Obama Hid 'gay life' to Become President by Jerome Corsi

2 responses to “Obama Hid 'gay life' to Become President by Jerome Corsi”

  1. Assalamu Alaikum –

    I’m trying to figure out what value a post like this brings to your blog. Can you shed some light on why you chose to run it?

    Thank you,

    • Salaam, Bisexuality and Libertarianism are hallmarks of upper degree Freemasonry and the inner circles of Black Magicians (Magi) who govern the governors of the world. Initiation into homosexual activity is also a Hallmark of the Merovigian blood line which has roots in Sodom, Gommorah and the Danite tribe of ancient Israel that was cast out of Israel for such crimes and for Baal worship, which is part of the Dionysian Mystery System along with libertarianism; both the latter became incorporated in the Roman Emperor cult and inner circles of the ruling Senators, etc. along with Human Sacrifice. – oz

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