Understanding the NWO's Papists & Monarchists (Black Nobility), Part I: The Treaty of Verona

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  1. On the authenticity of this ‘Secret Treaty’, perhaps you would like to know what academic historians have written about it:

    Author(s): T. R. Schellenberg
    Source: The Journal of Modern History, Vol. 7, No. 3 (Sep., 1935), pp. 280-291

    “EXCELLENT example of how the most flimsy legends
    are handed faithfully down from generation to
    generation and how these finally distort the perspective
    regarding a whole series of events can be found in the
    Secret Treaty of Verona, a forged document supposedly signed
    by the Austrian, Russian, Prussian, and French representatives
    at the congress of Verona on November 22, 1822”

    • Salaam and thank you for that. When I have the time I will review the subject. However, I must note that many such claims have been made, especially by “Academics” following the Scholastic modalities as set by England and the Rothschild cum Jesuit molds out of Tavistock as well as the American Historical Association — just ask Sir Antony Sutton. It is one of their specific tasks to debunk anything smacking of a conspiracy in order to protect their tenure and retirement plan by shielding their sponsors from scrutiny.

      Regards, Dr. Zaid

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