To the Satanist sex is a powerful force, a force that is to be respected not misused, after all it is through sex that a being is born and this by itself indicates the vast amount of power that sex beholds to the Satanist. Sexuality in Satanism then is not simply reducible to sado-masochism, rape, child-abuse or sexual torture. Such observations reflect a psychological problem within the opposers of Satanism rather than the Satanists themselves. For the Satanists say that it is the Christian religion that has disrespected the most important act of the animal kingdom by reducing it to a sinful act.  In Satanism a number of different approaches to sex are taken and whilst groups such as the Order of Nine Angles include numerous sexual elements in their rituals, including orgies, other groups such as the Society of Dark Lily view sex as an important aspect of self-knowledge. From this perspective the Satanist should understand and accept his or her sexuality, an understanding which requires ‘a complete comprehension of one’s attitude and behavior in relation to [one’s] sexuality…’  By experimenting with one’s own sexuality one should eventually find the mode of sexual expression that he or she is best suited to and it is only by such sexual experimentation that this can be found.

by performing a sexual ritual the participants are able to access their own subconscious mind far quicker than is possible in other circumstances such as prolonged meditation. Such methods of sexual magic, when performed under a ritualistic setting provide the participants with a focus for the conscious mind, which then enables the more advanced of the two participants to raise the level of contact to the psychological rather than the purely physical. Under such methods ‘the work of many weeks can be compressed into days or hours.’  The transference from the physical to the psychological is a method whereby the energy raised may be directed within the psyche and used to balance and cleanse the individual psychologically, where the destruction of specific aspects of the individual’s psyche are necessary for further development to be made. The use of sex is considered then, not to be – as the Order of Nine Angles perceive it – drawing forth energy, but rather in the speed that the changes in consciousness are made and in the creation of balance and the restoration of health.

… the Order of Nine Angles Rite of Nine Angles provides a prime example of a method of ritualistic Sexual Magic. The sexual nature of the rite may be performed in two ways. Firstly, a Priest and Priestess perform the ritual naked upon an isolated hilltop. The rite itself involves the use of the Sound Magick technique known as vibration, which involves the Priest projecting, in syllables the following words of power: “Nythra Kthunae Atazoth.” Thus the syllable “Ny” is sounded for a period of between ten and twenty seconds, then “thra” is sounded for the same period of time and so on. Such methods of Sound Magic enable the participants to activate hitherto unknown areas of their minds and cause changes in consciousness as though inducing a semi trance-like state. The Priest therefore vibrates these words in the direction of the Priestess who holds a quartz crystal tetrahedron in her palms. After this vibration has been completed, the Priestess lies on the ground, still holding the crystal whilst the Priest performs cunnilingus. When the Priestess is suitably aroused the Priest then begins copulation, during which the Priestess visualizes a gateway situated in the stars above them opening and a black nebulous chaos flowing downwards to the earth.

The second form of the Rite of Nine Angles, known as the Cthonic form, is performed with the addition of a congregation who hold an orgy after the rite whilst the Priest and Priestess vibrate specific words of power and trained cantors chant a particularly difficult and elaborate Sinister Chant. The energy from the orgy is used to enhance the presencing of the Dark Gods who are then said to manifest. The changes of consciousness that may occur through such a rite can be equated on one level with the creation of the Antichrist, that is, the Satanist who absorbs the power brought forth through the ritual becomes akin to the Antichrist, an individual who embodies the power of the Dark Gods of the Sinister Tradition. Such an individual is considered to be, on a psychic level, a gateway [1] to the abode of the Dark Gods.

The role of the orgy within Satanism has two main functions. Firstly it provides a release of any sexual repression, be it conscious or unconscious, that has been acquired during and prior to the individual’s puberty. This period of sexual development has largely been corrupted, according to Satanists, by the rise of Christian morality concerning sexuality. By virtue of this repression during the most important period of sexual development, Christianity has distorted numerous psyches with an un-insightful advocation of celibacy that does not lead one to self-knowledge but to psychical disorder. This repression is therefore inevitably sublimated in numerous ways. Accordingly some individuals may sublimate the sexual energy in such a manner that they orientate towards sexual criminality. [The disordered mind is also more amenable to taqlid; another form of Satanism.]

The role of the Satanic orgy is therefore to indulge and delight in sexual congress in whatever manner the individual desires. The orgy takes place, according to the tradition of the Order of Nine Angles, after an external magical ritual, the Black Mass being one of the more common. The second function of sex within the orgiastic sphere is that concerning the direction of the energies raised through unrestrained sexual indulgence. With the inclusion of an orgiastic element within Traditional Satanic rites, the energy that the ritual would have produced is naturally expanded to include the sexual energy which is then directed towards a specific intent according to the preset aims of the Master and Mistress of the Temple. An alternative method is for the energy to be stored in a crystal for use at a later date.

