Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.31.27 pmEditors Note: The following is taken from  THE TAIL OF THE SERPENT, (1936, London) By Inquire Within For some years a Ruling Chief of the Mother Temple of the Stella Matutina and R .R. et A.C. Author of ” Light Bearers of Darkness.

I was a member of the Anthroposophical Cult for 14 years, having married the daughter of two initiates, from the late1970s. I also became a Freemason during that period.  What is presented below is an authentic overview of the theology that girds the NWO, the UN and most of the New Age movement.  It is pure Luciferianism and pagan.

I advise advanced readers wishing to understand the present day and also the Gnosticism that supports even exoteric Christianity, which is dressed in its symbols and icons, to take the time to read this.



IN a leading article, 14 September,  1922, the Patriot warns its readers against ” The Subterranean War ” and writes

  • ” For those who desire to learn we publish to-day the first of a series of articles by’ G.G.'(or`Dargon’), a writer who has made a study of secret societies. The purpose of `The Anatomy of Revolution ‘ is not to take the reader deeply into any part of the subject, but to give a general and historical view of that complex of subversive organisation which is working for the destruction of Christianity, of Civilisation, and of the British Empire.

The writer, who is a true Briton and a good patriot, has one purpose only-to warn the British public of the unsuspected danger which, as he believes and we believe also, imminently threatens it.”

To quote G. G.

  • ” Here we must note that there has always been among the Arcane societies a dual movement-on the one hand mystical, on the other political. Such esoteric bodies as the Fraternity of the mRosy-Cross, the Martinists, the Swedenborgians, and Theosophists have consisted no doubt largely of harmless enthusiasts to whom mysticism or magic appealed. But they have also been used, as the cover for political intrigue, and as a net wherein to catch, test, and select persons who could be used for subversive ends . For it is one of the methods of the revolutionary directorate to use, wherever possible, harmless bodies as their cloak, and innocent people as their unconscious agents.”
  • “I may refer briefly to the existence of an offshoot of the Theosophical Society, known as the Anthroposophical Society.  This was formed as the result of a schism in the ranks of the Theosophists, by a man of Jewish birth who was connected with one of the modern branches of the Carbonari.  Not only so, but in association with, another Theosophist he is engaged in organising certain singular commercial undertakings not unconnected with Communist propaganda ; almost precisely in the manner in which `Count St. Germain’  [a Jewish Baal Shem] organised his dyeworks and other commercial ventures with a like purpose.  And this queer business group has its connections with the Irish Republican movement and also with another mysterious group which was founded by Jewish ` Intellectuals ‘  in France about four years ago (about 1918), and which includes in its membership many well-known politicians, scientists, university professors, and literary men in France, Germany, America, and England .     It is a secret society although nominally a `Right Wing’ society, it is in direct touch with members of the Soviet Government Russia.”

We have from time to time written of Dr . Rudolf Steiner’s gnostic teachings and political activities. We now give a short summary of Edouard Schure’s introduction to his translation of Steiner’s book Mvstere Chretien et les Mysteres Antiques, 1908.   Schure’ considered Steiner’s teaching most luminous-it was socalled Christian Illuminism-but much later left him because of his political activities, of which he did not approve. Later again, he returned to the fold. Our interest in this sketch of Steiner’s life is that it shows how, from early years, he was watched, astrally prepared, and directed by some mysterious Master and initiator whose name and mission are not revealed.

According to Schure, who was a Jew, Steiner was born in Upper Austria in 1861, and his youth was spent on the confines of Styria, the Carpathians, and Hungary. At the age of fifteen he made the acquaintance of a learned botanist who “had the gift of seeing the vital principle of the plants, their etheric bodies, and what occultists call the elementals of the vegetable world. His calm, coldly scientific conversation only further excited the curiosity of the young man. Steiner knew later that this strange man was an envoy from the Master, whom he did not yet know, but who was to become his real initiator, and who already supervised him from afar.”   From his talks with the botanist he was soon convinced that the basis of the “Great Universal ” was the double current which constitutes the RUDOLF STEINER AND MAX HEINDEL movement of the world-the flux and reflux of the universal life-force, this occult and astral current which is the great propeller of life, with its hierarchy of powers. From the age of eighteen Steiner felt the double current

  • “He had from that time the irrefutable sensation of occult powers who acted behind and through him to direct him. He listened to this force and followed its warnings, because he felt himself profoundly in accord with it.”

When nineteen he met his Master, for so long sensed, whowas one of those powerful men who live unknown to the world in order to accomplish a mission; ostensibly they do not act upon human events.  Incognito is the condition of their strength, making their action only more efficacious, ” For they arouse, prepare, and direct those who act in the public eye .” And Steiner’s mission, according to himself, was: ” To link together Science and Religion. Bring God into Science, and Nature into Religion, and so fecundate anew Art and Life.” His Master was eminently a spiritual male as opposed to Steiner’s more feminine sensibilities ; he was a formidable dominator, for whom individuals scarcely existed. He spared neither himself nor others, his will was like a bullet from a gun which went straight to its aim, and swept all from its path .

Such was the powerful mind which dominated and used Steiner as a mere automaton, pulling the strings as his terrible ambitions required. For Steiner 1881 to 189I was a period of study and preparation at Vienna; from 189I to  I90I a time of struggle and combat at Weimar ; from 1901 to 1907 a time of action and organisation at Berlin.  About 189o Steiner said

  • ” The occult powers who were directing me obliged me imperceptibly to penetrate into the then current ideas of spiritualists.”


He came in touch with Nietzsche and Haeckel, who oriented him intellectually. As Schure

said :

  • “He had the presentiment that in the incontestable discoveries of the naturalist he would find the surest basis of evolutionary spiritualism and rational Theosophy.”

