Recently, the Vatican announced the discovery of St. Peter’s grave; yet another of the many lies that blanket this institution. They did indeed find a grave with bones carefully adorned with royal vestments. The fellow they found is more accurately described below. The slide above shows a statue of Jupiter miraculously changed into St. Peter by Catholic authorities at the Vatican centuries ago.  To the right is a Mythraic depiction of the hierophant (high priest) taken from an actual temple of Mythras.  He is holding the supposed “keys” of both kingdoms claimed by the Pope: Temporal and Spiritual.  Above this is a panel taken from a Temple of Mythras showing him with solar rays (halo) and  receiving an offering from his disciples who are dressed in the phrygian cap that also marked the French Revolution as well as the ancient mother goddess worship of Cybele in Anatolia.  In this slide one also sees the perennial bull sacrifice and ubiquitous serpent that were endemically present throughout the pagan mystery religions. Mythras was another sun-god messiah who pre-figured the alleged crucifixion, death, descent into hell, resurrection and ascension of Jesus [not his real name by the way]; as also did several other pagan sun-god messiahs, including Horus, Tamuz, Sabazios, et alia. The Declaration of War on America (below) made by Pope Leo in 1891 has never been rescinded to my knowledge. What is actually taking place in America is a systematic and trans-generational subversion of the nation by Catholic authorities, including Jesuits, Knights of Malta & Columbus, Zionists and the Free-masonic system of initiation into the ancient mysteries which are now based–for the most part–on the Babylonian Talmud & Kabala. This tarot card from Aleister Crowley’s collection is an honest depiction of the Babylonian Pontifex Maximus.


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This Satyr is Satan, the renamed Lucifer cum Iblis after the insanity of his disobedience to Allah.  Presently he pretends to the former name (Bearer of Light) hence, Illumination or Illuminati, etc. – the basis of pagan Gnosticism now called Luciferianism.  He is ‘Pan’, the goat legged monster of old who plays the pipes to which the NWO dances as seen below in thei recent Papal Photo op with his entourage in Rome. The busy slide below shows a few modern magi from the Babylonian Tamudic persuasion, also known as Bal Shems. Below them is the cover page from Jerome’s Latin Vulgate, showing the Babylonian Pontiff and Isis with a lunar symbol or bull’s horns – depending on your Gnostic persuasion. To the right is a Catholic Church door showing the Masonic Symbol for Gnosticism – that’s what the “G” stands for according to Albert Pike, Mackey and others amongst their Non-Catholic Magi ranks above the 18th degree – most Masons never go beyond the 3rd degree and have no idea what their superiors are really up to. Also to the right, below and above are photos taken from Arcadian Temples of Pan, showing the solar halo, pentagram and the hexagram that was never utilized by Kings David or Solomon; another of the many Zionist lies comprising the Gnostic nonsense these folk have put forward as truth. The Hexagram is an ancient fertility symbol referring to human sexual intercourse and the art of sexual magic (conjuring), among other magical inferences. Below we see a picture taken from a current film regarding a Bal Shem from Poland.  On the left we the Chinese symbol of the sorcerer and to the right is the European icon with the same Rosicrucian imputation.  Above this are listed a few of the more well-known Bal Shems.

Note the demasculinized contrast presented by the photos below.  This will be explained as we proceed.

