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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Schedule Date: Q&A is scheduled for 16 Oct and every Sunday thereafter, 2-4 p.m (14:00-16:00) NEW YORK TIME

This course offers 26 video lecture hours. Each hour will be presented weekly followed by a two-hour webinar for Q&A and discussion.

Students are required to attend for audit credit and are advised to read up on cited topics of interest for Q&A. Questions and/or comments should be clearly prepared in writing, preferably under advisement from a faculty member, and be submitted before each scheduled webinar at the email address provided.

Students seeking advanced knowledge in these areas should discuss it with their mentors. Upon approval, Dr. Omar will help supervise the writing of a thesis/paper that relates such knowledge to Muslim history and Revealed Islamic Knowledge. Expansion of this course can be arranged in the fields of Islamic history, philosophy, language, and metaphysics through Al Ginkgo.

All queries regarding this course should be addressed to [email protected] citing “Campfire Talks” in the memo. To sign up for the webinar, go here

May Allah grant us success and increase our knowledge base so that we become better administrators of truth and justice here and hereafter. Wasalaamualaikum, Dr Omar Zaid

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Omar Zaid

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