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Ritual sexual human sacrifice is the murder of a person during some kind of ceremonial ritual which involves sexual acts prior, during or after the murder.

When reading any history book on human sacrifice, inevitably the most barbaric groups in terms of brutal ritual are listed as such cultures as the Maya, the Aztecs and Incas, particularly from the accounts of Spanish priests who claimed to have witnessed great bloody ceremonial sacrifices.

Yet this is quite untrue. The most evil, brutal, bizarre and psychologically twisted ancient religious ceremonies involving human sacrifice revolve around the trinity of Sadducee demon gods.

The principle pantheon of gods of the Sadducees were mainly derived from their Syrian Ugarit roots- The most senior God was was Ashtoreth the goddess of fertility, sexuality and war. Her most famous temples were on Cyprus as Aphrodite and in Rome on Vatican Hill as Cybele. Her ceremonial headdress was the Kippa, the cap worn thousands of years before Christianity adopted it for its leadership followed by the Jews and then the Sadducee influenced Muslims.

The second was Dagan, the god of agriculture, plenty (food) and good fortune. The priests of Dagan wore fish dress , the archetype of the Mitre (fish) hats of Christian bishops. The Mitre hat of Dagan was always worn over the Kippa of Ashtoreth/Cybele as it is still done today in the Roman Catholic Church.

Then there was Moloch, Hebrew name for Ba’al and “King” of the land. This god also equated to “Attis” and his ceremonial cap is now variously known as the Phrygian cap and the Cap of Liberty also worn ceremonially over the kippa cap of Cybele.

Attis/Moloch had several ritual sacrifice rituals associated with this demon god including wild sexual orgies in which priests themselves would often cut their bodies and drink the blood/eat the flesh of their victims.

Similarly, Cybele had important sexually explicit orgy like rituals involving cannibalism and human sacrifice apart from obligatory child sacrifice and human burning.

Of all ancient religions, it is the Sadducees that were most evil and involved the incorporation of sex and violent frenzied murder to its absolute maximum.


Nine Angles
The sacrificial tradition of the Order of Nine Angles is believed to date back to the time of the semi-mythical land of Albion.[1] Originally the Order of Nine Angles state that the sacrificial custom occurred once every seventeen years, when a Priest of the tradition was sacrificed in order to ‘retain the ‘cosmic balance’ – in modern times to keep a nexion[2] open.’  This tradition has continued until modern times and although it is believed to have remained as it once was in essence, the outward form, that is, the words and chants of the ritual are believed to have been altered over the years. What is understood is that the ritual sacrifice was performed in honour of the dark and violent goddess, Baphomet – the severed head being associated with her worship. The Priest himself would have secured an acausal existence in the Land of the Dark Gods and would thereby become immortal.

In more modern times the Order of Nine Angles approaches to ritual sacrifice has significantly altered from a willing sacrificial victim – that of the initiated Priest – to that of an unwilling sacrificial victim. Yet such acts are not performed without conscious decision, accurate planning and reasoned behavior, for the Sinister Satanist – as a follower of the Order of Nine Angles Tradition is sometimes known – is an individual who is in control of his or her actions, actions that are both conscious and willed. It is for this reason that the victims, or Opfers as they are more commonly known, are usually selected in this tradition impersonally. They are tested according to their character and, should they fail the test, are judged to have selected themselves. As an Order of Nine Angles manuscript states ‘the actions/life of a victim are indicative of weakness, of all these traits and actions which Satanists despise: things such as cowardice, sycophancy, treachery, fear, lack of self-discipline.’  Combined with this judgment is the decision to select an Opfer whose death will in some way aid the Satanic dialectic. As such, victims include ‘zealous interfering Nazarenes’, over-inquisitive journalists, or politicians or businessmen whose philosophy and actions are anathema to the Satanic Spirit.