Most of us will agree this is a rather disconcerting statement.  As for Muslims, it represents Blasphemy.  Yet it is central to the Gnostic doctrines which these ‘Initiates’ profess. Another busy slide with a freshly minted coin commemorating the first crusade in the Queen’s honor with images of her and Sir de Bouillion, thus complete the occult link and further the grail legends that favor the Prince of Wales et alia as the ancient Merovingian cum Danite blood line of the Mystery Religions — complete with Roscicrucian Red-Cross and pentagrams that endorse patriotic NATO-ism et alia.  What most do not know is that the Queen is also a knightess of Malta, sworn to serve the Babylonian Papacy. Also of significance are the colors Red and White which are Papal and long associated with the “Red Movement” and it’s political metamorphosis into contemporary Communism, which calls for a strong central government never minding the religious or non-religiosity of any outward movement or Fascist (socialist) veneer. Communism was invented and perfected by the Jesuits in 15th -16th Century Paraguay and other regions of  South America with practiced genocidal skill that currently reaches all the way to Canada’s indigenous peoples who’ve suffer/suffered horribly under these Black Robed pedophiles, liars, muderers and all-araound bad guys with their polished affect of romantic religiosity.  They also invented the internment or ‘concentration’ camp. The Occult Brotherhood of Serpent worshipers has long been known as the Red Brotherhood and has several branches reaching even into Muslim pretense as Kurdish Yesidis and other related tribes of Satanists.  Also see  The New York Times Article, 9 Jan 1912 regarding another modern variant of these ancient white and red societies. Here we begin to introduce the European version of the Cult of ISIS, the Egyptian Mother goddess, as adopted by the Roman Church and Allumbrados Jesuits after its import by the Knights Templar. Below left is the Lutheran version of the Rosicrucian icon taken from one of their stained glass windows. Those at above right are taken from Coats of Arms belonging to two British Noble families who fought the infamous “War of Roses”.  Now you have greater insight as to the nature of these covens who continually vie for the utmost seat of power. The icons used, especially the Red Cross, help them better manage the masses with less payroll for the gendarmes as spoken of by Henry Kissinger.

Below: Note the Black Madonna & Child at right or ISIS & HORUS, after which the Roman Idols followed suit with different names, Mary & Jesus.

What follows is a brief (very brief) glimpse of Satanism and the authentic (gnostic) origin of what has become Ritual Communion or what common Catholics believe is the transubstantiated body & blood of Christ or Holy Eucharist; an idol often paraded in a  sun-god Monstrance modeled on the mosaic seen above from the Temple of Pan.

Below we see a Persian King accompanied by a hierophant (High Priest) with solar halo receiving the keys of his kingdom from Ahura Mazda

Below are two idols of Ignatius Loyola in Rome, the Maranos Jew who founded the Jesuits with funding from crypto-Jewish nobles pretending to be Spaniard Catholics. On the left he is granted the solar halo of ancient pagan idolatry.  This ‘halo’ decor was yet another artistic innovation that followed the Templars back to Europe. However, on the right a seashell  replaces the solar crown.  This actually represents the blessings of Aphrodite, another version of the ancient pagan mother goddess. Apologists say it is merely art but the trail of Iblis and this occult language marks his cohorts indelibly and has remained consistent throughout the ages — as do their deeds. By the way, the idol on the right shows Mr. Loyola crushing the head of Protestantism as a prelude to Pope Leo’s Declaration of War on Protestant America. This is not a jest or light matter.

For those who doubt there is a continuum between these cults, the myths and magi of antquity and today’s ruling corporatocracy of ponerocrats, I present the following corroboration:

The Owl is a significant idol associated with Bohemian Grove and Isis as well as the wife of Iblis, Lilith.

As for the Jesuits, as brilliant as they are they have earned to my mind and that of others’, the oak leave clusters that declare them chief among Satan’s most completely fooled groups of disciples. Though, as the following statements make clear, they are not to be toyed with.

“See, my lord, from this room — from this room I govern not only Paris, but China; not only China, but the whole world, without anyone knowing how ‘tis managed.”

Michelangelo Tamburini, 1720 AD, 14th Jesuit Superior General (1706-1730) Speaking to the Duke of Brancas, History of the Jesuits Vol. 1, p. 107; Andrew Steinmetz, 1848

As much as I admired the Benedictines, I admired the Jesuits more.  The Society of Jesus [aka: “The Company” – as known by all covert operatives] was something special; the shock troop of the Catholic Church.  These men [Jesuits at the Fordham University Club] ran the world, and it was obvious that they enjoyed it.” G. Gordon Liddy, Catholic, FBI Supervisor, Nat. Hqtrs. Wash. DC.  Jesuit trained co-conspirator: NWO’s Assassination of JFK

I have placed the history of this coalition of the wicked in my book, Cain’s Creed, the Cult(s) of Rome

You may download this history from the following websites:

Cain’s Creed, The Cult (s) of Rome

Cain’s Creed The Cult(s) of Rome OCT 2011.pdf

The slide below needs little remark and speaks for itself.  Next to the Brahmâtma Tiara of ancient India is a modern Catholic version of which they have many.

