My name is Malee Zaida binti Manowang. 17 May 1960 my birthday.  I have B.A. in Education. I retired teacher primary school from Phayao North Thailand. Before I Buddhist, I married Dr. Omar Zaid I become Muslim.  I not think I do this  before my life and my friends all surprised.

About 12 years ago, I not like white man or American man because I afraid white man bad for have sex with Thai ladies a lot.  I speak only a little bit English but I study long time and can speak and then I finish University.  I work and teach my children in primary school, but I never use English except just  little bit.  Sometime I worry and too shy speak English.

Malee Zaida, Kanwara and Neung on the day of their father’s funeral in 1994

I widow for eleven years after my first husband died by accident from car.  I no choice but just take care my kids and do everything myself.   I work hard and get money for pay bank not take my house.  I never think I want married again but have many new men want marry me.  But I not do because I worry if married with new man maybe he not take care or love and like my kids.

Three years ago I online and I find good and kind old man on internet.  His name Dr. Omar Zaid, he tell me he Muslim and have two wives.  I surprised and I not think I just married with him after we talk and chat about my life and his life, but he tell me he  Muslim and can have four wives and then I ask him if he want marry me.  He surprised but say he can do and I surprised and think he joking.  I ask him again and he say same-same before.  He send me tickets for come KL with my daughter and meet him in April, 2008.  I remember everything.  I happy.

I married him [almost] three years ago.  One his wife from Thailand no good  and he divorce her because she liar.  Then I am second wife and I stay with him when I have holiday [4 months in one year] and with his first wife, Ainah, and his baby, Syamilla.  Before, when I Buddhist, I think I never do like this.  But I love he baby and he first wife like my younger sister (I 50 and she 40) and I can do everything for them.   But after I retire and can come live with he [May 2010], he first wife just have problem about some things.  I not like and I not want this, but I no choice.

I surprised and shocked because she change not same-same like before.  Now he divorce with her and I  sad about that a lot.  I think sometime if I not married and retired to come live he not divorce with first wife.  So I just do and take care many things for him because he kind and good for me and my children more, and he work hard and he not lazy man.

My kids they like and love him same-same like he father.  I have two children. One son, name Vatcharaphon Chaonan (Neung), is twenty-three years his old and he good at mathematics, and government give gift and pay money for him go to study in Japan. He finish in October next year.

My daughter, Kanwara Chaonan (Nidnoi), (above with Papa) is twenty years her old.  She is good in mathematics same like my son.  She study in Chaing Mai University.  When she finish she can have degree, M.Ec. (Master of Economics).  She send me email say this about Papa for internet:

  • I feel proud to have you as my father.  Since you know my mother, you take care my mother and my family very well .  You make my life a better living and make I can learned in BA. When I finished graduation I promise to take care you sure. Now I will intense to study to a good student sure. Finally, thank you for take care my mother, my family and everything that you do for them. Thank you thank you papa. – Nidnoi

I am happy and proud my kids.  They good for me and make me happy and have good many things in my life.

I think I have good luck after I married old man Dr. Omar (Papa).  He funny, he cooking and help me do some things, and he make me laugh and smile and he good Muslim.  He tell me his story about before he life in America.  I never see like this in my life before about another place and people like this but I think many people not understand him.  Same-same he first wife.  I think soon God know everything and give good luck for him all his life and forever too.

I sorry my English not good but I know many things I not say.  I hope he can retired and go live my house in Thailand with me & my kids together.

I love my old man husband more and forever in my life.

Dr. Omar & Zaida in Chiang Rai Thainad (2012)
Kanwara (Nidnoi) & Dr. Omar in his office at Insaniah University, Alor Setar, 2012