Gnosticism: The Hidden History of the Secret Church, An Introduction

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  1. I don’t even remember how I came into the gnostic way of life. Other than I’ve been a seeker since childhood. so I suppose it was meant to be. However I’ve been hard pressed to find others or a church so I’ll appreciate all the inclusion I can find. Thanks for your article. Very well said..enjoyed thoroughly
    Thanks for your time

  2. Thank you for the time it took to put this together. What it demonstrates when understood properly is the destruction of the orthodox church by occultists. This was the reason for the strict adherancy of the catholic church. It has been being infiltrated by gnosgics/occultists since its inception. By doing this and splintering the orthodox church it was destroyed . Whether one believes this is a noble and justifiable thing would be opinion. I believe it to be disastrous as in doing so they destroyed the only institute that ever stood up to the Jewish powers. Now see where we are? Thankyou gnostics, jesuits, opus dei, masonry, rosy cross, reformists, luciferians Templars, Knights of Malta and on and on as anyone that studies this subject knows these names.Now we will have a luciferian NWO as explained by David Spangler of the United Nations enslaving humanity. The church has done some atrocious things in protecting itself and many times were ordered by the infiltrators who appeared to be the Church. In doing so, giving it a bad reputation. This ecuminism continues today under the false church which no one can deny is run and completely taken over by the groups mentioned above. Rome has no authority anymore over the faith as it was ordered to be transferred to Fatima in 1944 and was done discreetly but in public although most are not aware. A new church was to be established but most of the parishioners are not aware and continue in the luciferian Vatican 11 church with its restructured luciferian rites and those who understand to some extent these luciferian rites point the finger at the false church that was created and rightfully point at the false church as being luciferian/satanic not aware that it is not the True Orthodox church at all. The subversion continues today into the Fatima movment as they know who is TRULY GOD and tries to confuse the message of OUR LADY( who is not mary of the Jewish bible). The only thing the gnostics had right was that the old testament lord god was NOT in fact GOD. However, they want the adversary to be the focus creating their NWO at the expense of sacrifice of the Orthodox church and the faithful who just do not understand this complex subject. If they ever completely pull this off, billions of innocent people are to die at their hands. GOD does not command human sacrifice or bloodletting of living creatures, only a demon would do such. To help understand what I am trying to say, please watch the very short video I am about to post here desperately from September 2015 from the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem. In my opinion, True Islam and all forms of Christianity ( whether orthodox or not) as well as any other faith, need to realize the common enemy and destroy it before it destroys us. I do not blame the average Protestant for doing what they have been manipulated to do without their understanding nor do I have animosity towards True Islam and believe it to be a peaceful faith when not manipulated by the enemy we have in common. I must ask though of you knowing you to be good man, does TRUE ISLAM believe that the Jewish texts were altered by the scribes and pharisees that produced the Masoretic texts as the Karaites do? Nor do I have animosity for Karaites.My best man is one and I know a very honorable Karaite Rabbi whom has taught me much as well. It is rabbinical Judaism that is to blame(Cha bad Lubavitch). These people are dangerous as hell and very powerful. Please watch video. Thanks again for post. I just find it hard to believe that anyone could believe that the beast described in the Jewish bible (old testament) could be GOD.

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