GMOs: The Little Known War Against Humanity

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  1. Dear Dr. Zaid
    I like your GMO tpics.
    We human should not do too much artificial things.
    I miss the spring in midwest, USA since Year 2003 I have been in Malaysia for 8 years. Rain makes grains.
    Reality is, Grain giants make grains, am I correct?

    Shukry Matsumoto
    Hunafa member, TTDI

    • Salaam Brother,

      Yes, that is the growing reality unless ASEAN and other nations awaken soon. In the West it is already too late.

      Dr. Omar

      • Salaam Dr. Zaid

        Thanks for the reply.
        They insist, under the name of feeding more poor popuration , higher yielded crops save the earth.

        Should we believe this ? If not, which scientific reference prooves that GMO is dangerous? Actually so far I have not met a critical reference.

        What kind of actions shall we take to contribute to save each plant & animal…… and also the Earth environmemnt ?

        Could we fight agaist the Glain giants without eating GMO?

        Allow my poor understandings….. if I have mistaken.

        At the close of another year, we gratefully take time to wish you a happy holiday season and prosperous new year

        Thank you very much

        • Salaam Shukry,
          I believe there are several references noted at the bottom of the post. As for what to do?? One must rely on God’s directions and gifts to yourself and those with whom you are placed in life. There is always a limit to what one can do, but sustainability is the key and what GMOs offer is not sustainable at all. Therefore, I suggest you consult with those trained and knowledgeable in Permaculture. It’s not really about fighting Shukry, it’s about doing one’s best and for the right reasons; that’s what makes for a peaceful death.

          May Allah grant you guidance and refuge and all the best for this new year. Check Shaykh Hassans websites, they are full of guidance and valuable practical knowledge.

          Regards and Wasalaam,

          dr omar

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