Gay Muslim men have marriage blessed in France

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  1. Though not a Muslim i can understand the feelings of those Muslims who keep true to Allah and the true ways of marriage and relationships that does not mean that we should persecute those who trangress those laws but that we must ensure that male and female relationships are the priority

  2. it is so hard to get married and girl doesn t want sex,two solution for young muslim, masturbate themselve, watch porn film or become gay, thats the reality because nobody teach them to get married young , it is hard to stay moraly clean, the only way is the pornographic movies

  3. Salaam Aleykum Dr. Zaid,

    More disturbing news. There was a similar story last year on BBC about two women demanding the right to a ‘religious marriage ceremony’ inside a mosque in the UK. They were equally encouraged by other ‘Muslims’ to follow their desires and ignore the ‘homophobic dictates’ of their religious commandments. The worse issue is that now so-called “imams” are increasingly succumbing to the external pressures and encouraging people with same-sex attractions to act on their feelings. And then there are “gay imams” too who openly profess their corrupt values in public and engage in physical relationships with the same sex, while calling themselves ‘Muslims’.

    These are surely signs of the end. May Allah protect us.

  4. The final time is surely within a hairs breadth of us now. Islam is being abandoned by the Muslims – wholesale! and like the dust of riba, the dust of abandonment is surely touching us all. We are the trash at the end of the 80 or so generations which have passed since the prophet(saw) gave us the ultimate code of life.

    I have just caught Nida’s last sentence. It is not coincidence that we (and I presume you Dr O.) can plainly see the writing on the wall. I am sure it will take almost all by surprise. Even the strong Muslim will be decieved and follow the way of the dajjal This I posit is abundantly visible when one looks at the so called “leaders” we have today.

    May Allah forgive us for what we have done and protect us from what is unfolding.

    A chill ran through my spine from 9m:29s on one certain part.

  5. Salam OZ!
    So after reading some of the replies… WTH man haha.. Looks like no one but me read the editors note or understands what he’s trying to communicate by posting this article… but umm he’s definitely NOT supporting this “couple”. I can’t believe I have to spell this out.. maybe I missed something 😲🤔.
    Correct me if I’m wrong. Unbelievable lol

    • Sorry I thought the posts directly under the article were posted by Zaidpub readers I was shocked!! Misunderstanding.
      These two posts can be deleted. (I thought readers from this site were giving them blessings and congratulating them)

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