Although the above are the balanced expressions of ritualistic sexual magic, there are cases where some Satanists utilize aspects of sexuality that are considered abhorrent, evil and that are unlawful. Yet, although there are cases whereby women initiates may become the so-called victim, there is no evidence whatsoever that pedophilia is occurring within Satanism and even though there have been numerous allegations from the media connecting Satanism to child-abuse, the only cases of ritual child abuse that have been successfully prosecuted in court are those that find the pedophile to be a Christian minister or Priest. [i]

Author’s Note:  This last statement is patently untrue.  See endnote  [ii], a “must read” for serious students.

[1]     i.e. crossing the forbidden barrier between men and jinn

[i]           Society of Dark Lily. ‘The LHP View of Sex-Magick’ in Dark Lily 6 (Dark Lily: London, 1988);  ‘Sex and the Occult’ in Dark Lily (Dark Lily: London. 1990),

[ii]          Satanic Ritual Abuse and Its Political Implications

This transcript is from a presentation by Neil Brick at the Association for Humanist Sociology Conference in Madison WI on October 12, 2002… This page has been put on the web by S.M.A.R.T., P O Box 1295, Easthampton, MA 01027 E-mail:  (retrieved 15 Dec 2009)

As a survivor of ritual abuse and mind control, I have personally had the opportunity to examine how I was discouraged from expressing myself and forced to follow others. This eventually caused me to constantly examine my surroundings and create my own intellectual reality. I have seen others blindly follow proscribed sex roles in terms of dress, behavior and career and blindly follow proscribed religious and political guidelines. I somehow seem to have escaped much of this, only following what was absolutely necessary to survive in the world. Some of my discussion will quote billie rain’s ‘02 conference transcript from our August ‘02 ritual abuse conference. (listed as BR) It is available on the web at http://members. .

How mind control encourages silence

from BR: “When my abusers were raping me, they had me convinced that nobody would believe me if I told, and if that didn’t deter me, they would kill me….In her book Thinking Class, Joanna Kadi writes: Child sexual abuse teaches us lessons about power- who has it and who doesn’t. These lessons, experienced on a bodily level, transfer into the deepest levels of our conscious and subconscious being, and correspond with other oppressive systems. Widespread child sexual abuse supports a racist, sexist, classist and atheist society that attempts to train citizens into docility and unthinking acceptance of whatever the government and big business deem fit to hand out (Kadi, 73).” Being believed has been shown to help people heal. Part of the false memories emphasis on discreditation has been to slow down the healing of survivors, especially ritual abuse survivors. Several of the people in the false memory field have been tied to mind control experimentation and pro-pedophilia philosophies. It is well known in the child abuse field that ritual abuse exists. But the big lie has been promoted throughout the mainstream media that the opposite is true. This has encouraged some survivors to be silent. Others, like myself, have spoken out more. Fear of harm would also be another proponent that could cause a survivor to be silent. If the statistics are true that child abuse is endemic and that ritual abuse is widely spread, then child abuse could be scaring people into silence.

From “Cultural and Economic Barriers to Protecting Children from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control,” Catherine Gould, Ph.D.

“Among 2,709 members of the American Psychological Association who responded to a poll, 2,292 cases of ritual abuse were reported (Bottoms, Shaver, & Goodman, 1993). …Childhelp USA logged 1,741 calls pertaining to ritual abuse,… Real Active Survivors tallied nearly 3,600, Justus Unlimited of Colorado received almost 7,000, and Looking Up of Maine handled around 6,000.” “Evidence also continues to accumulate that the ritual abuse of children constitutes a child abuse problem of significant scope.” (Studies and numbers are listed.) “Finkelhor, Williams and Burns (1988)…substantiated reports of sexual abuse …involving 1,639 … child victims…” Other reports of possible ritual abuse include: Kelly (1988; 1989; 1992a; 1992b; 1993) 35 day care victims, Waterman et al.(1993) 82 children, Faller (1988; 1990) 18 children, Bybee and Mowbray(1993) 62 children, 53 children seeing others being ritually abused, Snow and Sorenson (1990) 39 children reporting ritual abuse, in Utah, and Jonker and Jonker-Bakker(1991) 48 victims of ritual abuse.” “..58% of the ritual abuse cases in the Finkelhor (1988) study that went to trial resulted in convictions. In the Kelly (1992b) study, convictions were obtained in 80% of the ritual and sexual abuse cases combined.” “convictions were obtained in 11% of all ritual child abuse cases studied by Bottoms et al. (1991; 1993).”

