The modern Westerner, persuaded that he has a right to ‘think for himself’ and imagining that he exercises this right, is unwilling to acknowledge that his every thought has been shaped by cultural and historical influences and that his ‘opinions’ fit, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, into a pattern which has nothing random about it.  – Gai Eaton, Islam and the Destiny of Man.

Goddess of the Ganges

Editor’s Introduction:

Intellectuals such as the revered Joseph Campbell would have us beleive that myths are little more than man’s fanciful desire to build a stairway to meaning. Though there is truth in this construct, it falls short of reality despite the profound renown of this scholar’s impressive work. 

His ‘Perennialism’ is another ‘ism’ imagination that has crept into Montheism, including Islam, that winds its way towards embracing the ancient Dravidian perspective that hails Freemasonic initiates from 10,000 year old caves in ancient Pakistan, as per Albert Pike in his Morals & Dogma.

What I’ve attempted below is to demonstrate yet again that the age-old continuity of false inspirations from reprobate jinn still permeates (were whispered into) man’s consciousness. This has been achieved so concretely that certain of our species devolved sub-human systems of governance that elevated them above the rest with enough ostentation and sanctimony to justify their rape, pillage, murder and cunning removal of our divine patrimony should we not agree with or serve them. Even if we choose the latter avenue of subsistence and as presently certified by Arab Springs and sundry ‘Occupiers’ of false hope, we are subjugated to repression and severe chastisements should we criticize “their” status quo poneocracy.

As you will see below, this would not have been possible without the approval and assistance of a goddess; one who has maintained her position throughout the ages; one who many of us have sacrificed for and even worshipped– many still do.  – oz

The secularized icon used by the present brotherhood represents a goddess whom American cult Initiates call Columbia, thus we have the District of Columbia (Washington DC), Space Shuttle Columbia, Columbia Pictures, etc.

The British magi (e.g. Druids) call her Britannia (immediately below, Diana 2nd left), hence, we have ‘British Columbia’ and the siren call of “Hail Britannia.” The Ancients called her Europa, Semiramis, Ishtar, Anat, Asherah, Isis, Juno, Minerva, Aphrodite, Venus, Athena et al. etc.. and all ‘Trinities’ include or relate to her directly or indirectly.

Note the Lion, we will see that again in another post that deals with the authentic origins of the Catholic Mother Goddess, Cybele.

She is also represented as the Yezidi’s Phoenix Rising (shown below) and the Eye Goddess of NBC’s Peacock which replaced the Phoenix, or the ‘eye’ of CBS (Columbia Broadcasting Systems).

see: The Eye Goddess by OGS Crawford, MacMillan, 1958 [1]

This siren represents the focus of ancient ‘Fertility Cults’ The WTC debacle was actually a public sacrificial ritual representing the death of the Phoenix (old order) out of which the New World Order’s Phoenix will arise or re-incarnate. Even the seashell has come to represents her as Venus or Aphrodite, hence we have ‘Shell Oil’.

Early versions of the Washington Monument are shown below; including a Catholic adaptation of the Egyptian ankh for its ritual vestments. As you can see, these penis parades still take place and are accepted as normal. Even public fornication has returned from its ancient temple reserve.

Most of these goddesses are related to merfolk (half-fish/half-human/half-animal creatures: mermaids, etc. of the Merovingian-Serpent Cult) which relate to the Dagon Cult of Egypt’s worship of the Nile Crocodile. 

Isis, as seen above, prefigured the Catholic Madonna and is of the Egyptian pantheon. She actually represents Sirius, a trinary star system (hence the triune goddess or Three Fates). These correlations with Sirius and Merfolk are prevelent throughout the Merovigian pre- and present history.

The goddess is also represented by an owl such as the Greek logos Sophia (goddess of wisdom); an example of her western migration is Merlin’s Owl from the Grail Legends & King Arthur ( two Kings named Athur have been woven into these legends).

Her use by the Jesuit inspired and run Illuminati is made clear below:

Some Registered Campfire Cult Boys:

James A. Baker III / William F. Buckley, Jr. / G. Bush Sr / GW Bush Jr / Jeb Bush  / Jimmy Carter / Dick Cheney / William Casey / A.W. Clausen, Dir. World Bank Bill Clinton / Francis Ford Coppola / Joseph Coors / Walter Cronkite / Bing Crosby / Clint Eastwood / John Ehrlichman / Dwight Eisenhower / Malcolm Forbes / Gerald R. Ford / Newt Gingrich / Barry Goldwater / Albert A. Gore / Danny Glover / Alan Greenspan / Merv Griffin / Alexander Haig Jr. / William Randolph Hearst Jr. / Charlton Heston / Herbert Hoover / Tom Johnson, Pres. of CNN / Jack Kemp / Robert F. Kennedy / Larry King / Art Linkletter / Henry Kissinger / Jack London / John Major, former Prime Minister of U.K. / Prince Philip Mountbatten (Husband of Queen Elizabeth) / Nathan Myhrvold (Bill Gate’s Founding Partner) / Al Neuharth / Colin Powel / Ronald Reagan / Nelson A. Rockefeller / Theodore Roosevelt / Charlie Rose / Karl Rove / Donal H. Rumsfeld / Helmut Schmid / Arnold Schwarzenegger / H. Norman Schwarzkopf / George P. Shultz / William E Simon / Louis W. Sullivan / William French Smith / William H. Taft / Mark Twain / Paul A. Volcker / Earl Warren / William H. Webster / Caspar Weinberger / Oscar Wilde / Lee Kuan Yew (Singapore’s PM, Ret.) / Micky Hart & Bob Weir, members of the Grateful Dead / Steve Miller (classic-rock musician)  –  see: Mother Jones, August 1981, vol. 6,