The deliberate nature and depth of British Isra-elitism is made extremely clear by the following elitist officer of the realm:

Following suit are former colonials all over the globe such as these Malaysians below who relish the gleam and polish of her majesty’s lackeys.  Dr. Yeoh went public with this expose’ a few years ago on the direct orders from the Duke of Kent, the current High Priest of British freemasonry and cousin to the Queen. So then, where does Dr. Yeoh’s loyalty really lie? Truth be told, he doesn’t yet know himself. Please note the checkered floor (carpet). This represents two dimensions, the physical and spiritual (realm of the jinn) upon which oaths of fealty are taken at an altar dedicated to Lucifer yet these men “know it not” as stated in al’Qur’an. For recalcitrant unbelievers in a generations-old conspiracy with Jewish savor and “British Cooks” I’ve included the following slide: They introduce their icons early to your youth in order to normalize the satanic deviation as non-religious, even secular in nature. The first boy scout in British Egypt was the king.  Below we see this agency in action in Kuching, Sarawak, E. Malaysia.  I know the agent personally. Children from dysfunctional families such as Presidents Obama or Clinton (Both Freemasons & Jesuit educated) are fertile soil for indoctrination and discipleship.  As you can see from William Blake’s painting, this Gnosticism has a strong European cum Aryan or better said, Khazarian-Caucasian bias.  Obama was chosen well in advance and kept in reserve in order to offer false hope to traditionally despised non-whites; a position British-Holy-Grail Elitism has elegantly manifest throughout the ages. The extent to which the occult symbols control societies throughout the world is shown in the slide below. What post-colonial realm doesn’t have a Rotarian Fellowship or St. Valentine’s Day Pseudo-Sufi Heart, Red Cross or Red Crescent Society? The abstracted heart symbol was born in ancient India as a Fertility idol (kissing fishes) that later developed wings then sprouted the eternal flame of Mythras as demonstrated below. Checkered cabs/taxis and bobbies all reflect the pagan-initiation floor found beneath the Freemasonic Altar and within St. Peter’s in Rome. And this is not to mention the ever-present, all-seeing-eye of Horus which is also visited below. As for Star & Crescent Moon idolatry: below we see just a few of its many ancient precedents, including the catacomb-ed gravestones of Knights Templar Crusaders. The pentagram is highly favored as a propaganda tool and mesmerizing icon representing patriotism for which Caesar’s drums are repeatedly beaten and innocents repeatedly murdered for the capital/capitol gains of the now infamous 1%. It is ubiquitous.  Upright it represents dominion via Right Hand Satanic magic which is completely Catholic and persuasive in nature via the passively mind-controlled patriotic bias–religious or otherwise–of its minions.  Buddhist masses are very similar although it is known to scholars and monks that Buddha abhored idolatry. But like good Catholics, most Buddhist aren’t completely told the real truths their supposed founders taught. Jesus for example, did not establish Christianity; Rome did. When the star is inverted as was seen during Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, it represents Left Hand Satanism: that of deliberate and offensive dominion by the cold-blooded, reptilian force of self-serving and instinctive will-power. Hence, in Scripture it is referred to as the “Beast”. For the sake of mass consumption, modern Satanists have called it Humanism, one of the many isms they’ve created. Another is Darwinism. Salvador Dali painted a wonderful expose’ of these fantasies; imaginations that have gripped Western mindsets since the days of Columbus (another Crypto-Jew) and spurned them towards a continuum of heartless imperialism—in God’s name of course. The preeminence of the Babylonian papal power is made evident below. Even the gesture of the seated idol is a form of magic claiming dominion over the world while demonstrating an indomitable spirit that casts fear (awe) upon all who view it, whether they admit it or not.  If not so, why then does it remain at the center of European cum World arbitration following the “victorious” Reformation? As for the Reptilian “Eye of Horus”:  Ostensibly it refers to the metaphysical third eye of illumination.  The reality here is accurate in that the world of reprobate jinn is made available to initiates who take the trouble to rid themselves of enough common sense to become subject to demonic influence or control.  Of course the conjured demons permit these magi the fantasy of control until their usefulness expires. So mote it be. Nevertheless, the pursuit of forbidden shamanism is, in actuality, the pursuit of the most lofty of sub-human reptilian ambitions, which is control over the will of others in o
rder to satisfy one’s appetites–the essence of pure Satanic delight. This of course is heartless and exhibits a gross impunity that surpasses even that of common sociopathic dysfunction. Below, one sees its many manifestations as an official Catholic icon or idol; including the early 17th century (1616) gold coin minted by Jesuits in Germany; complete with the Roman Eagle of Caesar. The checkered floor adorns a Spanish Cathedral, and the Catholic Church of Horus is in Poland, land of the Bal Shem.

