Editor’s Note: For the most part, what follows is a pictorial essay. Symbols are important to any kind of sorcery and sorcery is the art of imposing one’s will upon another, whether by magic, psychological intimidation or force.  Modern propaganda uses a combination of all three methods. Condign political persuasion also calls for all three modalities, but when that fails the jackals move in after the tear gas clears.

Complete success is impossible because human instinct and the inherent knowledge we are born with as creatures of Allah is stronger than evil; it is what Muslims call fitrah.  Nevertheless, it is surely possible for a majority of folk to stifle their common sense in favor of behaviors that assure physical survival and/or the obtaining of privileges from those who’ve taken power. The might [“powers & principalities”] that holds sway over such a majority is often represented and endorsed by the use of magic in the form of icons. The pentagram is chief among this idolatry and has been for a while.

When I was a young man, I fell in love with a witch at a Catholic sponsored weekly dance but didn’t know until I visited her home.  Her father met me at the door and immediately promised to geld me should I get her “in trouble” but her mother gracefully intervened and ushered me to her room.  There, to my astonishment, she knelt naked on the floor inside a chalked pentagram surrounded by burning candles. She held a dagger with both hands before her bared bosom and was chanting, oblivious to our intrusion. Her mother left us as if it were normal and I just stood there and watched, braced only by my naivete’ and desire.

Hopefully, you will observe the truth of the matter from the rest of this essay.  – oz

An Egyptian Freemasonic Cult (Circa 1949) Convinced they remain Sunni despite
the sedulous erosion of both culture and faith by this obvious assimilation

Freemasonic Jewelry and china

The Bisexual Baphomet (androgyn god) and
the star’s correlation with Uncle Sam Propaganda Posters

Lady Gaga with Baphomet / Goat's Head
Anthroposophical Art, An Esoteric Cult that has clear Freemasonic and Jewish Roots Offering Gnostic Christianity

Where the Pentagram originates as a religious icon and the graves of those who brought it into European Heraldry
Its effect on mind & body
Political mind meld, mesmerized 'sheeple'; the inverted star of the Left Hand Satanic path

Kylie Monique’s Stage Settings and a popular rap artist

Freemasonic Temples (Lodges) below

A Fashion Show: the positioning  of persons at each point of the star
is evidence of an actual public ritual

From Alice in Wonderland: The White Queen's Chair