From: Cult and Ritual Abuse (authors Noblitt and Perskin, Praeger, 1995), Page 170, “One of the best sources of evaluative research on ritual abuse is the article “Ritual Abuse: A Review of Research” by Kathleen Coulborn Faller (1994)….in a survey of 2,709 members of the American Psychological Association, it was found that 30 percent of these professionals had seen cases of ritual or religion- related abuse (Bottoms, Shaver & Goodman, 1991). Of those psychologists who have seen cases of ritual abuse, 93 percent believed that the reported harm took place and 93 percent believed that the alleged ritualism occurred. This is a remarkable finding. Mental health professionals are known to be divergent in their thinking and frequently do not agree with one another regarding questions of the diagnosis and etiology of psychiatric problems…this level of concurrence in a large national sample of psychologists…would be impressive….the similar research of Nancy Perry (1992) which further supports (the previous findings)…Perry also conducted a national survey of therapists who work with clients with dissociative disorders and she found that 88 percent of the 1,185 respondents indicated “belief in ritual abuse, involving mind control and programming.”

These numbers would show us that many people are mind controlled into silence through extreme fear, and torture. Healing from abuse is one way to empower oneself and get one’s voice back. A variety of statistical studies have shown that between ten to thirty three percent of children are sexually abused before the age of 18.

The History of Childhood As the History of Child Abuse – Lloyd deMause:

“The historical record points to childhood being a nightmare from which we have only recently begun to awaken. Children have historically been killed, abandoned, terrorized, and sexually abused by their caretakers…. Rather than the incest taboo being universal, it is incest itself that is universal.” From BR: “I know too many people, male and female, who were sexually abused as children. Most of them were not able to comprehend what happened to them or speak out about it until they were adults. Child sexual abuse is such a crime, not because it is illegal, but because of the incredible damages it does to a young mind, body and heart.” Ritualized forms of abuse have also occurred in institutionalized settings. Many court trails and hearings have occurred in Canada. Several of these have also concerned cultural genocide.

School abuse suits may cost $1 billion FSIN is outraged government is adding more lawyers to handle influx of lawsuits James Parker – The Star Phoenix 9/4/02 “The federal government and the churches that ran the residential schools on behalf of Ottawa are facing more than 4,500 cases involving about 11,000 individuals. About 540 cases have been settled since 1996. So far, the government has paid out $37 million to compensate plaintiffs for physical and sexual abuse and expects to spend more than a $1 billion dealing with the cases. Some suits also claim the schools perpetrated cultural genocide.”

Fear is a major component of abuse. The abuser may tell the child that something will happen to themselves or others if they tell. The political implications of this are fairly obvious. It will be much more difficult for a survivor of child abuse to speak out about world injustices due to their trained silence and disempowerment. Many survivors have severe adjustment and addiction problems (as cited in our newsletter), making political advocacy and analysis nearly impossible for some until healing occurs. Not only has child abuse been used to control and manipulate people, but it has also been used by the US government to control internal and foreign policy.

Mind Control – Experiments On Children – CIA Experiments With Mind Control on Children by Jon Rappoport, Source: Perceptions Magazine, September/October 1995 10734 Jefferson Blvd., Suite 502, Culver City, CA 90230, (310) 313-5185:  “Officially spanning ten years from 1952-62, MK-ULTRA involved the use of LSD on unwitting military and civilian subjects in the United States. LSD and more powerful compounds were given under duress as brainwashing and truth serum drugs. The program’s aim was to find drugs which would irresistibly bring out deep confessions or wipe a subject’ s mind clean and program him or her as “a robot agent.” ….Dr. Louis “Jolly” West of UCLA, who tried to establish a center for “the study of violence” at the university in the 1970s. This center’s specialty would have been psychosurgery, a horrendous melting of brain connections, supposedly to curb people’s “violent tendencies.” ” Jon Rappoport’s website is :

Mind Control – The CIA, Mind Control & Children – CKLN-FM Mind Control Series – Part 10, A Talk by John Rappoport – CKLN FM 88.1 – Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, CKLN-FM, tapes, CKLN, 380 Victoria St., Jorgenson Hall, Ryerson University, Toronto, CANADA. E-mail:,

Claudia Mullin spoke at the “Statement to Presidential Report on Radiation, Claudia S. Mullen, March 15, 1995. From Smart Issue #15 “Between the years of 1957 and 1984, I (allegedly) became a pawn in a government scheme, whose ultimate goal was mind control and ultimately to create the “perfect spy”. All through the use of chemicals, radiation, drugs, hypnosis, electric shock, isolation in large tubs of hot or cold water, sleep deprivation, brainwashing; and verbal, physical and emotional abuse. By the time I was 9, I was also being sexually abused and humiliated as a coercive technique.”

