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    Allah says in the Holy Quran “Do not even think of those who are martyred in the way of Allah as dead, BUT THEY ARE ALIVE near their lord and given provision. They are joyous of what Allah bestowed upon them of his favour and they give good news to those who have not as yet reached them.” (Surah Al-Imraan, Verse 170).

    this verse in the Quran is about those who martyred, why did the author quote the verse for Awaliya?

    • Salaam, I believe he was referring to Martyrs as a class of Waliyyah: “The Shuhada (Martyrs) – One need not actually be killed in the battlefield to prove one’s self as shaheed (martyr). One in this stage feels satisfied by sacrificing everything that he has for the Creator.”

  2. I would like to just ask one question.Among the Muslims which of them does the present day kafirs hate most?Answer the jihadists.And among the Muslims which of the
    present day kafir likes most?Answer the sufis.So who should we consider are the real walis of Allah?Answer It is they who are following the footsteps of the prophet and his companions and are waging jihad with their persons and their properties all for the love of Allah and his messenger.

    • The quran states And We have sent you (O Muhammad ) as a mercy for the Alameen(all of mankind). People of tassawuf are in constant dhikr of allah and remember him in every action. Sufis show love for all of mankind as love is the best way to preach islam. Read about the taqwa of the nabi (saw)…may allah guide you to truth

  3. Assalamu Alaikum brother.

    I started reading your post and stopped reading as soon as I got to the two types of delay at.

    1) you mentioned walayat e amma – before you cherry pick a part of a verse, understand what Allah SWT is mentioning. You didn’t even quote the whole verse or the previous one. You just mentioned that it is talking about the believers. When in fact Allah SWT is talking about the whole of his creation. Full verse- “And we have already created man and knows what his soul whispers to him and we are closer to him than his jugular vein” the previous verses talks about people of Noah that denied him and Aad and the Pharoah. Allah SWT is saying that he knows what their soul whispers.

    2) walayt e Khaas- that hadith in no way mentions that you need a wasilah. That Hadith mentions of believers having closeness to Allah SWT which can be achieved by anyone who stand in ibadah to Allah SWT especially those who perform the voluntary nawaafil prayers. The more you pray and prostrate to Allah SWT alone, the more you become close to Allah. But if you bow your head down to a saint or any other creation of Allah, may Allah forgive your grave Sin. Just like they do in Ajmer Sharif. Bowing their heads in prostration to khawaja moinuddin Chianti. Astagfirullah!!

    I will quote a verse from the Quran

    Surah al ahqaf Verse 5 “And who is more astray than who invokes besides Allah SWT, those who will not respond till the day of judgement and they of their invocation are unaware”

    Now you will reply back to me and say…. no it’s taking about worshipping other than Allah. As a matter of fact, if you read the arabic, it mentions yad’u which is a derivative of Dua. So what I then looked at is actual verses that mentioned the word worship. In arabic, it is ibadah or na’budu (for example from surah fatiha)

    So clearly calling upon anyone besides Allah SWT alone is going astray as per verse above.

    Calling upon anyone other than Allah alone is associating partners with Allah.

    You only have to look back at the seerah of our beloved prophet SAW. When the jaahil in Makkah were asked why they worshipped the idols. They said, we don’t worship them, we use them to get closer to Allah SWT. Believe it or not, those people actually believed in Allah. But used the idols as their wasilah.

    What has the world come to where people are now actually using humans as Wasilah. The Prophet warned us that near the end days, the days of Jahilliyah will return.

    May Allah SWT protect us.

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