Steiner, therefore, entered into contemporary materialism, and armed himself for his mission; in  I902 hefound his battle-ground and support in the Theosophical Society, and became Secretary-General of the German section.   In 1913 he left Mrs. Besant because of the Alcyone case, and founded the Anthroposophical Society .As Schure wrote:

  • “By his first Master and by the Fraternity to which he was associated, Steiner belonged to another school of occultism, that is, to Western esoteric Christianity and more especially Rosicrucian initiation.  The tradition of esoteric Christianity, properly speaking, is directly and uninterruptedly attached to the famous and mysterious Manes, founder of Manichaeism, who lived in Persia in the fourth century.”

[Editor’s Note: This also the same society that grew up a branch in Alexandria, Egypt, giving rise to gnostic christianty under a man called Ormus.  This group later moved to France, associated with the Merovingians, The Benedictines, the Red Cross, the Crusades, and the Knight’s Templar – oz – for details see Cain’s Creed]


Brought  up  by  Magi,  Manes  became  Christian (Gnostic) ; his doctrine was:  (I)  the Master Jesus, prophet of Nazareth, was only the organ and interpreter of the Christ, who was the ” arcanum of the planetary Word ” -Solar manifestation;(2) he taught reincarnation and the numerous ascending (planetary) existences of the human soul; (3) what was called ” evil ” was only a necessary ingredient in the general economy of the world, a stimulant, a ferment of universal evolution!  Manes’s disciples spread to Palestine, Greece, Italy, Gaul, Scythia, the Danube, and Africa .  His doctrine was for centuries propagated by oral tradition, often under different names,  Schure writes, such as the Cathari, Albigenses, the Templars, and the Brothers of Saint John of Jerusalem. In the fifteenth century esoteric Christianity [Gnosticism], inspired by the same tradition, became more laic and scientific under the influence of the Cabala and Alchemy, and it was about then that Christian Rosenkreutz founded the Order of the Rose-Croix.

[Editor’s Note: in my opinion this fellow is pure myth, used to bolster German Pride (Chauvinism)]


Rudolf Steiner as a Rose-Croix practised and taught Western occultism as opposed to Eastern.      He did notbelieve in the annihilation of the body by asceticism-it must be trained and become as a magnet attracting and making use of the required forces. Such is the account of Steiner, his Master and work as given by Edouard Schure .The result of Yoga,  meditation and processes for awakening the kundalini, whether Western or Eastern, is the same in all groups working under unknown Masters ; it means that gradually the Master takes possession of the adept’s mind and impresses his own will upon it, so that an advanced initiate, such as Steiner, would work under the impetus of the hidden Master and for his ends alone. As the so called Tibetan Master of Mrs . Alice Bailey, theosophist and occultist, New York, explains, contact with th Master is recognised by peculiar vibrations:(I) at the top of the spine; (2) in the forehead (pineal gland, where the adept’s kundalini unites with the Master’s forces from without, it is the seat of controlled know-ledge); (3) at the top of the head (pituitary body).  He continues :

  • ” In time the student comes to recognize the vibration and to associate it with some particular`Great One,’ for each Master has his own vibration which impresses itself upon his pupils in a specific manner.”

The forces are ” these magnetic currents of the universe, that vital fluid, those electric rays, the

latent heat in all bodies.” Cold and calculating,  “a Master is only interested in a man from the point of view of his usefulness in the group-soul and his capacity to help.” The individual is as nothing to him; he is only a part in his world revolutionary machine, to be thrown aside when no longer an asset in their game!

Dr. Rudolf Steiner died at Dornach, Switzerland, 30 March, 1925, slowly but surely burnt out by the terrific forces working through him, and at his funeral Albert Steffen, poet and president of the Executive Committee of the Anthroposophical Society, delivered an address. Speaking of Steiner’s ” Spiritual Science ” or Christian Illuminism, he said:

  • ” Rudolf Steiner opened out to us the prospect of a religious life beyond all sects.”

Fifty theologians went to him seeking a way to unite their work once more with the “eternal life of the Spirit,” and Steffen continued : ” Steiner was able to transmit to them the holy ceremony which the priests of the Christengemeinschaft  are now enacting for himself.”

We understand this Christengemeinschaft is being revived, run by Heidenreyd with about 400 members in this country.   What is this  ” Spiritual Science “? According to Steiner:

  • “Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge to guide the Spiritual in the human being to the Spiritual in the Universe.”

Wholly cosmic and astral! In his book translated by Schure, Le Mystere Chretien et les Mysteres Antiques, Steiner writes:

  • “In the early days of Christianity there sprang up in the old Pagan world, systems of the universe which seemed to be a prolongation of the philosophy of Plato, but which could be understood also as a spiritualisation of the wisdom of the Mysteries. All these systems had their starting-point in Philo, the Jewish philosopher of Alexandria, who said : `It is necessary for the soul to come out of the ordinary ” I.” Then it enters into a state of spiritual ecstasy, of illumination, when it ceases to know, to think, and to recognise in the ordinary sense of the words. For it has identified itself with the divine, they have become one.”

He is deified and has lost his own personality ! And as Steiner says:

  • “God (the Creative Principle) is bewitched in the world, and it is his own force that is needed to find Him. This force (sex-force) must be awakened within you. Such were the teachings which the Myste received before initiatio.And now began the great drama of the world, of which he made a living integral part. The aim of the drama was nothing less than the freeing of the hidden God ; where is that God? God is not but Nature is. It is in Nature that he must be found. For he is enshrouded in her as in an enchanted tomb.”

Here we have the pantheistic God Pan [Iblis], who is merely the creative principle in all nature, including man-the life force.  As Clemens of Alexandria said in speaking of the Greater Mysteries : “Here ends all teachings, one sees Nature and things.”

