AZOTHOZ: A Book of the Adversary (excerpts)
By Michael W. Ford, Succubus Publishing (2009)

In working with the Adversary, one must be focused on the Great Work of Becoming like Lucifer, thus keeping by Will developing in the Higher Octave, being the Luciferian Sabbat– the ecstasy of the Light of Iblis, the very Knowledge and Communication of the Holy Guardian Angel or Angelic Familiar. This is the essence of the Great Work, the bare root or essence of what the focus of Black Magick and Luciferian Witchcraft/Sorcery entails.

A study of the Janus-Headed Adversary is essential in the context of the Sabbatic/Luciferian Path as well as others. In the Brotherhood of Saturn the God of the Saturnian Sphere is Baphomet–Temohpab, being an Angel-Demon of both a positive and negative side. In AZOTHOZ, Lucifer is the Baphometic Spirit which presents in lyrical prose the sides of the Adversary, in terms of Sethanic (of SET) Witchcraft and the Left Hand Path. Set is presented in AZOTHOZ as the Egyptian Godform of Chaos, Darkness and Storms. He is in this sigillic mask the initiator and tester, the opposer and flame giver.

It is indeed the mask of Set which was given unto his bride, Lilith, to spawn CAIN, the first sorcerer and initiator of Witchblood. As written in Azothoz:

Lilith came unto the Prince of Darkness

whom found the shores of the Red Sea

in passion and nocturnal lust knew

the passions of man and woman

thus children of this infernal union born

This represents the formula of Sex Magick within a Left Hand Path perspective. They (Samael/Lucifer & Lilith-Awlraun) join in their circle of flame at the shores of the Red Sea to copulate and breed Daemons. The significance of the Red Sea is the point of the Ocean from which Leviathan arises, thus Leviathan the coiling dragon (the CIRCLE) brings the Lucifer and Lilith in Sexual Congress, by Will they create the first born of Witchblood = Cain. This is mirrored by the initiate who is able by the solitary act to bring in union both the masculine (Lucifer/Samael) and the daemonic feminine (Lilith) to spawn Cain (the united Self, the Adversary in flesh, Baphomet).

… it is the union of the Daemonic Spirit or True Will with the sorcerer. In this process, the passing and invocation of power brings the initiate in the passing of Witchblood. Azothoz is the word which brings the self to the fall and then to discover in the darkness the Black Flame within, the very gift of Iblis. It is the idea of this word, spoken in silence by the sorcerer or witch, to encircle the self in the Holy Fire of Samael and Lilith, those who rebelled from the Natural Order (Right Hand Path = death of being) to bring man and woman intelligence, being known as the Black Flame. The magician speaks the word of making to become as a God himself; Cain is born from the union of the Dragon and Harlot.

The practitioner of the Art Magical Is one who seeks the Knowledge and Conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel or Luciferian Angel, but also to enflesh the Bestial Aspects of his being, thus developing the Shadow and the Light aspects of his being.

This is the Great Work, through isolation in the antinomian path does the Luciferian Sorcerer come forth and recreate himself/herself as a God.

Humanism is therefore an exoteric form of Satanism – oz

There are 13 illustrations of the grimoire, each holding a focus of the Luciferian Gnosis is some way or another. “The Spirit of Azothoz” beholds the Eye of Set [1] or Saturnus, the Adversary [This is the eye of the illuminati Cult].  This eye is surrounded by Flame, and is at first glance a serpent’s eye.[2] This is the wisdom driving sigil of the discovery of dreaming and waking knowledge, that which lies hidden. “Iblis” is a powerful sigillic drawing which interplays with the 6th section of the poem, the descending dragon-angel which is Azazel, or Lucifer. This Adversarial Spirit is shown with Angelic traits (the upper which falls from the Sun) to the Demonic (which descends but then reaches towards the Light again). It is a process of coming into being as the Adversary, horned and crowned in the Midnight Sun, thus emerging Shaitan of Midnight. The 17th and 18th section of the poem displays the “Alphabet of Desire” which presents the language of making and the subconscious spells made flesh. The sigils are aligned within two Trapezoids crowned by Cain the Adversary and the Apep – Demon of Chaos, surrounded by sigillic formulas of Antinomian Self-Deification; the making of the Luciferian Mind through Solitude and Isolation asceticism. This is a process of developing the self through the Mark of Cain and the declaration of separation from the Natural Order. This allows the magician to grow without outside and society crippling dogma.[i]

[1]     Here is found the Eye of Horus or one Mark of Cain = Illuminati icon.  The other is the Cross itself.

[2]     This specific icon is found on the US Dollar Bill at the top of the Pyramid, complete with a serpent’s (reptilian) eye.

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