From Rappoport : “Claudia Mullin, the other of Dr. Wolf’s patients who testified before the President’s Committee on Radiation, said her experiences with CIA mind-control experiences began when she was seven years old: ”In 1958, 1 was to be tested, they told me, by some important doctors coming from a place called the ‘Society’ [the Human Ecology Society, a CIA front]. I was told to cooperate; answer any of their questions. Then, since the test ‘might hurt,’ I would be given ’shots, x-rays, and a few jolts of electricity. ‘I was instructed not to look at anyone’s face too hard and to ignore names,’ as this was ‘a very secret project’ but to be brave an all those things would help me forget…” A Dr. John Gittinger tested me and Dr. Cameron gave me the shocks and Dr. Greene the x-rays… By the time I left to go home, just like every time from then on, I would recall nothing of my tests or the different doctors. I would only remember whatever explanations Dr. Robert G. Heath [of Tulane Medical School] gave me for the odd bruises, needle marks, burns on my head and fingers and even the genital soreness. I had no reason to believe otherwise. Already, they had begun to control my mind!” The next year, I was sent to a place in Maryland called Deep Creek Cabins to learn how to ’sexually please men.’ Also, I was taught how to coerce them into talking about themselves. It was Richard Helms (Deputy Director of the CIA), Dr. Gottlieb, Captain George White and Morse Allen, who all planned on filming as many high government and agency officials and heads of academic institutions and foundations as possible… I was to become a regular little ’spy’ for them, after that summer, eventually entrapping many unwitting men, including themselves, all with the use of a hidden camera. I was only nine when this kind of sexual humiliation began.” There are also two more excellent personal accounts now available on how children were ritually abused and used for political purposes.

From a book review written by Lynn Hersha, one of the authors of the book, Secret Weapons – Two SistersTerrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage by Cheryl and Lynn Hersha with Dale Griffis, Ph D. and Ted Schwartz. New Horizon Press, P O Box 669 Far Hills, NJ 07931 – ISBN 0-88282-196-2: “In the United States, the American public has had the knowledge of the CIA’s Top Secret Program, MKUltra, and its experimentation in Mind Control on adult volunteers and unwitting subjects. Now, we have a well-documented, verifiable account of not one, but two childrens’ long untold stories of being CHILD subjects of Project MKUltra. Quotes from the book: “By the time Cheryl Hersha came to the facility, knowledge of multiple personality was so complete that doctors understood how the mind separated into distinct ego states, each unaware of the other. First, the person traumatized had to be both extremely intelligent and under the age of seven, two conditions not yet understood though remaining consistent as factors. The trauma was almost always of a sexual nature…” p. 52 “The government researchers, aware of the information in the professional journals, decided to reverse the process (of healing from hysteric dissociation). They decided to use selective trauma on healthy children to create personalities capable of committing acts desired for national security and defense.” p. 53 – 54″

A Nation Betrayed: The Chilling and true story of Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on Our Children and Other Innocent People by Carol Rutz: “A Nation Betrayed is the culmination of documentation obtained from over 18,000 pages of declassified documents and testimony from survivors of these experiments. Rutz’s book gives us a firsthand view of a government in such fear of communism that it loses sight of the safety of its own people. To counter the threat of communism, the CIA conspires to build the perfect spy from our country’s innocent children. After being imported for their knowledge and expertise, some of the same Nazi scientists and doctors who performed grizzly experiments carried out in the death camps during World War II join forces with the U.S. Government in these efforts. [Japanese Doctors were imported as well – oz]

Her book walks us through her horrifying journey of experimentation and training by her CIA torturers beginning at the age of four as part of the government sanctioned Bluebird/Artichoke and MKULTRA Projects. Using electroshock, drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, and insidious trauma, our government performs Mind Control experiments on her and other innocent children. The objective is creation of a Manchurian Candidate-a sleeper assassin-as well as instilling skills in ESP and remote viewing.”