Further, Steiner explains : “The Cross of Golgotha is the whole cult of the Ancient Mysteries gathered into one fact.  Christianity as a mystical fact is a degree of evolution in the Wisdom of the Mysteries;” again is Manichaeism, which looks upon the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ as mystical experiences.  A lecture given by Steiner at Oxford in 1922: “The Mystery of Golgotha,” throws further light upon his Spiritual Science.  Now, Steiner was also a Rosicrucian, and in explaining this “Mystery of Golgotha ” he based his ideas upon certain words said to have been written in the Book T., which, according to the Rosicrucian mystical legend, was found on the breast of Christian Rosenkreutz at the opening of his tomb in the fifteenth century.

These words were: ExDeo nascimur; In Christo (or Jehesuah) morimur; Per Spiritum Sanctum rez’iviscimus – From God are we born;  in Christ or Jesus do we die; through the Holy Spirit we rise again. That is through the Gnostic Trinity-Father, creator ; Son or Solar Christ; the Logos or serpent, the vivifying force; the Holy Spirit, the Great Mother which reproduces all things. The whole is the eternal creation, destruction, and regeneration, as applied to Illuminism.

In the R.R. etA.C.,which, under the late Dr. Felkin, was closely allied to Steiner and practised some of his processes and Eurhythmy for awakening the kundalini, the 5=6 ritual dramatically depicts the meaning of these words : the aspirant is led to the tomb wherein lay the Chief Adept in full regalia, representing Christian Rosenkreutz; the tomb is opened and the aspirant demands:

  • “Out of the Darkness let the Light arise. From within the tomb a voice is heard : ” Buried with that Light in a mystical death, rising again in a mystical resurrection, cleansed and purified through Him our Master, 0 brother of the Rose and Cross ! Seek thou the Stone of the Wise !”

The Stone is the Quintessence or Pentagram-Illuminism.

As illustrated on the lid of the tomb, these mystical experiences represent the adept as a Christ crucified on the Cross of Light or Illuminism; the Great Dragon Leviathan-the kundalini-rises up to Daath, and from above descends the Lightning-Flash attracted by and uniting with the serpent within, linking the adept with the universal life-force without. He becomes the Jehesuah-Yod, He Shin, Vau, He-the Pentagram or deified man, losing his Selfhood.

It is the Rosicrucian Chymical Wedding. It is thus described by the Jewish writer Kadmi Cohen in Nomades

  • “Abyss and pinnacle. The dizzy height of the one set off by the unfathomable depth of the other . Who will ever know the unspeakable sufferings of the ascension, the mortal terrors of the fall? But also the ineffable joy, superhuman, divine, to be upon the peak which overhangs the universe, beyond good and evil, above pure practical reason, to be Man, to be Self, who equals himself to God, who wrestles with Him, who absorbs Him . It is Israel, it is Ishmael who supplies these men to the world! “

His God is the God Pan, he is intoxicated by the astral Light! Schure explains that Christian Rosenkreutz left three spiritual truths ” to his disciples, and that these truths were only scientifically proved four centuries later, namely : (I)  the material unity of the universe-by spectrum analysis; (2)organic evolution-by transformation of species according to Darwin and Haeckel; (3) states of human consciousness different from the ordinary state-by hypnotism and suggestion .

As the power used by Rosicrucians was said to be the “magnetic fluid ” in man and in the universe, set in motion by con-centrated thought and will-power, one can easily believe that such initiations, under unknown Masters, might mean hypnotism and suggestion.  The spectrum is the resolution of light through the prism, and as the Rosicrucian ritual says: “Colours are forces and the signature of forces and Child of the children of the forces art thou.” The Rosicrucians work with colours and geometrical figures, representing the forces of the planets, the signs of the Zodiac, the elements, etc., and the colours of the planets are the spectrum of the Rosicrucian “Divine White Light,” that magnetic fluid which slays and makes alive. Steiner talks much of planetary hierarchies, Archangels, Angels, etc., but there is reason to believe that they can one and all be reduced to nature’s universal forces, for the o=o ritual of the Stella Matutina says: “For by names and images are all powers awakened and reawakened.

Therefore, is not Steiner’s  “Spiritual Science” merely the Hermetic fixation of the astral light in a material body-Illuminism-linking the adept, as a tool, to some ” White Occultists ” supposedly working for the weal, or is it not rather the woe of Humanity?

As expressing Steiner’s Communistic, political dreams and schemes, we have his “Threefold State.”

As a symbolic basis for this “Threefold State” Steiner takes the human organism: (I) the system of the nerves and senses-the head system; (2) the system of breathing and the circulation of the blood-the rhythmic system;  (3) the organs and functions of matter changes – the metabolic process.

According to Steiner, these systems, comparatively speaking, function separately: “There is no such thing as absolute centralisation in the human organism.”   “In order to thrive, the social organism, like the natural one, requires to be threefold: “(I) Economic life-relatively as independent as the nervous and sensory system within the human body. ” its concern is with everything in the nature of production, circulation, and consumption of commodities;” (2) Public rights, political life-the State ; “applied to a community possessing common rights.”  (3) Mental and spiritual life; ” everything that rests on the natural endowment of each single human being .   spiritual and physical.”   All are apparently separate yet interdependent. ”

Alongside the political sphere and the economic sphere in a healthy society there must be the spiritual sphere, functioning independently on its own footing “-that is, religion, teaching, art, and intellectual life, and even technical and organising capacities as applied to the State or industrial economy. “It is the threefold line of evolution towards which modern humanity is striving

At the end of the eighteenth century, under different circumstances from which we are living to-day, there went up a cry from the hidden depths of human nature for a re-formation of human social relations (stirred up by the Illuminati and Grand Orient Lodges). Through all the scheme of the new order ran like a motto the three words: ‘ Fraternity, Equality, Liberty.”‘

Admitting that equality and liberty are contradictory, Steiner is in sympathy with all three, and applies them to his threefold State. Economic life in the form of Associations is combined under brotherhood, the State under equality, and the spiritual field under liberty or freedom, and he says:

  • “No social State, constructed on an abstract centralized scheme, can carry freedom, equality, and brotherhood pell mell into practice.  But each of the three branches of the body social can derive its strength from one of these (contradictory) ideal impulses ; and then all three branches will work fruitfully in conjunction.”