Here is the pectoral cross of Pope John XXIII. To the right, a Polish Bishop receives an offering beneath the Egyptian god’s likeness.

There is an official Cultural war for the hearts and minds of non-Western societies which is non-egalitarian and totally self-serving on the part of its Wall & Fleet Street prosecutors. The War Colleges call it Psyops. Below one sees the transition from God-given cultural expressions to the Luciferian norm of Freemasonry, complete with top hats, canes, medallions and other boy-scout medals. The assimilation and mimicry may be flattering but its destructive nature is belied by the inevitable social dysfunctions that accompany such cultural dis-integration. Below upper left is a Bedouin lady next to a veiled Native American woman from the southwest, as are the men. The masculine cum feminine qualities and those of the heart as presented in these photos show a stark contrast with the stunted expressions of the same dressed as Western harlequins. Again we see the ubiquity of the pentagram and its adverse effects on genuine human nature.  The Israeli PM is a member of the St. George sub-chapter of Maltesean Knights errant.  Trouble is, St. George is a complete fabrication, a British Myth. We see the contrast presented again by the photo of Chinese Muslims in traditional garb below. Here one sees the contrast that belies the dis-authenticity of the Western guise that covers both impunity and disobedience to Divine Order. Genuine cultures are being destroyed and/or supplanted by the Western imaginations that hold false hope and distinct disregard for authentic apostolic guidance as represented by indigenous people. It is Western appetites and drug running that took advantage of poverty and turned Thailand into the tourist sex capital of the world while America and its coalition of the greedy ostensibly murdered millions while professing to fight the communism Wall Street funded and Jesuits fostered. The apostolic guidance offered and proffered by ‘All the King’s Men’ is authentically apostate and manipulative; being filled with magi conjuring, idolatry, and offensive disregard for human rights. In blue below, one sees the Maltese cross adorning hearts and necks from differing faiths.  It is clearly formed from two ‘Stars of David’ juxtaposed at right angles. The Star of David itself represents the power released by human sexual intercourse, married or not; it makes no difference to the magi of Lucifer, which is why the family insitution suffers great loss where ever Western Culture sets foot, bomb, bullets and education. They want the State to proxy your children as parent in order to re-educate and supplant the Divine Order of parental authority.  This began when Diocletian, a bisexual Pontifex Maximus, declared all women of the realm subject to him rather than their menfolk.

Unfortunately, the triumph below actually represents a satanic victory, whether or not you agree or the subjects under the lens know or don’t know.  The colors, the star and the crescent are all Babylonian and have nothing to do with Islamic Dominion but quite the contrary. This is why iconography is forbidden in monotheism as commanded in the first of law of the mosaic Decalogue having to do pre-eminently with worship of the one true God. As for Malay Muslims: Lucifer is entrenched at your doorstep and within the heart of your enterprise.  This is made evident by the Singapore Crusaders, their Pyramid Club, and the very fact you couldn’t retain dominion of the prize God had granted you. Already in one generation you have lost two seaports to Triad (Freemasonic) control. It would do better to stop the ritual pretense I would think, but then again, your Brown Sahibs have sold the lease on truth and hence, dominion followed suit. At left upper corner is a photo of an actual Knights Templar suit of arms located on the second floor of the Freemasonic Temple in Singapore pictured at lower right. I have studied most all religions over the years and have come to the folowing conclusion: Islam is the only philosophy and revelation that holds hope for mankind’s true development, civilization, and salvation collectively and respectively. But not the Islam that is practiced today by most Muslims who have followed Bal Shems and Pontifex Maximii into the lizard’s hole as prophysied by the prophet (pbh). Hence, as Shaykh Imran Hosein and the prophet advised, it’s time to head for the hills and Bedouin dens because the signs of the Last Days fall like pearls off a string. Thank you for your attention if you’ve read to this end. I will add more illustrations to this stream as God and time provide. Over the years I have collected enough evidence to condemn or convince master and slave from Cain to Pontius Pilate and from thence to Madame Clinton. Wasalaam, dr omar