Table of Contents and Preface can be read at Retail Price: U.S. Dollars – $15.95 from Fidelity Publishing P.O. Box 365, Grass Lake, MI 49240-0365, Size: 5 ½ x 8 ½, 262 pages, Trade Paperback, Author: Rutz, Carol – ISBN: 0-9710102-0-X – Add $3.95 Shipping in Continental U.S. – Query for shipping to other locations. My own accounts of the above are listed on the web as well, mainly at my own web page

Deviant Scriptualism and Ritual Satanic Abuse Part Two: Possible Masonic, Mormon, Magick, and Pagan Influence,” by Professor Stephen A. Kent, Department of Sociology, University of Alberta, Edmonton (Canada). His article was originally published by Religion (1993) 23, 355-367, c 1993 Academic press Limited. “…This study compares portions of people’s accounts (using interviews and diaries from several alleged survivors), with doctrinal precedents for satanic ritual abuse in deviant interpretations of Masonic, Mormon, Magick and Pagan traditions… Just as parts of the Bible may provide direct inspiration or justification for satanic worshipers, so too may some of these same parts provide additional sanctification of satanic worship through aberrant Freemasonry.”

LETTER FROM PROFESSOR STEPHEN KENT Ph.D., SOCIOLOGY DEPT, AT UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY: “I am a sociologist of religion who has presented research findings about ritual abuse allegations at a conferences about ritual abuse. I will be pleased to snail-mail you three published articles that I have written about ritual abuse allegations, two of which contain sections on the deviant Masonic accounts that I have heard. In essence, no other philanthropic group shows up in so many accounts as does Freemasonry. Specifically in one of the articles, I discuss why this may be so–what is it about Freemasonry that could harbor paedophiles and abusers. Please know that I maintain appropriate academic detachment in my analysis, so that the lack of definitive proof for these allegations forces me to stop short of saying that they represent accurate memories. Nonetheless, I sure do hear lots of tales about very bad abuse in deviant Masonic settings, and I take them VERY seriously. Best Regards, Steve Kent”  My note : Ritual abusers do not normally leave any evidence around, so personal accounts are often the only data available to researchers.

How mind control discourages freedom of thought

I have already begun to touch upon how freedom of thought would be limited in the previous section. Reiterating a previous quote from BR: “Joanna Kadi writes: Child sexual abuse teaches us lessons about power- who has it and who doesn’t. These lessons, experienced on a bodily level, transfer into the deepest levels of our conscious and subconscious being, and correspond with other oppressive systems. Widespread child sexual abuse supports a racist, sexist, classist and atheist society that attempts to train citizens into docility and unthinking acceptance of whatever the government and big business deem fit to hand out (Kadi, 73).”

“…ritual abuse groups may share the following characteristics with coercive cults: … dogma is more important than people, … a radical separation of good and evil, … a demand for purity,” members are watched all the time and their loyalty is tested “… the dogma is enacted through rituals, … regularly observe(d) rituals, rituals frequently invoke supernatural intervention, … staged events such as planned spontaneity… mystical manipulations, cults capitalize on members’ fear and ignorance, … a sense of separateness (is promoted) through an “us” and “them” mentality, … siege mentality with a paranoid view of the outside world, humor is forbidden, resistance of members is worn down through physical and emotional manipulations, a person’s identity is destroyed… to create a new one,” members give up their autonomy to be approved,” mind control is used to indoctrinate the victim into the group’s belief system, individuality is uniformly suppressed,… a well-defined hierarchy,” members are used to benefit leader(s), “mind control is used … to convert the victim to the group’s belief system, … to insure secrecy… and to carry out cult instructions.”(”Safe Passage to Healing” – p 47 – 48) “Safe Passage to Healing – A Guide for Survivors of Ritual Abuse” Chrystine Oksana, HarperCollins, c 1994 a newer edition in now available from

Cult techniques have been well documented to control thought. Ritual abuse is a combination of cult techniques and severe child abuse. A survivor’s decreased mental capacity and organic brain damage due to the abuse may inhibit a survivor’s ability to make choices and to see choices, thereby inhibiting freedom of thought. An unrecovered survivor may be even more likely than the brainwashed general populace to follow the media and its instructions in terms of day-to-day political beliefs. The recovered survivor will obviously be much more cynical of the government and therefore much more likely to analyze its lies and propaganda and find their own reality. As mentioned previously, fear may cause a survivor’s silence, this could also cause a survivor to follow the acceptable social mores and beliefs, even if these are at times sociopathic and genocidal, thereby limiting a survivor’s freedom of thought. More research is needed on this topic, but I feel a case has been to back up the postulation that ritual abuse has very serious political implications in our society and in the world at large.