Muslims, Education, Pakistan: An Analysis With Hope

4 responses to “Muslims, Education, Pakistan: An Analysis With Hope”

  1. You are well-meaning, no doubt. Unfortunately you still have not grasped that no religious (revealed!) system can even remotely compete with the modern scientific worldview (especially modern molecular biology, a.o.).
    We are all somewhat brainwashed by our upbringing and it is extremely difficult to let go of an (utterly wrong, even evil) system such as Islam, if that system has been implanted (often in a brutal way) in one’s brain from an early age. Unfortunately Islam cannot be reformed in order to be compatible with the findings of science. The discrepancies are just too enormous. Only total eradication of Islam can bring hope to Pakistan and the world.

  2. Great, brilliant stuff by Mr. Meinhaj Hussain. I hope he is still with PTI, standing up to question the corrupt rulers of Pakistan. One point for the readers of this brilliant piece.

    I would just like to state my opinion, that too much blame has been put on Imam Ghazzali in this piece. Yes, he stood up to the Islamic philosophers who were using logic but he was not against logic at all. He was simply saying that logic is not the whole. Logic without the grasps of its limitations alludes that logic is flawless.That is your stumbling block. Like Socrates said the wise man is one who is AWARE that he is unwise.
    In my humble opinion, it was not Al-Ghazzali who said that do not use your logic. We Muslims have been exercising that right for too long to be able to claim it was all because of 1 scholar, or 1 movement.
    Ibn-Sina has good points as well and we, those who are diligent on finding the truth, cannot shun either one of these great scholars. If your reasoning/logic says that you are right and all other logic is wrong, leaving no room for growth or discussion-that is what will stop you from rising. In my opinion, Ghazzali said logic fails at some points, and on those points it is bound to fail. Not to confuse this as a blanket statement.

    The practices of so called “Sufis” in Pakistan & elsewhere, are so appalling today no Sufi saint would have anything to do with them.

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