours!!.We the Muslims of Singapore don’t have the backbone to do anything,we can only be counted on to do what we always do best,watch and criticize from the sidelines.At least in Malaysia you can still “DO SOMETHING”!! about the political situation.Don’t even talk about “RESISTING” in Singapore because if you say anything more than a whisper and it’s gone,it’ a lost cause.We are the perfect living example of what not to follow. Whether you are looking at it from a religious or nationalistic point of view it sums up to the same thing and that is we are the true “HYPOCRITES”.Do you think that by living in an economically rich and prosperous country consequently liberates us from hypocrisy?,well think again!!.The average Singaporean Muslim do have sufficient wealth here in Singapore,a place to live in where we can call a home,a job to earn a living and a standard of living that a blind man would call convenient but do we have dignity?,no!!, why?because we need to ‘kowtow’ to the other races all the time on every single matter,even on matters pertaining to our own religion, do we have morality?,yes!! and no!!, why?,because our morality can best be describe as akin to an electrical switch whereby we can press it on or off from morality to immorality and vice versa as many times as we pleased,do we have compassion?, yes!!, but it’s getting lesser and lesser!!,do we have a religious way of life?,well we like to think so!!,but how could we?, because our method of educating religion to the Muslim masses has never been properly “STERILIZED” since the beginning of it’s infection!!.Our line of sight has been methodically made blurred between right and wrong!!.So what we have is a blind Muslim community following a fixed set of diabolical political principles.This divergent political principles are carefully and seductively laid down by the upper echelon of state control mechanisms for the sole purpose of mesmerizing the unwary masses. A translucent control mechanism that comes bundled together with instructions written by their “SATANIC” Gods cum tutors and in which the local ruling classes used as a political tool to serve their own end’s at the expense of the people!!. Do we want our children to grow up in an environment whereby gambling,prostitution,drug and alcohol consumption,pornography,money lending based on interest and all kinds of immorality to take precedence in our society?.All this immoralities and corruptions are well-documented in our minds.We don’t need to highlight this more than it is necessary and bring in more criticisms as it would only be counterproductive.
    It’s fine to adopt “CRITICAL” thinking sometimes especially when scrutinizing the hadith’s or the ruling class political policies and it might even offer some kind of protection from mass mind control but when “Critical” thinking translates into criticisms which it naturally always does, what then is the point of criticizing in communicating with the Malay- Muslim masses when the person who is at the receiving end of those criticisms can easily remove it from their minds as soon as it enters the brain?,for lacking in appetite to swallow the bitter medicine!!.How does the “Critical” methodology benefit us then from the perspective of changing the individual Malay-Muslim mentality?.How do you teach someone to apply the method of “Critical” thinking on himself in order to wake him up to the fact that he is a veteran of hypocrisy, in a self-denial community, when he himself does not even believe that he is addicted to hypocrisy?.Any ideas anyone?.There’s already been plenty of criticisms but do you notice any major changes?.The “Critical” methodology is a double edge sword,you need to know how to use it and when to use it.It will work on some Malay-Muslims but to apply it on the whole community is detrimental and even dangerous.While i give a benefit of a doubt to those critics who really has sincerity in their heart whose aim is for the improvement of the Malay-Muslim community but i would also like to remind them that the “Critical” methodology can also caused side-effects that can further undermine the Malay-Muslim’s already declining spiritual development.Any form of wrongful application and it will be worse than before.If that happens,who is going to pick up the pieces?.There’s a need to understand what kind of mentality that we are dealing with here!!.This problem is not just a mere rusty metal part whereby you take a piece of sandpaper and rub the rust off!!.The poison of mental colonization plus deluded religious interpretations has seep into our veins deeply!!. Furthermore if what is being said were just repetitious criticisms where there’s plenty of talk but nobody is moving and nothing get’s done,it would be utterly pointless!!.We have seen and heard plenty of critics come and go but the problems are still there in plain view.This “Critical” methodology is not something new and we have been eating criticisms throughout all our lives.So,what did the “Critical” methodology brought to us then?,it didn’t deliver to us a Malay “Spring” but instead brought us the same kind of “Winter”!!.Yes!!,It did gave us a few good things but plenty of bad things too and the most prominent of them all which the Malay-Muslims allowed to be absorbed into their minds is “CRITICAL HUMILIATION”.This is a bad precedence over good intentions.A people who concludes that their dignity has been tarnished and given an added bonus of verbal bombardment in the form of criticisms will only bring about resentments without even looking at the bigger message.A new approach is needed!!.What we need “Critically” right now is “Concrete” SOLUTIONS and “Critical” ACTIONS!! and how best can we apply those solutions via actions to override an oppressive and repressive environment in order to get positive results!!.It has to be less talk and more methodical!!.Most Malay-Muslims don’t know where to go to seek help,what to do next,how to organise themselves and who to trust!!.What we need to do is not just by raising awareness but uplifting of morale and waning spirits.How exactly are we going to do that?.Well,all of that requires a person who can blend together his arguments with “Constructive” thinking and deep soul searching,speaking intermittently to the Malay-Muslim masses in a “CHARISMATIC” language that will touch their hearts and minds in order to mobilise them. Ideas people!!.Solutions are not forthcoming from the Muslims who better understand things, i mean the ones who have the “REAL” knowledge but what we get mostly from people who claimed to have knowledge are criticisms that dulls the brain of the Malay- Muslims.We can pretend that we don’t have any shortcomings but sooner or later it will bite us back in the near future!!.Don’t wait until our “HYPOCRITICAL”condition in Singapore becomes your own “TOTAL” condition in Malaysia!!.

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