Such is Steiner’s, as it has been called, “headless” Threefold State, and this he would further extend, in the same headless way, to a Threefold World State

  • “Such a close interweaving of interests will grow up, as will make territorial frontiers seem negligible in the life of mankind. The forces to which nationalities owe their growth require for their development free mutual interaction untrammelled by any ties that grow up between respective bodies of State and the Economic Associations.   And the way of achieving this is for the various national communities to develop the threefold order within their own social structures; and then their three branches can each expand its own relation with the corresponding branches of the other communities. In this way, peoples, States, economic bodies, become grouped together in formations that are very various in shape and character ; and every part of mankind becomes so linked with the other parts that each is conscious of the life of the other pulsing through its own daily interests . A league of nations is the outcome arising out of root impulses that correspond to actual realities.  There will be no need to ‘ institute’ one built up solely on legal theories of right.”

Finally, he says:   “There must be but one human race working at one common task, willing to read the signs of the times and to act in accordance with them

The whole is just another form of Mazzini’s “Associate, associate!” or Mrs. Alice Bailey’s “World State” by means of “unification” under the control of some mysterious “Supermen.” This dream of a World State is far from being new. We know that Weishaupt’s initiates had to take an oath swearing to help to their utmost the foundation of a Universal Republic ; and at the end of the eighteenth century the Illuminatus Anacharsis Clootz’s plan was


  • “All peoples forming only one nation, all the trades forming only one trade, all interests forming only one interest.”

Steiner was an Illuminatus said to have been linked to those who, towards the end of the nineteenth century, revived Weishaupt’s Illuminism. He was, therefore, apparently, carrying on the tradition in his Threefold World State. Moreover, with regard to intellectual interconnec-tions, necessary for this World State, we might quote the report 1928-29, of the “Society for Cultural Relations Between the Peoples of the British Commonwealth and the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics,” in which it was noted that the Anthroposophical Society (Steiner’s) was one of the organisations in contact with it.

A British Government Blue Book thus describes this S.C.R. : ” The Communist International favours it as a fertile ground for Communist propaganda of the intellectual variety.”   And there is little doubt that to-day every nation is conscious of the Soviet life ” pulsing through its own daily interests,” largely detrimental and disintegrating economically, politically, and spiritually. To take another phase of Anthroposophical teaching and practical application of its beliefs .

In December1932, Frau Lilly Kolisko, a leading member of the Anthroposophical Society in Stuttgart, came to London to lecture to an agricultural group of the Society which proposed to revive ancient astronomical or perhaps astrological customs, common among primitive people, adding to them, apparently, the science of Anthroposophy! Her theories were that plants and vegetables sown at the correct moon-phase grow much faster and moreluxuriantly than when the moon-phases are ignored .

[Editor’s Note: I reproduced Mdm Kolisko’s experiments (1983) with lunar cycles and plant growth as an undergrad-student at the university of S. Dakota and proved them to be true, to the astonishment of the entire faculty of Science. – oz]

That the earth breathes rhythmically, and that sowing, fertilising, and harvesting of crops can be worked into this rhythm. Further, that plants requiring much moisture grow a great deal better when planted two days before full moon, and those requiring little moisture during a waning moon. Pearce, in hisText-book of Astrology, tells us that more rain usually falls during the increase than during the decrease of the moon, as was proved by many experiments throughout the years 1868 to 1881.

Again, the ancients have said that oaks cut down in springtime, when the sap is rising, soon rot.      All timber trees should be felled during the winter solstice, and the last days of the moon, then the timber would last in perpetuity. Practically this is affirmed by R. Reynell Bellamy, in his book The Real South Seas. He says of the Kanakas of New Caledonia that they maintain that the flow of the sap is upwards with the waxing moon and downwards when it wanes. They plant maize, beans, etc., before the full moon, and root crops after.

Timber for building purposes they fell during the last phase of lunation, when the sap is at its lowest. As for the rhythmic breathing of the earth, they no doubt refer to the Great Breath or Swara of the Universe, the life-force-Pingala, the positive or sun breath; Ida, the negative or moon breath ; and the Sushumna, the central or uniting fire. There are also the five Tatwas of refined matter-ether, air (gaseous), fire (igneous), water (liquid), earth (solid). The whole process of creation on all planes of life is said to be performed by these Tatwas in their aspects of positive and negative.

All these phases follow and merge into each other in regular and continuous procession . They are the basis of all magic, black or white. They are Nature’s finer forces, but not spiritual or divine, except as instruments, the creative principle in all nature. Again, to repeat what we have previously said, speaking of astrology among the Chaldeans, Dollinger wrote:

  • “These men found a support in the Stoic philosophy, which, starting with the principle of the substantial identity of God and Nature, had come to look upon the stars as eminently divine, and placed divine government of the world in the immovable course of the celestial globes.”

In the time of Alexander the astrologers of the Chaldean and Alexandro-Egyptian schools were spread over Asia, Greece, and Italy, and taught that a secret influence from the planets descended uninterruptedly upon the earth and man, and that by magical cults and astrological prayers these planets could be acted upon and their forces directed as required.  In Illuminised orders, such as the R.R. et A.C.,   these planetary influences are invoked, or attracted, by the Jewish symbol of power, the six-rayed star ; and the higher grades are given at the various phases of the moon .

In Od and Magnetism, 1852, Reichenbach wrote

  • “The element of odic force is thus radiated towards us so abundantly by sunlight and moonlight that we can lay hold of it at our ease, and make use of it in simple experiments. How unbounded its influence is on the whole of humanity, and even on the whole animal and vegetable kingdoms, will be proved shortly. Od is accordingly a cosmic force that radiates from star to star, and has the whole universe for its field, just like light and heat.”

This Od [Chi]or, as the Rosicrucians say, magnetic fluid, is the universal life-force, generated by the sun, and reproduced by the moon, which can be used for good or perverted for evil.

