"Tch, tch, Poor Jews! poor-poor Jews" — The Medieval Genesis of the NWO's Elite – by Dr. Omar Zaid

6 responses to “"Tch, tch, Poor Jews! poor-poor Jews" — The Medieval Genesis of the NWO's Elite – by Dr. Omar Zaid”

  1. What about the gold and silver and all diamond etc….. Is it a tale or is it true that the pope control the monney?

    • Salaam Mounir,

      Through various of these societies, most of the gold reserves are certainly controlled. But it is a mistake to say that the “Pope” controls them, because, like Obama or the Queen, he is a figurehead who is, in turn, controlled by others, and in particular here, the Jesuits.

      • So, the Jesuit are simply a catholic order , they couldn’t be everywhere?
        The Patriarcat in Moscow is not controlled by the jesuit ?
        The question is what’s the jesuit influences in the modern society?

        • They are far more influential than people imagine. History records their black hearted arts in almost every nation, and the headsof state throughout the last 500 years have lamented their presence. They are not only disguised as priests, and they are much more than merely Catholic. You would do well to read up on them.

          Dr. Omar

  2. Salam Doctor Zaid

    What is the black magic influences in our modern society if so ?

    Do they ( the jesuit ) govern obama? Or the europe parliament?
    How people can understand if no explanation, all is hidden like the messonery lodges,etc…..

    King regards

    Wa salam Aleykoum

    • The Black Magic is achieved through symbolism that cause subliminal suggestions that then undermine ‘free will’ … e.g. the pentagram is everywhere, even on Islamic Flags, and this gives it a legitimacy that people fail to question. It is just accepted, however, it is a symbol that attracts certain jinn and the powers that they have and suggests social conformity of will and deed.

      As for the Jesuits, they are everywhere and have greater influence over mankind’s affairs than people realize or even think possible.

      wasalaam dr omar

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