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Ba'al atop wild stag, ancient Palestine, 1200BC

“Verily I say unto you, that every evil hath entered the world under the pretext of the elders (leaders)… who made idolatry to enter into the world. For there was a king who exceedingly loved his father, whose name was Baal. When the father was dead, his son for his consolation caused an image to be made like unto his father, and set it up in the market place of the city … Malefactors, by reason of benefit, began to offer roses and flowers, and in a short time the offerings were changed into money and food, in so much as they called it a god, to honor it. Which thing from custom was transformed into law, that the idol spread through all the world … and how much that God lament this that Isaiah sayeth: ‘… they have annulled my law given by my servant Moses, and follow the traditions of their elders.’”   — Isa, Gospel of Barnabas, Chapter 32

Baʿal in English is a title and honorific meaning “master” or “lord”  can refer to any god and even to human officials; in some texts it is used as a substitute for Hadad, a god of rainthunderfertility and agriculture, and the lord of Heaven. Only priests were allowed to utter his divine name, Hadad, Ba‛al was commonly used.

Few Biblical uses of Baʿal refer to Hadad, the lord over the assembly of gods on the holy mount of Heaven, but rather to local spirit-deities each called baʿal and regarded in the Hebrew Bible in that context as a false god.

Baʿal ul bayt in modern Arabic is widely used to mean the head of the household, literally ‘Master of the House‘.

In the Canaanite pantheon as attested in Ugaritic sources, Hadad was the son of El, primary god of the Canaanite pantheon. El and Baʿal are often associated with the bull in Ugaritic texts, as a symbol both of strength and fertility.

Below are illustrations that clearly demonstrate the affiliation of the Prygian cap with Ba’al and the French Revolution, which has been finally and quite rightly been attributed to a predominantly Freemasonic conspiracy under the Illuminati Directorate, as was WWI & WWII.

As the following illustrations demonstrate, the icon is still very much in use as a marker for those societies under the occult government which it symbolizes. The bull, a symbol of male virility long associated with fertility mysteries, is shown either under the knife of the Mythras savior (Spanish Bull Fight), or in support of the priest-king, often seen standing on its back. Europa, a Greek goddess, is often pictured or modelled reclining alluringly on its back–a symbol once again of sexual magic.

To demonstrate the extension of this idolatry from ancient to modern societies,
including Muslim polities, I present the following:

Below we see the sultry siren of liberty freely associated with propaganda posters for the French Revolution and the Illuminati’s Young America movement. These youth movements began with Marxism’s Internationalle of the 19th century and were quickly converted to fascism during the 20th century debut of fashionable Brown, Red, Green or even Orange shirts.

The job of organizing the movements was initially handed to Italy’s Mazzini, who also masterminded the Mafia’s reorganization to what we;ve come to know of it and its cozy relations with Catholic prelates and national security agencies globally.

Its no wonder then that we see the cap proudly displayed as a symbol for both the US Army and Senate, and associated with Lady Liberty’s dollar and the Star of David.

Below are intimately affiliated icons and idols.  One of an Arcadian King with the cap (upper left) next to a panel sketch of Sol, the sun-god who readily gave his chariot over to Cybele, the mother of all gods and goddesses and her savior lover, Attis, a self-gelded Christ figure-become her cult’s chief High Priest; also seen seated with what’s become the Catholic bishop’s mitre, a crown shared with Dagon, the Merovingian sea beast. And this is not to mention his fashionable donning of the Phrygian cap (below right).

The Vatican is built atop the ruins of her Roman temple where her altars remain and the bones of her priests and human sacrificial victims are still interred. Reprobate jinn and Magi love such lairs and the choosing of this site as holy ground for the Babylonian transfer of the papacy was hardly an accident of history.

Ah yes, if you hadn’t guessed, the creator of the Smurfs was
Pierre Culliford
1928-1992, a Jesuit educated Belgian.

With the above we must also mention the androgynous nature
of these several versions of Ba’al:

Mithras—the Savior, the great Persian Deity which was worshipped as the “Preserver,” was both female and male. Among the representations of this divinity which appear in the Townley collection in the British Museum, is one in which it is figured in its female character, in the act of killing the bull. The Divinity Baal was both female and male. The God of the Jews in an early stage of their career was called Baal. The oriental Ormuzd was also dual or androgynous.

Orpheus teaches that the divine nature is both female and male. According to Proclus, Jupiter was an immortal maid, “the Queen of Heaven, and Mother of the Gods.” All things were contained within the womb of Jupiter. This Virgin within whom was embodied the male principle “gave light and life to Eve.” She was the life-giving, energizing power in Nature, and was identical with Aleim, Om, Astarte, and others. The Goddess Esta, or Vesta, or Hestia, whom Plato calls the “soul of the body of the universe,” is believed by Beverly and others to be the Self-Existent, the Great “She that Is” of the Hindoos, whose significance is identical with the Cushite or Phoenician Deity, Aleim.