In support of what we have written above we find the following in the Programme of the Anthroposophical Summer School, held at Tetbury, August 1934

  • “Dr. C. A. Mirbt will hold classes dealing with the anthroposophical conception of Agriculture.     The subjects will be as follows: the soil as the work of Cosmos and Earth;the soil as a manifestation of the evolution of the Earth; Etheric formative forces in plant and soil ; the true nature of manuring; the animal kingdom as manifestation of the astral world.”

Here we have the Cosmic forces of the stars and the magnetic forces of the earth. It is the basis of all the old pagan cults; it is the ancient Chaldean astrological lore and that of the old Rosicrucian medicinal herb-growers. Added to it all is the modern science of manuring!      Further Steiner, like the learned botanist of his youthful days, claimed to be able to see the vital or life-forces in the plant, to arrest these forces, and use them as required in his healing .Hence his “New Therapy” and the British Weleda Co ., Ltd., for dispensing the results of the ” Anthroposophical Medical Research,” incorporated in 1925.

[These remedies do in fact work true healing – oz]

By some it is maintained that this  ” Anthroposophical Agriculture ” is based, not on Astrology, but Astronomy. Yet Steiner’s astronomy in “Spiritual Science” appears to be a reversion to ancient and Eastern beliefs when Nature’s forces and phenomena were everywhere looked upon as active and ruling gods, sometimes good and sometimes evil. InAnthroposophy-Michaelmas, 1928, E. Vreede writes of this astronomy, and explains that behind the veil of the past and Nature the stars reveal themselves as  ‘ Colonies of Spiritual Beings,’ nine stages of hierarchies towering above man. Together they have formed and governed the world and man, under a World Spirit. In order that man should develop, these beings were seemingly withdrawn, and man was abandoned to mechanical laws;

  • “yet in this mechanism, as in all natural phenomena, spiritual beings are working.     The fact that in Spring the plants come forth from the soil, that blossom and fruit appear, and that the plants wither away in Autumn ; the fact that when here we have Autumn, Spring begins to burst on the other side of the Earth – all this is brought about by the Nature-Spirits, the gnomes, undines, sylphs together with the salamanders.”

Thus in the Stella Matutina four of its ceremonies end with the prayers of these nature spirits of water, air, earth, and fire, very beautiful as a piece of art, taking one back to childhood’s wonderful fairy tales.  Later, for the intellectual development of man, Ahrimanic beings (matter) were sent to consolidate the earth and veil spiritual reality. Yet again it is said that man and Nature were, from the beginning, fashioned according to the laws of Rhythm and Periodicity, and the law of gravity held sway over the earth.

Finally, as Steiner said:  ” When we observe the life of the world of stars, we are beholding the bodies of the Gods and ultimately of Divinity itself .”   This once more seems to reveal the pantheistic nature of Steiner’s whole teaching, “the bewitched God” en-shrouded in all nature;      The Jehovah of the cabalistic Jew-the Creative Principle. According to Steiner the Gods of the Sun, Moon, and Saturn-this Creative Principle-manifested in the body of Jesus of Nazareth as a Christ-impulse-the Serpent Power of the Yogis, the Logos or serpent of the Gnostics.

  • “And the fact that it was possible for the Christ-impulse to enter humanity was brought about by the ancient Initiation principle becoming historical fact.”

In From Sphinx to Christ, by Edouard Schure, the French and Jewish exponent of Steiner’s Neo-Gnostic Illuminism, we are given an account of this ancient pantheistic creed as applied to the Christ of the Christian Church, de-Christianising and Judaising Christian beliefs ; making Christ merely a super ” Deified Man.” The Sphinx represents the prepared body, offered in sacrifice, into which the Christ-impulse was to descend. The whole means the rise and perversion of the sex-force or serpent within man, attracting and uniting with the Lightning-Flash or Solar Christ-impulse from without, controlled by unknown directors-it is called initiation.

According to Schure:

  • “It was still necessary that, from birth up to the age of thirty, when the Christ would take possession of His human habitation, the body of Jesus should be refined and harmonized by an initiate of the highest rank (one who had passed through many incarnations!), so that a man almost divine should offer himself up as a sacrifice, a consecrated vessel, to receive the God- made man.”

Therefore, it is said that Jesus was a reincarnation of the high initiate Zoroaster! Later the “Master Jesus” was placed under the instructions of the Essenes, a fraternity of initiates who lived along the shores of the Dead Sea, where finally the ” voice within ” told him

  • “Thou hast laid thy body upon the altar of Adonai (the Lord of the Universe) like a lyre of ivory and gold. Now thy God claims thee that He may manifest Himself to men. He seeks thee and thou canst not escape Him! Offer thyself as sacrifice. Embrace the Cross!”

Then followed the initiation, the baptism in the Jordan by John the Baptist, of which Schure’ writes

  • “It is forbidden to help the one who was being baptised to leave the water ; the belief was that a breath of the Divine Spirit entered into him through the hand of the prophet and the waters of the river. The majority emerged from the test revivified ; some died ; others became insane as though possessed. These were called demoniacs.”

As to the ” Master Jesus “:

  • “He is aware of a sensation of drowning followed by a terrible convulsion and for some seconds he sees a chaotic picture of his whole past life then the darkness of unconsciousness. The transcendent Self, the immortal Soul of the Master Jesus has left his physical body for ever, and he is received back into the aura of the Sun. At the same moment, by an inverse movement, the Solar Genius, the sublime Being, whom we call Christ, entered the abandoned body and took possession of it, animating with new fire this human lyre that had been prepared through hundreds of generations. Lightning flashed from the sky, and ‘ as He emerged from the water, His whole body bathed in light, a luminous dove appeared above His head: the mystery of the Eternal Feminine, the spirit of Divine Love, transformer and vivifier of souls, to be called later by Christians the `Holy Spirit.’”  Then came a voice from above:” This is My beloved Son; to-day have I begotten Him.”

