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A few years ago, I had my Russian Chief Engineer requesting all his balance of wages in big currency notes. He had NOT been sending his monthly allotments, like the other officers.

So while paying him off, I was constrained to ask him, what is the plan? How does he ever hope to take more than 50K US dollars , without getting nabbed. You must remember that every cent is hard earned. There is NO easy money at sea, especially on Chemical Tankers.

 He showed me his abdomen pouch belts and leg straps. I felt sad for him. He was NOT confident of the banks back home. They could just shut down and disappear. It was he who told me about the Russian Mafia, which was basically Jewish- and most of the big guns had Israeli passports,
visa rules are to facilitate drug runners and criminals, who are on the run.  Zionists use Russian Jewish hitmen .
Let us talk about Goa , in India. Today all are crying about the Russian mafia, holding benami land, running drugs , running guns, running whore houses with blue eyed beauties –and nobody can do a jack to them, as they have the top politicians and police in their palms. They have opened out foreign bank accounts , for these desh-drohis, and knew how to twist their arms. Worst case scenario,they would just kill them and their entire families. There is NO way out , once you get involved with drug mafia.
Today Goa is used as a hub to produce and market drugs like CK-1 pills ( Calvin Klein ) and  Ecstasy pills .. CK1 pills reach all the huge university campuses , like Manipal Town of India, and go as far as Delhi Bangalore, and Chennai.  CK1 pills are also known as Blizzard. CK1 is readily available in Candolim, Baga, Calangute, Anjuna, Vagator and Arambol. These synthetic drugs are also exported back to India at higher rates.

The police raids rave parties and get these pills, and they do know that these drugs come from Goa. Like how Bangkok is for perverted flesh tourism, Goa will soon be the drug tourism destination– it is already probably No 3 destination on the planet. Most of the Goan CK1 pills go abroad.

In the traffic of ecstasy, one can say for certain that the Jewish mafia holds a monopoly.. A pill of ecstasy gives a feeling of strength and well-being for a few hours, but it is above all a veritable chemical garbage bin. Its long-term effects are alarming because irreversible: memory loss; behavioral, sleep, and concentration problems; brain lesions in the children of druggie mother.

The premier producer is Holland, but the big traffickers who were arrested ten years ago in France, Belgium, the United States, or Australia, all have Israeli passports. The business of ecstasy is 100% in the hands of Jewish gangsters.
The couriers of these pills are young girls in the age range of 16 to 18. The Indian law has been accommodated to facilitate these your girl couriers. There can be NO life imprisonment or death penalty. The moment a young Christian girl or Jewish girl is arrested, and body searched –immediately.  They hide these pills in the orifices of their body in condoms and lubricated chargers.Trojan horses like foreign funded NGOs will jump into the fray, crying foul about human rights.  Most of our TV and media are all funded by Zionist Jews. These journalists are mercenaries and NOT patriots.
CBI should investigate and find out who are these Ministers in the Goa govt and the Police officers who are in the mafia pay roll. The ones who are too deep into the drug facilitation business and afraid that their cars will be booby trapped, or they will die in auto accidents. These desh-drohis should be jailed and the keys thrown away into the Arabian sea. The average local Goan knows who these filthy rich ministers and policemen are. if necessary the army should be used in mufti.
Even if a local Goan gives secret information to the police, the mafia gets to know withing the hour. And then they will arm twist them to silence.  Local policemen should be transferred every 3 months, as a rotation policy. It is NOT a difficult job to unearth black money in Goa.
Goa is now the place where International criminals come to cool their heels, till they do another heist job. Entire villages have been bought by benami means. Here the shack signs which sell drugs are in Russian.

If you are too inquisitive you will be quietly threatened with dire consequences. And mind you– these people kill. The areas where drugs are manufactured and wholesaled , is OUT OF BOUNDS even to the locals.

All the police have to do is to find large quantities of currency in these shacks–to pin them. The immigration should have a database on who all have expired visas. More hidden cameras must be installed, like the way they do in London. Tourists with Israeli passports should be finger printed and cornea printed.
Bollywood industry extras who dance in the background are mostly escort girls. Out door locations and foreign jaunts are the time when each film unit member shacks up with a extra.  Hotel room to hotel room, nobody gets to know, including their wives and children back home.
There are a few genuine dancers who do NOT sell their body too. Same way every Russian is NOT mafia. There are respectable tourists who come here because they feel welcome in  India, and they like our culture. Of course we have Russian nuclear technicians and army advisers, who hold proper identity cards and work permits.

But anybody carrying huge amounts of currency is NOT respectable. They are here for something else.

 I have commanded several ships , with Russian officers and crew. Generally strength and strong arm tactics is the only thing they respect. Sweetness is mistaken as weakness.
In Goa the number of tourists exceed the number of locals–with 1.75 million tourists per year ,out of which 40% are Russian. Their entire culture has been corrupted. This is the reason why, in Kerala we do NOT allow tourists to overrun our beaches-which are far more beautiful than Goan beaches.


They have a free run on this planet because they are heavily sponsored. Ex-Soviet organized crime in Israel began with the mass immigration of Russian Jews to Israel in 1989

AIPAC of USA has a whole Jewish Russian mafia arm. Even US presidents are wary about this. This mafia is professional unlike the Sicilian mafia who went around with pathetic knives and garrots. They know how to cover their tracks–and the worst part is that they have just got started. And they have sponsors in high places. These sponsors include Hollywood and the Zionist held media.