Muslims have not escaped the idolatry

Commentary: Luminaries by Omar Zaid

“They are like a man who kindles a flame, and when its glow has illumined the air God takes away their light, leaving them in the dark where they will not be able to see.”   (Sura 2:17)

Freemasonry is deceptive and fraudulent … Its promise is light—its performance is darkness. Freemasons should be totally outlawed!”  (John Quincy Adams, President, 1825-29)

My study of the Book of Genesis caused me to conclude that the events Moses speaks of are actually a re-creation after some unimaginably ancient catastrophe.   The stellar bodies he refers to are allegoric and have nothing to do with our sun or moon as professed by most expositors.  In the original Hebrew, the words translated as ‘sun’ and ‘moon’ literally mean ‘significant’ and ‘insignificant’ luminaries respectively; and furthermore, the prophet says God placed them ‘in the heavens on the ‘fourth’ day — a day (period or epoch) later than grass, herb and fruit trees.  And since the word translated as ‘heavens’ actually means the ‘Abode of Judgment’, these facts pose problems for significant logicians with a minimum of knowledge.  I’ll gladly leave the reader to ponder the matter while moving on to thoughts regarding the divergent emendations of these guiding lights.

Divinely sponsored legitimacy (authenticity) has nothing to do with balloted mandates for world positions of authority!  If it did, we could define rogues such as Bill Clinton and Hitler as legitimate models of divine authority.  True it is that they were ‘democratically’ elected after a fashion, but democracy, as currently touted, is not the monotheist franchise of Allah’s Kingdom!  After all, who elected Abraham or King David?  Unless you think Genesis is pure myth, the point should be well made.  Time and again, the history of God’s earthly polity demonstrates authoritarian initiation via the divinely authorized Patriarchal auspice of a prophet. Theirs is not a policy of reform or even regeneration, but of the restitution of authentic authority under blessed auspices, properly called “The Kingdom of God”: the sole focus of the Gospel of Jesus.

Prophets usually announce themselves as benign but imposing Mavericks who withstand public opinion and plutocratic outrage with wisdom confirmed by heaven and a cadre of reverent but intimidating companions. For a time, things do look like utopia has come to the earth they tread.  Unfortunately, they all die and are followed by men who ‘say they believe’ yet kindle flames of insignificant luminosity when alone with fellow devils according to Surat 2:14.  Considering jinn are made of fire and the word ‘kindle’ is an analogue for conjuring, another point should be well made.  Eventually, these servile globules of lesser light predictably return public consensus to fancies that tolerate scoundrels like Clinton and Adolph:

‘But God will turn the joke against them and allow them to sink deeper
into evil and wander perplexed in their wickedness.”    (Sura 2: 15)

“We make their deeds attractive to those who do not believe in the Hereafter,
so that they may wander in perplexity.”     (Sura 27:  4)

The curse of perplexity plagues the leadership of men who follow flames [3] of ‘insignificant’ light. In the next post I will demonstrate the origins of Romanism’s mother goddess and her high priests of doom.

This is just the tip of an iceberg named ‘idolatry’ buoyed by seas of occidental accretion and mindless political conformity on the part of its citizenry. It reflects a profound oxymoron that defies explanation except that of the deep subliminal influences that mesmerize and subject entire nations to occult manipulation (magic).  The Bohemian midnight frolic is no gentlemen’s lark, nevertheless, many players are oblivious to the grave nature of the game’s eternal end, and it is no wonder their policies cause perplexity’s flame to consume the substance and souls of their citizens along with the resources of the world.   – oz

[1]  The thesis itself is not completely clear. It seems to have three parts: (1) that there was a wave, or several waves, of cultural diffusion from Syria about 3000 B.C., westward by way of the Mediterranean to southeast Spain and thence, via the Straits of Gibraltar and the Atlantic, to the Canary Islands, Brittany, Ireland, England, and Denmark; (2) that, as a part of this cultural movement, there passed a religious amalgam concerned with a female fertility deity who was also a goddess of death and resurrection; and (3) that “eyes” were a symbol of this deity.

 – Prof. Carroll Quigley, Review, The American Anthropologist, Vol. 60 (1958)

Also known as Bast, Egyptian goddess of sensual pleasure, protector of the household, bringer of health, and the guardian saint of firefighters — she was the original mistress of multi-tasking! Also called Bastet or Basthet, the goddess Bast is widely known today as the “Cat Goddess”. Legend has it that, by day, Bast would ride through the sky with her father, the sun god Ra, his boat pulling the sun through the sky. Ever watchful, she protected Ra from his enemies. Thus she became known as the Lady of the East, the Goddess of the Rising Sun, and The Sacred and All-Seeing Eye.

[2] See Lee Quan Yeu’s Merlion in Singapore

[3] A reminder that jinn are created from fire.