This version of the words is, Schure says, to be found in the early Hebrew gospel ; it works in better with his idea of this Cosmic Christ!)   ” The object of His mission is the spiritualisation of the world and ofman,” through Love and the opening of the Mysteries to all who may aspire to them. That is illuminising as through the innumerable Mystery sects of to-day !

Now this whole account might well be the history of the preparation and initiation of the many illuminised tools now being used in the widespread Universal Movement of to-day. As in this baptism, so in these initiations, some died, some were illuminised, losing their personalities, becoming controlled by some unknown Master, as for example Krishnamurti of the Theosophical Society,”Octavia ” of the Panacea Society, and many others.

The Illuminising Power was the Gnostic Trinity-the Father, the generating force ; the Holy Spirit, the Great Mother, the reproducer; the Son, the Cosmic Christ, the manifestation of the Creative Principle, the illuminising force, of all Gnostic and Cabalistic sects.

Schure further holds, thus in opposition to Mrs. Besant, that this Christ will not again occupy a materialbody, but will appear to such adepts who have astral vision.   Just as in the “House of Wisdom, Cairo,” the adepts were taught that Mohammed their prophet “could be contacted spiritually through meditation on the mystical doctrines!”   [Spirit Channeling]

Also in the R.R. et A.C., whichwas closely allied to Steiner’s group, their mysterious Master latterly appeared astrally to many members, masquerading as a Christ, demanding from the adepts complete sacrifice in service to the Great World Movement. And Schure says:

  • ” According to Rosicrucian tradition, the spirit which spoke to the world in the name of Christ and through the lips of the Master Jesus is closely related to the ruling star of our system, the Sun.”

This Christ-impulse is therefore a compelling power manipulated by these invisible directors, and the initiate penetrated by this force becomes merely the negative reproducer of the ideas and actions set in motion through this impulse. Under the mask of initiation he becomes diabolically possessed.

As M. Henri de Guillebert says

  • “The Jew looks upon himself as the Sun of humanity, the male, opposed to which the other peoples are but female, manifesting and assuring the coming of the Messianic era. In order to realise this sociological manifestation, the Jew organically extends his influence by means of secret societies created by him in order to spread everywhere his initiating force [hoping to realise] the `Universal Republic,’ controlled by the God of Humanity, the Jew of the Cabala.”



Max Heindel, who seceded from Steiner and founded ” The Rosicrucian Fellowship ” of California, published in 1911 his version of Steiner’s teachings in Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception.  In this his teaching about the Christ, like that of Steiner, shows the Manichaean influences.  To him the Christ is the Sun-Spirit, the King of Love, manifested magnetic life-force, the forces of attraction and cohesion ; this Christ-Firee descended, he said, into the body of Jesus of Nazareth at the age of thirty, during his baptism in the Jordan, and he then became the initiate Christ Jesus. His mission was to unite separate races and nations in one Universal Brotherhood, of which he was to be the Eldest Brother. Ninety-nine did not require salvation, but were to reach perfection by way of rebirth and consequences, that is, Reincarnation and Karma .Christ was only to redeem the stragglers and open the way of initiation to all !

To illustrate their methods of shaping and hewing their dupes, Max Heindel explains:

  • “Physiologists note that certain areas of the brain are devoted to particular thought activities.      Now it is known that thought breaks down and destroys nerve tissues [which] are replaced by the blood.  When through the development of the heart into a voluntary muscle, the circulation of the blood finally passes under the absolute control of the unifying life-spirit -the Spirit of Love (so-called Christ-Force) it will then be within the power of that Spirit to withhold the blood from those areas of the mind devoted to selfish purposes. As a result these particular thought centres will gradually atrophy. On the other hand, it will be possible for the spirit to increase the blood supply, when the mental activities are altruistic, and thus build up the areas devoted to altruism.”


Here we appear to have a more or less diabolical hypnotic method, gradually muting all strong and sane faculties, creating single-eyed fanatics, false idealists, soft peace-mongers, yet willing to revolutionise nations and break up Empires. As Max Heindel puts it:


  • “Working toward Universal Brotherhood in accordance with the designs of our invisible Leaders, who are none the less potent in shaping events because they are not officially seated in the councils of the- nations.” Again : ” The national, tribal, and family unity must first be broken up before Universal Brotherhood can become a fact.”


Everywhere we see these unities being acted upon for this apparent purpose! All methods are employed to ensnare the unwary but desired prey.



In his Essai sur la secte des Illumines, the Marquis de Luchet, a Mason, wrote in 1789 :

  • “There exists a crowd of small anti-philosophical groups, composed of learned women, theological Abbes, and some so-called Sages.  Each group has its beliefs, its prodigies, hierophants, missionaries, adepts,- and its detractors. Each professes to explain the Bible in favour of its system, to found its religion, fill its temple, and multiply its catechumens.     Here Jesus Christ plays a great role ; there it is the Devil ; elsewhere it is Nature, and again Faith. Everywhere reason is null, science is useless, experience is a chimera.”


Speaking of Rosicrucianism, Paul Vulliaud says:


  • “As it progresses, this movement augments the number of its Masters by linking to itself all isolated Theosophists:   Boehme, Jane Lead, etc., forming a kind of patristic chain.” Enlarging on the precursors of Freemasonry, Gustave Bord, 19o8, tells us that Boehme, a more or less uneducated shoemaker, was born near Gorlitz in 1575. Known as the Teutonic Philosopher, he was a mystic, theosophist, and visionary ; influenced by the philosophies of Paracelsus and Cornelius Agrippa, he was led to mysticism, and “was convinced that he held, by special grace from God, the universal and absolute science, which he communicated to his readers without order, without proofs, in a language borrowed from the Apocalypse and alchemy. We find in Boehme a vast system of metaphysics, the foundation of which is an unbridled pantheism.”


After reading Boehme’s Six Theosophic Points, and other works, we are forced to come to a similar conclusion.

