Cecil Rhodes and One-World Government: The Victory of Socialism

4 responses to “Cecil Rhodes and One-World Government: The Victory of Socialism”

  1. Here is the problem, FDR saved the average guy from the bankers. You are no doubt correct about a NWO, but are you saying that the programs FDR used to put people to work or to establish social security is somehow socialism? You are crazy if you think that. Maybe you are part of the cabal yourself, since the god of economics presently is austerity, not socialism.

    • You need far more background into the occult societies that surrounded FDR. His program was the stepping stone …. America needs no austerity, it needs freedom from the Fed and Wall St.

      Good luck … and no, I won’t banter with you … you’re too far behind = Read My books and the references

    • I do not believe you understand either as zaidpub has explained below. You see, it is communism, expropriation of wealth from the bottom rungs of society to the top that you refer to as the “elite”. It is socialism for the rich and austerity for you and I. You appear to have a grade school understang of communism. This is not an accident though I can assure you. All of this wealth that has been lost by the masses went where? Do you think it just vanished into thin air? People are losing their real assets. Currency is fiat. It is just the means they use to accomplish it.This is how they steal from you your real assets (homes, land, labor , gold etc.)if you own any by way of manipulating it. What is happening is manufactured, it is not an accident. It has been repeatedly done throughout history.

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