Probably the most Sinister of all rites of Sacrifice to be found in modern days is the rite known as The Sinister Calling. The rite itself requires a complete Satanic Temple trained in sinister chant and ‘assumes willing sacrifice.’  The preparation for the rite which takes places over a period of seven days requires all Temple members participating to adhere to a Black Fast. The Fast itself demands absolute silence save for the chanting nine time a day at sunset of the Diabolus, a Satanic version of the Christian Dies Irae chant. Further the members must ‘wear only ceremonial robes, will abstain from intoxicating drinks and sexual pleasures and eat no meat.’ The rite may be performed in one of three locations: A sinister Temple, a cave, or an isolated hilltop. Prior to the actual rite the sacrificial Priest is chosen by lot. The congregation then assembles in the Temple and the rite begins. The Priestess serves as the altar for this rite whilst the Opfer is held by the Temple Guardian. The Master and the Mistress then conduct the rite which begins with a ritual dance accompanied by the rhythmic chanting of “Binan ath ga wath am.” The Master of the Temple opens a nexion, or gate to the realm of the Dark Gods from which the Dark Gods will present themselves if the rite is successful. The Opfer-Priest is then united with the Priestess in coition whilst the Priestess visualizes the Gate opening further. The Priest is then led away to a secluded place where the Master of the Temple will then perform the ritual sacrifice. Returning to the Temple the Master will present the Mistress of the Earth with a bowl containing the blood of the sacrificed Priest. The Mistress will then wash her hands and face in his blood as a representation of the dark goddess Baphomet. The rite itself is concluded with a feast.

An alternative ritual of sacrifice is that known as the Giving which occurs once every 51 years. The function of human sacrifice according to the Order of Nine Angles occur on two levels. Firstly it releases a vast amount of magical or psychical energy that can be directed in accordance with specific goals, or, alternatively stored in a crystal for later use. The second use of human sacrifice is that it ‘draws down dark forces or ‘entities.’  One other aspect of the Order of Nine Angles methods of sacrifice is that the victim is traditionally beheaded. This tradition stems back to the ancient head cults of Europe, a tradition that was still in existence in Great Britain up until at least the 17th century, when a Scottish clan leader beheaded seven treacherous member of the Madonnell clan and ceremonially washed their heads in a well on the shore of Loch Oich.

Differing from the two groups mentioned above, the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set have both actively disputed the traditional view that Satanists need to sacrifice humans or animals. The Temple of Set has even gone to the extent of banning its members from association with the Order of Nine Angles due to the latter’s views on, and advocation of, human sacrifice.

The Church of Satan has approached the choice of human and animal sacrifice from the perspective of the amount of energy that it dispels. When comparing this dissipation of energy with the energy produced through emotional and sexual release, Anton La Vey, High Priest of the Church of Satan, concludes that ‘the only time a Satanist would perform a human sacrifice would be if it were to serve a two-fold purpose; that being to release the magician’s wrath in the throwing of a curse, and more important, to dispose of a totally obnoxious and deserving individual.’ It is apparent then that there is a comparison between the Order of Nine Angles methods for the selection of victims and that of the Church of Satans. Both select victims that are naturally obvious as targets for Satanic wrath. However, the Chruch of Satan, although adhering to this Satanic tradition, does not actively carry out direct human and/or animal sacrifice as do both the Order of Nine Angles and the Friends of Hekate.

It can be seen from the above examples, stemming from modern Satanic traditions, that the concept of the virgin or small-child as victim is obsolete in modern Satanism and whilst the media often portrays the essential nature of Satanism as one that advocates and indulges in virgin sacrifice, child abuse and the like, the actual fact of the matter is that traditional Satanic groups, such as the Order of Nine Angles and the Church of Satan, would be more inclined to sacrifice the child abuser than the child. [i]

[1] This explains why The Nine Angles Cult is British:

In the mythical story of the founding of Britain, Albion was a Giant son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. He was a contemporary of Heracles, who killed him. Albion founded a country on the island and ruled there. Britain, then called Albion after its founder, was inhabited by his Giant descendants until about 1100 years before Julius Cæsar’s invasion of Britain, when Brutus of Troy came and defeated the small number of Giants that remained (as a group of the Giants had killed all the others). According to another myth, Noah‘s son, Japhet had a son named Histion, who had four sons. Their names were Francus, Romanus, Brittos, and Alemannus and the French, Roman, British, and German people are descended from them. Brittos divided Britain into three kingdoms and gave each to one of his sons. They were Loegria (a Latinization of the Welsh, Lloegr “England”), Scotland, and Cambria [Hence: Cambridge]. The division of the primordial man is found in many mythic and mystic systems throughout the world, including Adam Kadmon in cabalism and Prajapati in the Rig-Veda.

Bulfinch’s mythology, published: 1913. place: New York, New York

[2] Nexion: a component [personalized continuum / initiate) or gateway of Aeonic Magic which is the scalar (time) process of making something real in the future, by manipulating events, people, and their perception, in the present moment. In a way, Aeonics may be understood as a specialized form of demogogy. An example of “Aeonic Magic” at work in the past is given by the Master Demagogue himself: Hitler. Through his crafty manipulation of the German mass, he eventually enchanted them, and manifested the Third Reich.  The Order of Nine Angles will always have a Nexion to re-manifest itself in the Causal World.

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