Time for a Little Muslim Bashing

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  1. Peace, Yet with all this worldly knowledge and success the Zionists (most of them are very successful Jews) do not have wisdom to be fair even with their fellow countrymen in Palestine. This worldly success has gotten into their ego that has deluded them they are the chosen, and the Palestinians as cockroaches. Yet my fellow Muslims admire the material success of those who cannot do not justice to others, and continue to praise the success of the Jews. Perhaps when the hammering comes on Pakistan from America and it’s allies (Britain, India and Israel) the author of this article will wake up and come to his senses and begin to ask the right questions.

    My question is how will all this worldly success avail these successful people (worldly sense) on the Day of Judgement if they did not believe in One Almighty God and work towards establishing His (Most High) framework of Justice.

    I would further add that success of a community comes not from technological advances but from its moral base, and that moral base for Muslims comes from the Qur’an and the Seerah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). This is the reason why Muslims societies were stable and progressed, not because they were so technologically advanced.

    I would like to remind the original author that the Prophet (pbuh) was not educated in the worldly sense, but he (pbuh) was taught by the Almighty Himself and based on that he (pbuh) established the most Just civilization on the face of the Earth, ever.

    Because of veering away from their mission of Godly Justice, the Muslims have lost in their position in this world and ‘nearly the next world’. I say nearly because Allah SWT has promised that in the end Islam will be the dominant way of life again. So do not despair by looking at the condition of the Muslims. We are going through the birth0-pains of Islam just, as a gem (like diamond) is created under intense pressure and temperature. Therefore, if anything we Muslims to re-learn and apply the fine balance between Mercy and Justice that still with us (Qur’an and Seerah of the Prophet (pbuh), and then begin to practice it. Only then the world will not misunderstand what is Islam and Muslims. So let us return to what has been given to us by none other than Almighty Himself, and establish justice for all.

    On the other hand the non-Muslims cannot achieve the fine balance between Mercy and Justice because there is no concept of true humility (before The Almighty) as they attribute their success to their own brains and bodies. Therefore, this arrogance will lead the elite and successful amongst to dominate the rest of society because ‘they know better what is good for the rest of society’. And in their arrogance they will trample of others rights, and find ways to justify why they should enjoy more of the resources and luxuries of the world than the one’s who are not as smart.

    This will lead to a world where the have’s rule over the have-not’s. So what kind of Justice would that lead to? I leave it to my Ph.D.-titled original author and fellow Muslim to ruminate over these thoughts. Do you see the need for universal justice for all, and not just one class of society? This is a reminder for me as much as it is a reminder for others. Peace, Syed Hoque

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