Coming to the present day, most of the many sects we have written about can be referred to as belonging to one form or another of Theosophical mysticism or Rosicrucian illuminism-gnostic and pantheistic, the cult of Nature and Naturalism.  One of the most insistent and ambitious of these is the Panacea Society, about which we have written much in the past.  Briefly, its history is as follows:

  • A mystic sect, under the name of “Philadelphians,” was founded in 1652 by Jane Lead, an enthusiastic admirer of Boehme, for the purpose ofexplaining his writings. She herself was said to have received mystical revelations, which were published as Sixty Propositions to the Philadelphian Society, whithersoever dispersed as the Israel of God.”


Like the writings of Boehme, these revelations were Gnostic and Rosicrucian Illuminism.      From Jane Lead and their seven successive prophets, forming a patristic chain, was evolved the present Panacea Society, with ” Octavia ” as mystic leader and Rachel Fox as president. Their Trinity is similar to that of the Universal Gnostic Church, which invokes thus : “Glory be to Father and to Mother, to Son and to Daughter, and to the Holy Spirit without and within.” The Panacea Society recognizes The Father of Light, the generative fire ; the Holy Ghost, the Great Mother ; the Son, Christ, or active manifestation of the Father, the Bridegroom ; the Daughter, the negative manifestation of the Mother, Shiloh, the Bride, who, they said, descended into ” Octavia,” the latter thus becoming the passive instrument, receiving and transmitting the power from above-that of her Master! They, too, received revelations, published as TheWritings of the Holy Ghost-A Series of papers for My beloved.  Their means of enlightenment were limited to these writings, the Bible, the Apocrypha, and the writings of their prophets. They had two fixed ideas: the opening of Joanna Southcott’s mysterious box in the presence of twenty-four bishops, six Jews of repute and others, and which they claimed contained the means of saving England in the coming storm, and bringing deliverance to Judah; the other was magnetic-healing by charged sections of linen and water,” [holy underwear of the Mormons – oz] a sure deliverance and protection, so that  death may  become non-existent.”

Further, 144,000 ” Israel or the Immortals ” were to be sealed and set apart for service, and recently we heard that twelve square miles of land had been bought, whereon these 144,000, when chosen, were to be settled.  As showing their attitude towards the Jews, the two following advertisements, taken from Jewish papers, are interesting

  • “Not anti-Semitism, but anti-Hamitism-The Panacea Society is anxious to help the Jews (descendants of Shem) to deliver themselves from the abominable charges which bring about anti-Semitic persecution. The first thing to learn is that it is the descendants of Ham, who say they are Jews, and are not, who are, and always have been, the enemies of God and man.”
  • (2) “Good News for the Jews-the Prophet’s promises and the Pharisaic ideals of a kingdom ruled by God upon earth are on the edge of becoming FACT, for the week of 6,ooo years of 6 days of i,ooo years each is rapidly closing, and the Sabbath of Rest for Israel and for Judah during the reign of the Messiah [ZIONISM]on earth is about to commence.  Enquire, Panacea Society, Bedford.”

This, they say,

  • ” will be the end of the Adamic age, which followed the Atlantean, Lemurian, and other ages, the history of which is shrouded in Mystery, God’s Sabbath of Rest is the seventh thousand from Adam [when] men will live on earth delivered from sin, sickness, and death by reason that Satan will be cast off the earth into the place prepared for him.”

Again, in a leaflet headed “To Our Brethren of the tribe of Judah,” they say that it is for the union of

Judah and Israel the world is waiting, and these isles are their place of gathering ; that King George V is descended from Zedekiah, King of Judah ; therefore the Hebrews have a king, a country, and because the Union Jack means, they say, the union of Jacob, they have also a national flag! But both Judaism and Christianity have, they say, sinned, in that the former rejects the Son and the latter rejects the Daughter! Needless to say, the Panacea Society has accepted both, and therefore, alone of all religions or cults it possesses the wholetruth!

Again they say they have forsaken “all contrivances of man in philosophies, philanthropies, governments, churches, cults, such as Higher Thought, Christian Science, Theosophy, Occultism, etc.,” and are seeking “alone for a New Life.” Nevertheless, their cult is built up of mystic Illuminism, Rosicrucianism, and Gnosticism, and one of their admired predecessors was Jacob Boehme, the Teutonic Philosopher and Theosophist !

Finally, we have another leaflet, headed “The Last Religion for the Last Times-the ‘whosoever’ Religion,” based on the text, “Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered.” They continue:

  • “We do not for a moment discount the religions which have served our and other nations during the 6,00o years of comparative peace, when it was right to follow the religious teachings of childhood. But this `whosoever’ religion is for a time of war-the final war between God and the devils-and when such things as earthquakes, wars and rumours of wars, and distress of nations with perplexity are about, as they certainly are to-day, it is most reasonable to suppose that a very simple form of religion, such as a straightforward command to call upon God for deliverance (for `myself and my family’) would be provided.”

Curiously enough, we have heard much in recent months of a somewhat similar but anonymous ” Whosoever ” religion, publicly calling upon the people of the nation to pray for “deliverance and protection for myself and my family, etc.” It would be satisfactory to those who have in good faith responded to this anonymous call, which is still persisting, September 1935, and signed the petition, if this mystery of similarity could be solved.

We hear the Panacea Society is once more stirring, making last desperate attempts to get the notorious Joanna Southcott box opened. In order to hasten matters they have made a small concession, in that they will allow twenty-four clergy nominated by the Bishops to open the box, and if the contents do not prove to be the panacea for world ills as expected by the Society, the box and all it contains may be burned. Is it that the cold winds of doubt are entering into some of their souls!

