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Al'Ginkgo Road Map *UPDATE*

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid


Dr. Zaid's latest Books 'Sexology for the Wise' & 'Trust' is expected to be available worldwide in the next 60 days, Q1 of 2022. Both volumes are more than fours years in the making and describe the present age like no other author.

These books will be Launched with the Al Ginkgo platform.

Help Publish the Next two books to serve the cause of Allah
My New Books & Website | Dr. Omar Zaid
An Update on what are we doing next. TLDR(W); More information should be sought after. Resources provided below. The Blog -

We are preparing publication agreements along with protocols and provisos so that all of his books are made legally available in eBook and print-on-demand formats. This requires due diligence, editing, proofreading, translation, formatting, time and funding for all involved.

With God's help, Al Ginkgo will become an online jummah and resource for curious as well as lifelong students of tawhid who are dedicated to knowledge expansion and its gestalt synthesis. You will find books, articles, talks, lectures, seminars, webinars and much more in terms of multidisciplinary references and resources.

Those eager to chat with Dr. Omar or others will be able to schedule one-on-one interviews and teaching or professional private consultations at reasonable fees.

May Peace and Blessings Be Upon you


Omar Zaid

Author, Editor, Physician & Essential Monotheist