Ancient Faiths Embodied in Ancient Names, vol. i., p. 311. by THOMAS INMAN, M.D. (London),CONSULTING PHYSICIAN TO THE ROYAL INFIRMARY, LIVERPOOL.

The following inference is not as misleading as one might think.  Intoxication and shamanism have been married since the dawn of sun-worship.  In addition, initiates of the mysteries are also known to have a great sense of humor as well as pride in their ability to author secret codes and myths with several layers of meaning.  They do this in an attempt to mimic the divine scripture. Hence, another reason for the revelations provided in Al’Qur’an.

A DISTINGUISHED British scholar has written a sensational book that is certain to cause the greatest upheaval in orthodox Christian thinking since Charles Darwin said Man was descended from the ape. For he not only argues the non-existence of Jesus Christ and the Apostles, but claims that Christianity itself – as well as Judaism and other religions of the near and Middle East—are no more than hangovers from an ancient fertility cult.

The author of this remarkable book is 47-year-old John M. Allegro, lecturer in Old Testament and Inter-Testamental Studies at Manchester University, and a philologist—a student of words and language. He is also one of the world’s greatest experts on the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Mr. Allegro told the Sunday Mirror yesterday: “Thousands of years before Christianity, secret cults arose which worshipped the sacred mushroom—the Amanita Muscaria—which, for various reasons (including its shape and power as a drug) came to be regarded as a symbol of God on earth. 

“When the secrets of the cult had to be written down, it was done in the form of codes hidden in folk tales. “This is the basic origin of the stories in the New Testament. They are a literary device to spread the rites and rules of mushroom worship to the faithful.”

Mr. Allegro bases his claims on his researches into the oldest written language known to us—Sumerian “Cuneiform” text dating back to 3500 BC. From this ancient tongue he believes came the language of the Bible.

And so, he says, we no longer have to take the New Testament story at its face value. We can trace the proper names and words used in it back to their true and original meanings.

“It is this,” says Mr. Allegro, “That reveal the cult of the phallic mushroom.”

Mr. Allegro’s book, which is to be published throughout the world, is bound to lead to fierce arguments. He says: “I’ll doubtless be accused by some of blasphemy. But these conclusions are the result of purely scientific dispassionate research. 


Over the centuries there were those who experimented with herbs and drugs and, as I shall show, came upon one drug that really seemed to transport them out of this world into heaven.

But this knowledge was not to be shared indiscriminately. If god was jealous of his powers, so were those to whom he gave this glimpse of divinity. Paradise was for the favoured few.

And so there arose the priesthood with its secret preparations and ceremonies that had to be observed before the chosen ones could take the drug—rituals that gave them great power over the community.  Rarely, and then only for urgent practical purposes, were those secrets ever committed to writing.

Normally they would be passed between the priest and the initiate by word of mouth: dependent for their accurate transmission on the trained memories of men dedicated to the learning and recitation of these “scriptures.”

But if, for some dramatic reason – persecution, or the disruption caused by war—it became necessary to write down the precious names of the drug, the manner of its use, and the secret incantations, it was written in a secret form. A code—hidden in a story containing puns or some other word play.

I believe that this is the basic truth about the stories in the New Testament. 

Sacred Mushroom and the Cross Sunday Mirror Series, 1970
By John Marco Allegro

Mithra or Mitra is…worshipped as Itu (Mitra-Mitu-Itu) in every house of the Hindus in India. Itu (derivative of Mitu or Mitra) is considered as the Vegetation-deity. This Mithra or Mitra (Sun-God) is believed to be a Mediator between God and man, between the Sky and the Earth. It is said that Mithra or [the] Sun took birth in the Cave on December 25th. It is also the belief of the Christian world that Mithra or the Sun-God was born of [a] Virgin. He travelled far and wide. He has twelve satellites, which are taken as the Sun’s disciples…. [The Sun’s] great festivals are observed in the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox—Christmas and Easter.  His symbol is the Lamb….

Swami Prajnanananda, Christ the Saviour and Christ Myth

Both Mithras and Christ were described variously as ‘the Way,’ ‘the Truth,’ ‘the Light,’ ‘the Life,’ ‘the Word,’ ‘the Son of God,’ ‘the Good Shepherd.’

The Christian litany to Jesus could easily be an allegorical litany to the sun-god. Mithras is often represented as carrying a lamb on his shoulders, just as Jesus is. Midnight services were found in both religions. The virgin mother…was easily merged with the virgin mother Mary. Petra, the sacred rock of Mithraism, became Peter, the foundation of the Christian Church.”  —  Gerald Berry, Religions of the World

Hence, one readily admits a direct relationship between the ancient fertility cults and Christianity, most especially Catholicism.  All seven of the Catholic sacraments had long been ordained as part of the Sabazian mystery of Mithras cum Ba’al worship.  Christianity, as observed by many scholars, is nothing new but quite to the contrary.  It is a furthering of the deviation that began long ago when Cain was excommunicated and forced to fend for himself without divine guidance and grace. It is, in fact, the misguidance of Iblis as he assiduously attends to man’s damnation according to the Divine plan.  -oz