John Pilger: "Islamic terrorism" is the invented excuse for theft of Africa's riches

3 responses to “John Pilger: "Islamic terrorism" is the invented excuse for theft of Africa's riches”

  1. With The U.S And It’s Imperial Buddies Landing In Africa And Molding The Continent As It’s New “Playground”,What Can We Do Other Than To Innocently Watch As A Bystander And Shout “ROCK ON”!!!!!!.

  2. Actually, no wonder the naming of Al-Shabab, and other Islamic fundamentalists as terrorists and waging wars on them is part of the Western – US effort on a Neo-Colonial agenda in exploiting natural sufficient resources including African oil starting with Libya and eventually Tanzania.

    But, some will ask themselves “why USA did not ask and take for the colonies during the partition process made by the 1884-1885 Berlin conference?”, was that ready to be over other nations or directing them and remain as an observer?. and yet what is going on today? especially on African riches?

    What next if Africa gets serious leaders like Muammar Gaddafi?

    • I understand what you are trying to say Brother Nassor!!,but even if Africa were to have ten Muammar Gaddafi’s,the West will still invade Africa ten times if they need to,what do they care!!,who dares to stop them!!,fast in,fast out,fast war,just like Mc donald’s,fast food!!.Isn’t that what Gaddafi’s son,Saif Al-Islam said!!.The reality of the situation is unless we have real Islamic supermen ready to do battle to uphold the right for self-determination for all the oppressed and repressed people throughout the world,it looks like closing ceremony,Brother!!.Failure to fight for your rights,will mean a Euro-Judeo universe for all of us,all over the world!!.We will then become the modern day peasantry!!.Helpless modern day global slaves!!. Wa Salam!!

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