Verified Warnings From Former U.S. Presidents About the “Invisible Government” Running the U.S.

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  1. In my view, what the above officials perceived as “invisible government” (IG) is a purely American entity. It has had the concepts “Bilderberg” and “Illuminati” suggestingly equated in public communication with the concept of IG in order to misleadingly mask itself and to discredit any international authority limiting and threatening its power. In case of the existence of a real World Government, there would be similar remarks coming from non-US politicians as well. The United States IG is international in its ambitions: it would like to rule the whole world. However, I think, there may be, for example, hundreds of millions of African humans who would long for its rule – corrupt as it is – instead of war, insecurity, poverty, poor human rights and under-development.

    I suppose, there can be established a conceptual connection between the USIG and the South-African Afrikaner Broederbond, that had the apartheid there introduced, maintained and then abolished. That was the prevailing South-African IG during apartheid. Its conspirative structure may resemble that of the USIG. However, it is more nationalist and probably less rapacious than the USIG.

    In my hypothesis, each people has an IG. Their ideology is probably the following: “Why should we live only in conformity with their laws? Let’s make and try to enforce our own laws and policies.” For example, the Russian IG is presently personalized and represented by the Russian President, and it is just having war on Ukraine waged, having been eroded the economy of Russia and Europe, first of all. Further, the Hungarian IG – presently visualized chiefly with the Prime Minister – has had the EU and US politically challenged, and had its own party Constitution and laws shuffled into the Hungarian state. Unlike the USIG, the European IGs are primarily ethnically-nationally, and only subordinately financially motivated, and their purpose is to keep on ruling, and aquire more and more power by manipulating such IG-puppet political figures. I know the South African IG as being the only soundly disclosed IG so far.

    The IGs have always been the major trouble-makers of this planet. In Europe, they waged wars for centuries, just for the sake of their rule. In America, the USIG, in defense of the wealth of its members from communist nationalization and Democratic taxes, and making its appearance before the public with the mask of some Republican politicians partly transforming the Congress into a political puppet-show, among many others had the McCarthyism introduced, had the war on Vietnam waged, and it sentenced two or three Kennedy’s to death. It seems not to be interested in the natural development of the American civil society, as more and more prosperous humans can less and less be ruled. This is why I think it had public funds detracted from society by having 9/11 and different “wars on terrorism” engineered, and last but not least it had the American people prevented from enjoying a social insurance system like that of Canada.

    Metaphorically speaking, the IGs can be represented as hydras or dinosaurs. Accordingly, this is how the present World Order looks like: we have three Tyrannosaurus Rexes, which are lurking behind and partly using the powerful states of Russia, China and, respectively, the USA, each for its more or less selfish interests; we also have a great number of dinos of smaller differing sizes; they create “international tensions” among themselves; sometimes they get at waging wars against one another, with the financial and bodily compulsory support of the peace-loving humans.

    The existence and actions of IGs are not always illegal, immoral and harmful. One thing that can be done in self-defense is making them more and more visible by conducting research, writing and talking about them. In this way, they will not likely cease to exist and act, (the South African IG has been getting on well even disclosed) but at least one may cherish the hope that they will remain within the limits of legality and morality.

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