4 responses to “WE BLESS THEE ISRAEL — by Mark Beck”

  1. So, all this is why they can lament: “Oh, Jerusalem, if I should forget thee let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth…”
    Also, there are some Jews living comfy in America away from the hell of war that the especially present Israel had become, who are of the opinion that God had meant America to be or become the New Israel!
    Yeah, the dude with the sticker on his car should have finished the quotation: “…and I will curse those who curse thee…”

  2. What the Zionists in Israel are doing now to the Palestinians and all the others around their British-created little state, is what Joshua and their fornicating king David should have done buy the direct command of God – not to kill their brothers (Palestinians and other Muslim countries are their brothers whether they want to know it or not) but purge the land from the pagan societies and cultures in that area during those times. But David would rather sit at home looking idly through his palace window and then killing a man to get at his wife.
    Just so is the present Israel doing: using the firepower of other nations to do their dirty work. Israel, be warned: God (your God, YHVH too) is not sleeping. Beware the day when he decides enough is enough!

  3. The quotation mentioned in the article (Genesis 12:2-4 in the Christian bible) was spoken by God to Abraham, the father of both Isaac and his progeny the Jews and Ishmael and his progeny the Arabs who have now become such a thorn in the side of the Jews.

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