On The conflict between Turkey & Syria by Imran Hosein

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  1. As’salaam Aghlaykum

    Actually it is true what Shk Imran Hussein says about the hypocrisy of the Turkish puppet government. Actually, the fall of Constantinople in 1453 was an adventure time of Dajjal according to the authentic tradition of the Apostle of Allah (S.A.W). The fall of the Estern Roman (Byzantine) Empire in 1453 marked the expansion of the Ottoman Turkish Empire which collapsed in 1924 by the Jewish Zionist’s effort of the Young Turks led by Mustafa Kemal (Attaturk).

    No wonder the Zionist State of Israel needs to remove all hindrances that will provoke the NWO on establishing the Devil’s secret government that began after the World War One and consolidated after the World War Two. Probably, the World War Three would start with the Wars Within Syria and that kind of Turkish alliance with NATO & Israel is like a dream on the noon

    Congratulation to all of you by making aware about what is going globally

  2. Salaam, Just a reminder: Ataturk was a crypto-Jew and Freemason, controlled by the Kabalists of the Occult Jewish-Christian Alliance of Magi that has many heads, much like the hydra. These include the CFR, Knights of Malta, B’nai’Brith, Jesuits, and many other infernal groups.

  3. Wow… What r u smoking ..twisting ant turning reality to your skewed perspective …not a single mention of the 50k Muslims Assad killed in the past two years..it would’ve been a great story if it was the “Zionists”who did it all but truth is that this is the true Syrian ppl wishes..get over yourself

  4. Replying to the above statement!!.Excuse Me!!,Mr Jew!!.We’re not twisting and turning reality to a “SKEWERED” perspective here!!.This is just an “Alternative” perspective!!.A perspective which is not intermingle with the “Zionist” propaganda “BULLSHIT” and we are not defending Assad either.Nobody is forcing anyone to adopt a specific point of view!!.The readers decide for themselves which article is true or false!!.I suggest that you get a pair of magnifying glasses and start searching for clues!!.You might just discover a hidden trail that leads back to TEL AVIV!!.By the way,your usage of the english vocabulary is pretty bad!!.

  5. It’s understandable that the Neo-Zionist criminal syndicate & their willfully ignorant minion spew the propaganda that their corrupted govts, NGOs & MSM propagate. It has been proven every time that they, their puppet rulers with their mercenaries are the ones who commit the colonization, plunder, rape & murder of indigenous peoples of the world. Their framing is losing traction all over the world. Their ugly paradigm is being exposed daily as more people come to despise the evil they have propagated world wide. [National Socialist + Zionist International= NAZI] [Muslim Brotherhood=Zionist MI6]

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