Joanna Southcott, 1792-1814, was the second link of the patristic chain of seven visitations based on Jane Lead’s writings, on which the Panacea Society builds its mission to England. In a short statement of “The Doctrines of the Dispensation of the Holy Ghost (during which death will cease),” published by the Society in 1922, the following points refer to the box and its mission:

  • You have probably heard that Joanna Southcott left a box, corded and nailed, of sealed MSS. The box is the Ark of the Testament, alluded to in Rev. xi.19, called so because it contains God’s Will and Testament for this country (!)
  • You may also have heard that this box can only be delivered up and opened by twenty-four Bishops of the Church of England, who are the twenty-four elders mentioned in Rev. xi. 16, and are the executors of the Will.
  • The box was originally left in the care of the Rev. Thomas Foley, Vicar of Old Swinford, Worcester, and upon his death it was given into the care of his son Richard, Vicar of North Cadbury. The present custodian (1922), also a Churchman, is under an oath not to deliver up the box except to twenty-four bishops who will comply with certain conditions laid down by the Lord (!).
  • The box will be applied for in a time of grave national danger. The ark or box will prove publicly the truth of what has so long been developing privately, and also will prove the integrity of the Church, by placing before her the proof of a New Divine Revelation, before which she must bow or cease to exist.
  • Is this in reality a New Revelation?

Is it not rather old as the cults of the remotest past which went to build up the Jewish Magical Cabala-Sabeists and workers in “fluidic magic “?  Here are a few points of their revelations at that time, which seem to show relationship to these ancient beliefs :

  • “What do the Bishops know of (i) Spirit, soul, and body, and their relation to the glories of the sun, moon, and stars [astral influences] ?
  •  Of the coming immortal state of man and woman upon Earth, and how it will be brought about [Illuminism!] ?
  • Of the Eternal and Enduring Motherhood of the Holy Ghost [Jerusalem above], who is the Third person in the Blessed Trinity?”

We have seen that their Trinity is cabalistic and gnostic, in which its aim is illumination or illuminism, the Son being the vivifying force which, as the gnostics say, creates “Christs,” or deifies man. It is union with the universal life-force which would appear to be eternal, and by this union, they believe, man would become immortal in his body-would never die!

” Octavia” writes in Healing for All

  • “To sum up, Joanna plays on the same strings as Jane Lead [under the influence of Jacob Boehme], the coming restitution of all things at the end of 6,ooo years, and all to be brought in by Woman [passive mediumistic instruments!] the last hour of the 6,ooo years is running out.”

Again, she writes to the Rural Deans

  • “The Diocesan Bishops have been adjured to inform the clergy of sacred and secret revelations made in this country upon the coming cataclysm and upon the protective measures which the Lord has prepared, whereby a remnant will be saved out of the overthrow, but they have with one consent rejected every overture.
  • Meanwhile, there is time to approach the Bishops and to demand that the records be searched, particularly that the Ark containing the word of the Lord through the Prophetess Joanna Southcott be opened, for the `time of grave national danger,’ which is to mark its opening, is here ” (May 1923).
  • Thousands of pounds, they say, have been spent, and for twenty years or so statements have been sent to the Bishops; they even, in May 1924, sent a petition signed by 11,208 persons in England requesting the Archbishop of Canterbury and other Bishops to open the box. In this instance the statement was sent to forty-two Bishops, the Chaplain-General of the Forces, and the Dean of Westminster. The Archbishop replied that he had done his part ” to meet the wishes of those, whoever they may be, who have control of the box or boxes, for my correspondents tell me there are rivalboxes.”

As we know, in 1927 a box was opened by the National Laboratory of Psychical Research, but the result was more a farce than a fiasco! Moreover, an organisation known as the ” Fishers of Men,” whose notepaper, according to the Evening Standard, was headed by a drawing of a serpent being stabbed by a dagger, though believing in the Divine Mission of Joanna Southcott, they dissociated themselves from the Panacea Society’s decision to allow the box to be opened by twenty-four nominated clergy instead of twenty-four Bishops. As they said, such a concession

  • “can only result in disaster and not the hoped-for blessings .”

This symbol of the ” Fishers of Men ” appears to place the Society among modern cabalistic Illuminati, for according to Eliphas Levi, in his History of Magic,

  • “The secret of the Great Work, which is the fixation of the Astral Light by a sovereign act of will, is represented by the adepts as a serpent pierced with an arrow, thus forming the Hebrew letter Aleph.”

The Trinity in Unity of the Cabalists! The Patristic mission of the Panacea Society and its affiliations is apparently to illuminise England by means of controlled Illuminati, and their overmasters are no doubt the ever-ubiquitous Brothers of the Great White Lodges, who are cabalists!



To return for a moment to Rudolf Steiner, we would note that Rom Landau, in his book, God is My Adventure,  1935,  writes about the Anthroposophical Community Church as told to him by one of its young ministers. No doubt it is the same movement spoken of by Albert Steffen in 1926 as the Christengemeinschaft, whose priests were present at Steiner’s funeral.

Steiner, it would seem, was the adviser and “spiritual inspirer ” of this Community Church, which was initiated in June 1921, by a group of young ministers and laymen at Stuttgart, where Steiner gave a ” Lecture Course to Theologians.” The group collected again at Dornach, and once more Steiner lectured to them on his teachings about Christ. Their traditional beliefs were deeply shaken: they decided to form a new Church based on Steiner’s revelations, and they evolved a constitution which was approved of by Steiner. In September 1922 he ordained Rittelmeyer by laying on of hands, and Rittelmeyer in turn ordained a number of young ministers.

According to Steiner: ” Anthroposophy addresses itself to man’s need of knowledge and brings knowledge; the Christian Community Church addresses itself to man’s need for resurrection and brings Christ.” That is awakening the “God within ” or kundalini, bringing about illuminism !      Now we know Steiner’s teaching on Christ is that of the Manichaeans and the Jews of the Alexandrian School. His God is the Universal Creative Principle, and his Christ-Impulse is merely the vivifying and illuminising force of that same Principle ; and the Resurrection, Crucifixion, and Ascension are no more than mystical teachings as taught by the Manichaeans .