The Perversion of Touch: Sexual Magic & War

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  1. Assalamualaikum!!,Dr Omar.I respect what you’ve said.This is,in my opinion,a very important and powerful message.Many Muslims still don’t realise this!!.

  2. Assalam alaikum,
    dr. omar. I know you through vids from Sheikh imran hosein.
    I used to be an atheist in my teens. Those thoughts come back to haunt me sometimes. I always wondered, this world is a proof of the existence of Allah… Is there a proof for the existence of Satan, the angels and the jinn. I somehow cant trust the Quranic story of Adam and iblis to be correct, although i try making myself to believe in it.
    You have an extensive work on this. Can you direct me Somewhere.

    Gratefully yours,

    • Salaam,

      There are no objective proofs other than subjective experience. I have experienced all three realms, although I doubt it was Satan himself I ran across over the years. I suggest that you read some of my work, in which the reasoning is made clear, especially for the existence of evil (via men’s actions). If objective proof was forthcoming, there would be no need for faith. This is where reasoning and revelation come into play. If you discount the latter, you are left only with reasoning, which is, on it’s own, insufficient to prove anything without subjective experience, and even that falls short of revelation, which is why the scriptures are necessary. For the last 300 years we have subjected the world to reason alone almost entirely, which is destroying it, and us along with it.
      Al’Ghazaali had the same dilemma and went on 10 odd years of meditation in search of an answer that only brought full circle but made him a better man and witness of the truth. You should read him, more than me.

      Wasalaam, dr omar

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