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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
US Department of Homeland Security now considers anyone questioning the Covid-19 Narrative a “Dangerous Extremist” according to new report
The US Department of Homeland Security has released new guidelines on “extremist” behavior, which include questioning the 2020 presidential election or prom
Portugal on brink of food emergency, 30% increase in prices expected within days, food bank fear total collapse of system -- Sott.net
The war in Ukraine; the galloping increases it has prompted in fuel costs, spell ‘food supply emergency’ - not just for Portugal, but due to this country’s dependence on imports, the low salaries earned by the vast majority of the population, and...
Argentina halts export sales of soy oil & meal, Germany’s supermarkets run out of cooking oil, wheat flour, shops limiting sales of toilet paper -- Sott.net
Argentina’s government announced on March 13 that it has halted registration of export sales of soy oil and soy meal, according to Reuters report. Argentina, the world’s No. 1 exporter of the two soy byproducts, is forecast to account for 48% of...

They Will Soon Raid Your Homes for any reason they like because you did not stop this madness:

Pure insanity: California authorities raid preschools for not masking toddlers -- Sott.net
Officials from the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) descended on three preschool venues to investigate a complaint that the children weren’t being masked, says a recent Fox News report.
Idaho Parents Have Child Medically Kidnapped for Missing Doctor’s Appointment
Last night, my Grandson, Cyrus Anderson, was ripped from the arms of his mother (my daughter), by police officers from the Meridian Police Department. It was a kidnapping, pure and simple! There are no words or emotional expression that can describe the sheer measure of wickedness that we experience…
In order to prevent another plandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) wants to create an international “pandemic treaty” that would restrict and legally bind its 194 member nations to medical martial law.
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