 Because the Russian mob is mostly Jewish, it is a political hot potato, especially in the New York area. In general, state and federal law enforcement agencies were loath to go after Russian mobsters, who were shielded by AIPAC , instead devoting their energies to bagging Italian wise guys, a traditional route to promotion.”

Some years back, a movie was released called Casino, starring Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci. Concerning itself with the takeover of Las Vegas, the film depicted Mr. Rothstein (played by the Jewish DeNiro) as the suave and successful entrepreneur, and Pesci as the typical Italian wiseguy, brash and insolent. Of course, the purpose of the movie was to absolve Jewish organized crime and transfer all blame to Italian mobsters. The opposite was true.

The CIA has commented that there is no “major Russian mob figure that does not carry an Israeli passport.”

The Anti-Defamation League, and the AIPAC has a long history of cozy associations with Jewish crime bosses and with the FBI, giving the Jewish pressure group a great advantage in pulling the necessary strings to shelter the most important of the Jewish gangsters from prosecution.

The state of Israel is a major factor in the rise and power of the Jewish mafia.  Jewish drug dealers, child porn pushers and slave traders are free from prosecution in Israel. Israel does not consider these to be crimes, again, so long as the victims are non-Jews.

The power of the Jews in America is so great that any serious investigation into Jewish crime will see shrill attacks from every major media outlet in America.

Therefore, one will see a television program like The Sopranos about Italian mobsters, but one will never see the same program featuring Jewish mobsters.

Punch into google search WHITE SLAVERY-VADAKAYIL. What money and extortion cannot achieve , young underage blue eyes and golden haired beauties who will do perverted sex acts, will buy.

The so-called “cocaine triangle,” for instance, involves a combination of Colombian drug barons, Israel-Jewish money launderers and Jewish-Russian mafiosi. The Colombians funnel the cash, the Israelis launder it, and the Russians provide the security and muscle.

Israel as an ideal place to launder money, as Israel’s Rothschild banking system was designed to encourage aliyah, the immigration of Jews, and the accompanying capital. Following the trend of global financial deregulation, Israel had also implemented legislation aimed at easing the movement of capital. Combined with the lack of anti-money laundering legislation, “Russian” organised crime found it an easy place to transfer ill-gotten gains.

In the early 1970s the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev opened the gates to limited emigration of Soviet Jews. Among them were hard-core criminals who had served prison sentences in the Gulag. In the two-year period 1972-73, more than 66,000 Russian Jews left their homeland, most of them going initially to Israel. The Israeli “law of return” made it easy for the Jews of the Diaspora to receive Israeli citizenship. Also non-Jews have purchased forged documents that declared them Jews to gain entrance to the country.

I had personally asked dozens of Russians Jews while at Tel Aviv and Haifa- “If Russia plays a soccer match with Israel, whom will you support?”

Pat comes the asnwer ” Russia, of course– we dont care for Israel. We are here to make money !”

The criminals among them quickly entered the Israeli underworld and made their presence known by investing their laundered wealth in Israeli real estate, businesses and banks. By all accounts, Israel has become a haven for the Mafiya and a base for their international operations.

Jewish Russian Mafia is the main Mafia that exists today on this planet: racketeering, prostitution, drug trafficking, arms trading, contraband diamond smuggling, traffic in works of art, murder for hire, organized swindles, armed robberies, etc. Pornography, casinos, and discotheques are also largely held by Jewish gangsters.

Jewish organizations continued to lobby the Justice Department to downplay the threat posed by the Russian mob. ‘The Russian Mafia has the lowest priority on the criminal pecking order,’ admitted FBI spokesman Joe Valiquette during a 1992 interview.

Privatization was a massive looting of Russia’s wealth by the Jews. The Jewish bureaucrats inside the government made “sweetheart” deals with the Jewish mobsters outside the government, who in any case were the only citizens with the capital to buy anything.

 Everything which previously had been owned, in theory, by all the people collectively and managed by the state ended up in the hands of the Jews, and the Russian people had nothing, not even in theory. Instead of becoming more prosperous, the Russian economy has declined every year since the end of communism in 1991. The Russian people have been reduced to a state of beggary.

While Russian and Ukrainian peasants kill one another fighting over a few potatoes in the fields, in Moscow and St. Petersburg and Odessa Jews cruise the boulevards in their Mercedes, wearing diamonds and furs, eating in glitzy restaurants where a meal costs more than a real Russian earns in a month, and patronizing sex clubs stocked with beautiful Russian women.

The Jews aren’t even trying to use the stolen wealth of Russia to get the country back on its feet. Like a plague of locusts they have devoured everything they could, and the rest they have moved out of the country.
Hundreds of billions of dollars of Russia’s capital is taken out of the country every year by the Jews as the looting continues. It’s not just that they want to be the richest people in a rejuvenated, capitalist Russia. Their greed is purely destructive. It’s a grab-and-run operation.
All the Bushites and the Clintonistas cared about was that Yeltsin was the candidate being promoted by the Jews in Russia — and of course, by the Jew-controlled media over here — and so they promoted him too.

The 20th Party Congress then decided to change the family name of Jew Boris Jelzman to Yeltsin … The reason given for this change was that the Russian people would be afraid of the name Jelzman since his grandfather Jelzman had murdered thousands of Russians under Beria.”

There is strong suspicion among common Yanks that the reason the FBI suddenly made a major effort to cripple the Italian Mafia was to make room for the Jews.

International  diamond traders of Antwerp, New York, and Tel-Aviv play a large role in the Jewish mafia, particularly in money laundering.

 Below video– BODY ORGAN HARVESTING is a multi billion dollar industry. The largest harvesting field on this planet, is India.