Dr. Omar Zaid MD

Dr. Omar Zaid (age 62, aka Leonard Joseph Owsiany, Jr.), is a retired Emergency Room Physician from Chester, Pa. (just south of Philadelphia); Currently at  Insaniah University, Alor Star, Kedah, from July/Aug of 2011, teaching Medical Ethics and aspects of Islamic Revealed Knowledge at Insaniah Medical College

With my daughter Kanawan (Nidnoi) Apr 2012

Previously a Senior Research Fellow at ISTAC (IIUM) July 2007 – July 2011: ISTAC’s Research & Publication’s Coordinator; Contributing Editor to their quarterly Bulletin; Assistant Editor for their journal, Al Sajarah (listed with ISI Thompson), and various other publications in English. He Freelance Edits for IIUM Publications and is Senior Science Editor for EQHO Communications Ltd., an international translation Company in Bangkok since 2005.

PHYSICIAN & HOMEOPATH With Dr. Chan Moo Bahk of Korea

Prior to his conversion to Islam in 2004, Dr. Zaid was an Evangelical Christian Missionary in Sarawak, East Malaysia, where he also farmed rice, fish and poultry for five years while constructing a ten acre sustainable homestead in the Dyak jungle, some fifty-odd km outside of Kuching.   He has two sons there and six grown children in the States, as well as a daughter in Malang, Indonesia.  He does research on Church history, Gnosticism, the New World Order, Mystery Religions and Fertility Cults, the history of Hermetic Societies as well as Human Development and Sexuality.

He is married to Malee Zaida: retired school teacher and Classical Thai Dance Instructor from Payao, N. Thailand.

In addition to several essays and monographs, he has authored

  • Trinity: The Metamorphosis of Myth (Penpress, Brighton, England, 2008, 180 pp);
  • The Hands of Iblis: Summary Observations on the Hidden Hand of the New World Order (AS Nordeen, KL, 2009, 780 pp );
  • The Forgotten Saints: The Gospel of Barnabas, ibid.
  • The Taqwa of Marriage: Essential Knowledge for the Modern Believer, ibid.
  • Cain’s Creed: The Cult of Rome a Deconstruction and Revision of Church history (> 800 pp), ibid, headed for the printer (Sep 2012)
  • Next Titles: Jerusalem, Sion & ZIon; The Rights of God: Islamization & Islamic Science; Refuge from the Damned: Post-Modernism & The need for Cultural Renewal,  scheduled for hard copy release in 2013, insh’Allah.

Lecture on Human Development, ISTAC, 2010

With Students From Peking, 2010