Malaysia Atrocious Corruption Microcosm of Failing State /

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  1. Well said.

    The days of Malay and Muslim Terrorist rule by UMNO and Barisan National are over!!

    We have the support of the US, UK , Israel, Europe and all the free, democratic nations on earth!!

    We took singapore!!

    We have Penang!!

    Tomorrow, we will take Putrajaya!!!

    All non-muslims unite and destroy this filthy racist anti-semitic, homophobic islam once and for all and remove this islamic scum from Malaysia!!!

    Vote Anwar Ibrahim!!!

    Vote Lim Kit Siang!!

    Vote Ambiga!!

    On to Putrajaya!!!

    • Dear Sir,

      The above comment does not gel with either theme or the intent of this website!

      However, it does expose the heterogenous (to say the least) nature of the Malaysian opposition.



      • Dear Sir,

        I would appreciate your expert views on the following organisation and the possible National Security threat they may pose to our belover country:

        Malaysian Defence League


        Please See their mission statement below:

        There can’t be a moderate Islam just as there is no such thing as healthy disease or sensible insanity. Islam is extreme. To fight Islamic extremism you have to fight Islam. There is no middle ground. Either you eradicate Islam or Islam will eradicate you. The choice is yours.

        Malaysian Defence League is a local human rights group that is inspired from English Defence League (EDL) that has a special focus on local issues concerning Islam in Malaysia.

        Disclaimer: we presently have no official association with EDL nor do we have any official endorsement from officers of EDL (yet). For official statement and information on EDL, please visit – We do now 😉

        We at Malaysian Defence League share the similar goals with English Defence League. However, considering the political nature of Malaysia as a constitutional Islamic nation, we integrate special goals and strategy to realistically act as a representative voice in the Malaysian society for an alternative opinion about the real dynamics of Islam in the Malaysian society – uncensored.

        Malaysian Defence League has a goal to systematically limit the power of Islam in the dictates of judiciary and social dynamics of Malaysia while promoting basic human rights according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) as our standard guideline. We believe in true democracy and we strongly condemn ideologies that promote or attempt to exercise totalitarian, dictatorship, violent militant regime such as political Islam.

        We believe in freedom of choice and freedom of religion and that each individual has his/her own birthright to choose to profess the religion he/she wishes and chooses to express. And thus we promote these values, honoring individual rights before any collective community rights (ex. Islamic community/the ummah).

        Islam is an evil totalitarian political ideology pretending to be a religion. The only reason Islam manages to stand today is due to the western empathy to accept this eastern ideology while Islam confronts the world as a wolf under a sheepskin.

        As it is in Malaysia, we aim to dismantle syariah court and social powers that Islam imposes to the people of Malaysia, be it Muslims and non-Muslims, by the following methods:
        ■Telling the truth about Islam
        ■Exercising our basic human right to freedom of expression and fighting against censorship
        ■Supporting and encouraging apostates of Islam (murtads) to stand tall and to not be intimidated by Islam
        ■Peaceful demonstrations to raise awareness about the true nature of Islam in the Malaysian society
        ■Being a representative voice in Malaysia about the problem of Islam in Malaysia
        ■Providing a place for an honest public dialogue to discuss and debate about Islam between Muslims, non-Muslims, murtads, muallafs, and those investigating to embrace the Islamic faith

        Malaysian Defence League is a non-political, and non-profit organization. We express our cause through a single-issue debate that is taboo in the Malaysian society and often censored by the Malaysian government.

        We support the following local communities, individuals, and causes:
        Malaysian Christian Defence League
        Murtads in Malaysia and Singapore
        Kelab Taat Suami
        Makcik Hajjah Sitt Al-Wuzara
        The Anti-Jihadist
        Malaysian Atheists Organization

        Please also enlighten us of the possible links that exist between this Foreign/Israeli inspired
        anti-muslim hate group and other destabilization groups in particularly BERSIH and the so called ‘Malaysian Opposition’

        Thank you and Salam.

        Love your work!

  2. Salaam To All,

    I have read this statement from the MDL and determine it is nothing short of an ‘act of war’. Hence, this group must be considered an ‘enemy’ of Islam and treated as such. But, taking this a step further, it is also a declaration of ‘loyalty’ to the UN, which, as all should know, is an arm of the Zionist NWO — also an enemy to all men who seek to follow common sense — what Muslims call fitrah.

    The group should be officially censored and any ex-patriot members expelled from the country.


    Dr. Omar Zaid, M.D.

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