Spermatophagia: The Tantric Eucharist — The Truth About The Catholic Communion Rite

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  1. I’m very discouraged because I looked up to the Masons, and found out The 33rd Master MASON, Knights Templar, was 100% unfaithful to me and lied, deceived, psychologically played me for a fool. He has dealings with young black girls gets them OUT of jail, and spends lots of money on prostitutes, crack whores and all deviates of low life as far as he can go sexually. He lost me. Lebuffington

    • Most of those who have made it that far were chosen because of sociopathic tendencies … The crux of the system is Satanic, both philosophically and spiritually. It’s basis is Talmudism’s occult aspect found in the false Cabala . There is a true oral tradition, but these do not possess it … they only think they do. It is a delusion G-d grants them until death runs its cold course, far from the love of G-d Whom they spurned when the took up the apron. I am glad you are found … it is good that such a one loses you, forever. Allah be praised. – oz

  2. No one can deny that the Freemasons have overrun the entire christian faith. It gas been done by way of the deceptive books known as the bible and has been the intent from its origin. It is filled with dualities, deceptions, contradictions in order to get the reader to deny Deum Jesum Christum. It has been going on since the sons of the devil had him crucified. CHRIST IS GOD. Is the one portrayed in the NT books in this deceptive literature known as the bible him? Not likely as one can never disprove CHRIST to be GOD using the verses found in this book without denying him. Freemasons are everywhere and control everything. So if CHRIST is not GOD, why are they so determined to destroy his religion? The old testament lord god us Satan (Elias) the adversary and the Jewish encyclopedia even states this. So, no offense but if one believes that the old testament lord god and Allah are one in the same then you are simply Satan worshippers. Who cares if Christianity is a made up religion as so is Judaism and some one needed to destroy it.Unfortunately , by way of deception the liars are winning. Hail “OUR LADY” full of grace. GOD is with thee. OUR LADY IS GOD. If not, please explain Fatima. She has shown us how to preserve the One True Faith through her messages and it does not require the freemasonic run Vatican. All authority was transferred long ago by “OUR LADY” and done publicly as well. The freemasonic Vatican does not represent the faith anymore for true orthodox Christians, only those who do not understand the faith still believe this. Pew warmers. For those who know the truth, Rome, the Vatican and the entire hierachy of the masons represent us. o more than Yahweh or Allah or Satan represent us. It is the reason that the masonic world hates and tries to destroy the only true faith. That in itself should be enough proof for anyone with a CHRIST given brain. Use it!!!! Also, OUR LADY is NOT MARY of the bible regardless of what those who do not understand think or what the Freemasons, Jesuits, opus dei or anyone else tells the world. The holy spirit is NOT THE HOLY GHOST either. Just more subversion by the above groups. It is well documented. I certainly do not see the above groups attacking any other Christian faiths. Why? because they already believe the masonic lie and worship Satan Yahweh by default of their doctrine. They are the enemy, those pew warmers just do not understand that they themselves are the attackers, dupes received by pastors, priests etc. that are in fact destroying the faith for their satanic masters unknowingly with their heresy. They will not listen to truth though as they are mind controlled. Very sad indeed.

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