Gog & Magog by Dr. Omar

20 responses to “Gog & Magog by Dr. Omar”

  1. @ Hassan – I’ve tried to tell my family members, neighbours and friends. Most, if not all, just cannot fathom what I have said. They do not want to comprehend what I have said. Like Dr Omar has said in his tweets, cognitive dissonance (sp?) ….

    • Yes, i have received such responses as well, we can only share and spread. Allah chooses whom he chooses to reveal to. Insyaallah your, family, neighbours and freinds may gain hidayah from Allah swt

  2. What utter rubbish. Anyone with any understanding of history will see the glaring errors. The rest are conspiracy theories that can never be proven, hence anyone is free to say whatever he pleases in the name of research and proof. There are plenty of other quakes like him who have said strange things before. The whole thing is laughable.

  3. Assalam.I. May Allah bless you and gives you appropriate reward for your work.It doesn’t matter if someone rejects your views. Unless Allah helps no one can appreciate the truth.

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