Malaysian Political Corruption (Asia Sentinel)

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  1. If there was no God, no accountability, no judgment day, no punishment…. I would want to do it too, I imagine. So question is: do these people really believe in God and the last day? I doubt it.

    • Salaam Dear Brother,

      Many, I am sure do not believe, as they are products of Jesuit and or British finishing schools. What is troubling here is also is that many of these folk are actually ‘tempting God’ by depending on the Prophet’s final intercession for a ‘get out of hell card so to speak’; or they are depending on balancing their evil with good deeds. As for the latter, I was astonished to discover many Malays counting their blessings according to certain numbers of recitations etc. This is a bit like Buddhists who buy ‘merit’ or Catholics who purchase indulgences.

      Overall, a very sad state of affairs that incapacitates the ummah’s otherwise stupendous potential.


      dr omar

    • Salaam,
      An interesting and perhaps ‘prophetic’ cognomen you have chosen. I think the lesson here is down with corruption or even down with ostentatious sanctimony. But down with Malays is a desirable outcome to have on anyone’s eternal record. However, it is an honest reflex.

      dr o

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