Jews And Gentiles Living Together In America From 1900 To 1939

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    • Hello Derreck … the Deist position is one that singularly agrees with Hindus, in that ‘Yes, there’s a God’ but after He created everything, he went away ad left it up to us’ … in a nut shell. Not quite the Monotheist position is it? Anyway, and unfortunately, the present ‘god’ of most Jews is, in fact, Lucifer, the the supreme Zionist, Fascist thug of thugs. Hardly a candidate for the companions of either Jesus or even Moahamad (PBUT). You will note that the US Preamble and Constitution do not ‘NAME’ their god, again which is Lucifer, the god of the Freemasonic (Caballa) enlightenment, according to the signers of the declaration(1/3rd were Masons) and all the Satanic cum Fascist regalia of both the cult and US icons, including the dollar bill. Most unfortunately, Americans do not comprehend the real nature of the switch and swindle and actually think they serve God & Country by bombing innocents to preserve the precious Liberty they really do not have. So, I hope you can see that this ‘My God is your God too’ remark doesn’t really ring true and has become another meme of the NWO mind-control gang who also preach unconditional love — another Satanic falacy — I mean, after all, if divine love were unconditional, hell wold have no purpose. Kind Regards, dr omar

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